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ID City Name
4OR3AlbanyLambert Field Airport
OR22AlbanyRoppair Airport
OR20AlbanyHemmingson Airport
OR21AlbanyMiller Airstrip
9OR8AlbanyWooldridge Agstrip
OR67AlbanyMitchell Field Airport
OG44AmityMiss Kittys Strip Airport
18ORAmityRed's Field Airport
64ORAmityPlum Valley Airport
OG53AndrewsWildhorse Valley Airport
2OR1AntelopeBig Muddy Ranch Airport
OR16ArockBlack Bull Spring Ranch Airport
OR23AstoriaKarpens Airport
OR25AumsvilleFlying E Airport
OG45Baker CityBald Mountain Airport
OR71BallstonMorgan's Airport
OR27BanksChadwick Airport
OG02BanksRieben Airport
87ORBeattyMoondance Ranch Airport
OR29BeattyWild Billy Airport
OR00BeavertonFlying K Ranch Airport
OR28BeavertonHarvey's Acres Airport
8OR5BendPilot Butte Airport
50ORBendGoering Ranches / Chocheta Estates Airport
5OR5BendJuniper Air Park
OR30BendD M Stevenson Ranch Airport
OG05BendSundance Meadows Airport
OR04BendKennel Airstrip
43ORBendInspiration Airport
80ORBlyWilderness Airport
85ORBlyAllen's Airstrip
OR35BoringFlying K Bar J Ranch Airport
OR72BoringFly JLA Airport
6OR7BoringSchmidt Airport
OR38BrooksWestern Helicopter Services Airport
7OR7BrooksHollin Airport
OR94BrownsvilleJ & J Airport
9OR0BrownsvilleLafferty Field Airport
OR32BurnsHooks Strip Airport
81ORBurnsWagontire Airport
OR61BuxtonApple Valley Airport
OR40CanbyDietz Airpark
OR41CanbyWorkman Airpark
44ORCanbyCompton Airport
OG06Christmas ValleyTable Rock Airport
OR45CoburgWest Point Airport
OG48CoburgGreer Airport
OR46CondonAjax Airport
OR48CondonSnyder Ranch Airport
45ORCoquilleGederos Airport
OR50CorbettLehman Field Airport
OG01CorvallisDunning Vineyards Airport
OG49CorvallisCoca-Cola Airport
4OR4CorvallisSchrock Airport
OR52CorvallisVenell Airport
OR39CorvallisFlying Tom Airport
OR54CorvallisWinn Airport
8OR7CorvallisGates Airport
55ORCorvallisMuddy Creek Airport
7OR0CoveMinam Lodge Airport
OG07CoveCove Side Ranch Port Airport
7OR1CraneArnold Airstrip
OR57CreswellWalker Airport
78ORCrowleyCrowley Ranch Airstrip
OG00Culver3 Rivers Recreation Area Airport
8OR3Days CreekRiverview Ranch Airport
49ORDayvilleLand's Inn Ranch Airport
OR13DayvilleWiley Creek Airport
OR08DiamondBarton Lake Ranch Airport
67ORDonaldMc Gee Airport
89OREagle PointMucky Flat Airport
26OGEagle PointOakridge Ranch Airport
0OR5Eagle PointEast Oregon Cattle Company Airport
OL02EchoWest Buttercreek Airport
94ORElktonUmpqua RV Park Fly in Airport
33ORElmiraCrow-Mag Airport
6OR9EnterpriseReds Wallowa Horse Ranch Airport
05OREnterprise6 Ranch Airport
OR64EnterpriseBeach Ranch Airport
OR65EstacadaEagle Nest Ranch Airport
OR66EstacadaBeaver Oaks Airport
OR09FieldsWhitehorse Ranch Airport
2OG4FieldsEl Rancho Airport
OR10FrenchglenRoaring Springs Ranch Airport
70ORGastonGoodin Creek Airport
69ORGastonDick Fisher Airport
OG41GlendaleNace Family Airstrip
17ORGlideGlide Aero Airport
98TEGlideHilltop Airport
OR74Grants PassWinkle Bar Airport
OR11HainesJensens Strip Airport
OG27HainesMuddy Creek Airport
OR70HalfwayPine Valley Airport
OG16HalseyJim's Airstrip
OG50HarperCottonwood Creek Ranch Airport
OR78HarrisburgDaniels Field LLC Airport
OR81HillsboroOlinger Airpark
OR31HillsboroSohler's Holly Hill Airport
OR12HomesteadOxbow Airport
7OR6Hood RiverGreen Acres Air Park
OR77IndependenceFaust Field Airport
2OR6IronsideLockhart Airport
OR86JeffersonGilmour Ag Air Airport
2OR3JeffersonDavidson Field Airport
21OGJeffersonAmes Airport
12ORJordan ValleySkinner Ranch Airport
OR47Junction CityStrauch Field Airport
OG36Junction CityMunson Airport
OR14JunturaJuntura Airport
3OR9JunturaMurphy Ranch Airport
OG39KimberlyLongview Ranch Airport
OR89KinzuaKinzua Airport
6OG3Klamath FallsSky Wagon Ranch LLC Airport
3OG3Klamath FallsDillon Field Airport
