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Announcing AirNav FBOs

AirNav's first iPhone App

AirNav FBOs is designed to make quick searches for aviation fuel prices, FBO information, and critical airport details for domestic U.S. airports. This app is not designed to reproduce the entire AirNav database, nor to replace flight planning software, but rather to enable very quick access to some critical FBO-related items. The information is pulled from the AirNav website while connected to the internet, but any search can be saved to your iPhone for in-flight use or while out of internet contact.

Short list of features

  • Quick reference on all fuel prices
    • Great to double check FBOs when you pay the bill
    • Check a local area up to 50 miles around a destination airport
    • Plot a course with fuel stops, includes distances from origin
    • Save any search, including multiple airports, for use in flight
  • Update prices on the spot with your iPhone by typing in the price, or by sending a photo of the price board.
  • Write comments and rate your FBOs experiences
  • Check FBO contact frequencies in the air
  • Call or email FBO in a single tap, or quickly draw a road map to an FBO with Google Maps integration
  • Use an e-version of your AirBoss® card to get AirBoss® discounts


System Requirements

- iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
- iOS 4.2 or higher
- 30MB free space

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