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AirNav Fuel Price Guarantee Program

AirNav created the Fuel Price Guarantee Program in response to requests from two communities:

Acting as a bridge between pilots and FBOs, AirNav is ideally positioned to give pilots the information they want and to channel those pilots to the FBOs that provide that information.

How the program works

  1. An FBO enrolls in the Fuel Price Guarantee Program, pledges to keep their fuel prices up-to-date on AirNav and to GUARANTEE those prices to customers. Prices posted on AirNav must include all taxes.
  2. Change your prices day or night, as frequently as you like. AirNav will publish immediately. (Non-guaranteed price updates may take up to 48 hours to change.)
  3. At the FBO's request, AirNav will send periodic emails to the participating FBO to remind of price updates.
  4. AirNav will prominently display that the prices for the participating FBO are GUARANTEED.
  5. The GUARANTEED prices that apply are those prices shown online at the time the aircraft is fueled.
  6. If a pilot is mistakenly charged more than the AirNav GUARANTEED price at the time of fueling, the enrolled FBO agrees to reimburse the pilot for any overcharge


Requirements for FBO participation in the Fuel Price Guarantee Program

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