OR90LafayetteLafayette Airstrip
OR26LakeviewFarr Airport
22OGLakeviewWithrotor Airport
OG10LebanonMount Hope Airport
88ORLebanonTallman Airport
6OR8LebanonKnokey Field Airport
OR07Long CreekMiranda's Skyranch Airport
OG19MadrasBombay Farms Airport
OG51MadrasSix Springs Ranch Airport
72ORMadrasOchs Private Airport
19ORMaupinNelson Ranch Airport
OR95Mc CoyVineyard Airport
OR96MedfordBeagle Sky Ranch Airport
OR97MedfordBurrill Airport
OR06MedfordSnider Creek Airport
0OR3MerrillLong Ranch Airport
OG33Milton/FreewaterOregon Sky Ranch Airport
9OR4Milton/FreewaterKing's Airport
64OGMitchellAntone Ranch Airport
04ORMitchellCollins Landing Strip Airport
OL05MolallaSkydive Oregon Airport
0OR7MonmouthMarr Field Airport
OG52MonmouthJPM Airport
0OR9Mount HoodHanel Field Airport
28ORNewbergParrett Mountain Airport
73ORNewbergRibbon Ridge Airport
74ORNewbergStan Jost Airport
1OR0North BendSunnyhill Airport
1OR3North PlainsSunset Air Strip
OG63North PlainsGilbert Airport
97OGNyssaBybee Field Airport
2OR4OaklandHeavens Gate Ranch Airport
60OROaklandWhitaker Airport
13OROakridgeAubrey Mountain Airstrip
7OR9Oregon CityParson Landing Airport
OG30Oregon CityAeroacres Airport
OG20Oregon CityFairways Airport
2OR0Oregon CityNielsen Airport
1OR7Oregon CitySkyhill Airport
OG42PendletonQuail Field Airport
45OGPilot RockRugg Ranches Airport
42ORPostShotgun Ranch Airstrip
97ORPrairie CityHi Country No 2 Airport
OR17Prairie CityOxbow Ranch Airport
29ORPrinevilleSunrise Valley Ranch Lodge Airport
OG21PrinevilleDry Creek Airpark
6OR4PrinevilleTailwheel Airport
OR42PrinevilleAgape Farm Airport
20ORRedlandWarner's Airport
3OR8RedmondCline Falls Air Park
4OR0Rogue RiverSpringbrook Airport
OR44Rogue RiverGrave-King Airport
0OR6RomeRome Service Airport
48ORRoseburgLookingglass Airport
58ORRoseburgUmpqua Airport
95ORRoseburgFlournoy Valley Airport
OG40RoseburgNapier Ranch Airport
OG13RuchFly By Night Airport
4OR5SalemFly 'N' W Airport
OR87SalemBlue Skies Farm Airport
4OR7SalemLusardi Field Airport
4OR8SalemWagoner Airport
OG29SandyMc Kinnon Airpark
4OR6SandyStargazer Field Airport
8OR6ScappooseGrabhorn's Airport
OG28ScioThe Green Trees Ranch Airport
OR51ScioGillette Field Airport
84ORSelmaB Bar Ranch Airport
5OR0SelmaBackachers Ranch Airport
OG14SenecaSilvies Valley Ranch Airport
7OR8SenecaInshallah International Airport
71ORSenecaCerny Airport
OG31Shady CoveShady Cove Airpark
OG54ShanikoShaniko Cattle Airport
9OR1ShanikoShaniko Ranch Airport
91ORSheridanAbba's Airport
67OGSheridanGeorge Airport
OG23SheridanPoverty Hollow Airport
98ORSheridanDeer Creek Airport
5OR3SiletzSiletz Airport
08ORSilver LakeSaxon Sycan Airport
1JY2Silver LakeMahogany Mountain Airport
22ORSilvertonIron Crown Airport
OR34SistersWhippet Field Airport
61ORSistersThe Citadel Airport
OG15SistersSage Ranch Airport
7OR4SistersPineridge Ranch Airport
5OR4Sprague RiverFlying T Ranch Airport
36ORSpringfield/JasperJasper Ridge Airstrip
37ORStarkeyVey Sheep Ranch Airport
8OR2StaytonKingston Airpark
5OR8StaytonHatch Airport
5OR9StaytonLone Oaks Ranch Airport
56OGStaytonHorn Airport
OG24SutherlinFlying D Ranch Airport
6OR2The DallesChenoweth Airpark
6OR1The DallesPointers Airport
OG34TigardMeyer Riverside Airpark
03ORTroyPowwatka Ridge Airport
96ORUkiahCable Creek Ranch Airport
OR03UnionRedtail Ranch Airstrip
30ORVernoniaBero Field Airport
99ORWallowaLazy F Ranch Airport
32ORWamicPine Hollow Airport
OR53WapinitiaWapinitia Airport
OG25White CityFirefly Ranch Airfield
0OR8White CitySutton on Rogue Airport
2OG5WillaminaMendenhall Airstrip
6OR6WonderWonder Airport
OR05YamhillFlying M Airport
OR59YamhillTrivelpiece Airport

The above list contains only private use airports and may be incomplete.
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