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ID City Name
NV35AustinHudson Airport
NV02AustinO'Toole Ranch Airport
05NVBakerBaker Ranches Airport
06NVBakerSilver Creek Airport
07NVBakerBorder Line Farm Airport
NV64Battle MountainSwanson Ranch 3 Airport
25NVCarson CityParker Carson Airport
NV89Crescent ValleyRed Owl Ranch Airport
NV04DeethMarys River Ranch Airport
NV27DyerCircle L Ranch Airport
9CA6DyerNorth Valley Airport
NV22ElkoRed Rock Ranch Airport
NV99ElyWillow Creek Trading Post Airport
7NV8Ely/PiocheGeyser Ranch Airport
18NVEmpireEmpire Airport
1NV1FallonFallon Southwest Airpark
26NVFallonDarrow Field Airport
NV30FallonDixie Valley Airport
NV55GardnervillePinenut Airport
88NVGerlachBlack Rock City Airport
NV06GerlachSoldier Meadow Nr 1 Airport
NV05GerlachSoldier Meadow Nr 2 Airport
NV50GoldfieldGoldfield Airport
NV17Lemmon ValleyYoungberg Ranch Airport
NV65MercuryDesert Rock Airport
L23MercuryPahute Mesa Airstrip
NV14MontelloJuniper Airport
NV67MontelloPilot Creek Ranches Airport
NV08Mountain CityPetan Ranch Airport
NV98PahrumpCaas Airport
NV00PahrumpValley View Airport
77NVRenoFlying Eagle Airport
NV09RenoH Bar H Airport
NV83Round MountainHadley Airport
NV31Round MountainBarker Creek Ranch Airstrip
03NVRuby ValleyLlama Ranch Airport
04NVSandy ValleyKingston Ranch Airport
NV33Smith ValleyFarias Wheel Airport
2NV2SparksGibb Ranch Airport
NV96SparksRolling Thunder Airport
NV12TuscaroraI-L Ranch Airport
NV97WellingtonDesert Creek Airport
43NVWellingtonTopaz Ranch Airport
NV07WellsTwo Star Ranch Airport
02NVWinnemuccaPaiute Meadows Airport
01NVYeringtonLantana Ranch Airport

The above list contains only private use airports and may be incomplete.
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