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Gregg Flying Service

at Animas Air Park

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From Gary Risley on 30-Jan-2018

  I am from the local area and stopped in to pick up some in less expensive fuel. The runway is in good shape. There are not many amenities at the FBO, but the staff is very friendly. They put down what they were working on and promptly filled my fuel order.
From Patrick Moran on 26-Oct-2017

  The runway is in good condition and the service was excellent. Fuel prices were very reasonable for the area and I believe I was only charged $5.00/day for tie-down. There was a person there to marshal the plane in and the local hotel provided complimentary shuttle service both to and from the airport.
From Michael Berry on 25-Sep-2017

  I chose to land at 00C airport with no landing fee and $7.50 a day parking fee.
From Michael Berry on 22-Sep-2017

  Good service and reasonable parking rate and fuel price as compared to DRO. After landing was met by line guy and directed to specific parking position. Enterprise car rental picked us up and dropped us off after our 2 day stay. Be sure to book in advance Durango Silverton train ride if you are going. Comfort Inn was a good place to stay with free breakfast.
From Steve Kiss on 22-May-2017

  Great Airport as an alternative to Durango (closer too). A little hard to spot the windsock. But great service. Phone line was out, so I couldnít call in the fuel order but the plane was fueled faster than I could load the bags. Runway is long, if not a little narrow. Stayed at Doubletree, which picked us up in a shuttle van. Room on the river was nice, hotel parking lot is shared with Albertsonís, which made for good inflight snacks. Historic Railroad 2 blocks from hotel. Great place to take the family. Animas/Durango- thank you. Great vacation.
From Evan Smith on 13-May-2017

  John at Gregg Flying Service saved our bacon with a GPS problem and a stuck push-to-talk switch! VERY reasonable price for the great service. Enterprise Car rental is 5 minutes away and will pick you up. Met by lineman and directed to parking. This is the ONLY airport to consider if headed to Durango.
From Nick Cain on 16-Feb-2016

  Landed late in the day and Wes offered to drop me at my hotel in town. Always a good experience when we stop over and park at Gregg Flying Service. Truck fuel is easy and friendly.
From Paul Brown on 07-Dec-2015

  Wanted to fly into the field due to cheaper 100LL but couldn't because AVIS said they no longer deliver aircraft to Animas Air Park. Durango La Plata only. Bummer.
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