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Damschroder Sales

at Fremont Airport

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From Brad McKitrick on 25-Dec-2017

  Fuel Price Quoted is for Cash.
From Adam Zucker on 10-Sep-2017

  Stopped her for a quick turn around from a trip back from 6Y9 in Michigan to Philly. Very long back taxi for 27 departure. The FBO is not fancy which is fine with me, the folks were friendly, bathrooms clean and fuel was inexpensive. You pump you own and then go into pay at the desk. Good fuel stop in north Western Ohio. If I recall correctly there are two pumps if you use the one in front of the FBO, taxi close so the hose will reach.
From Edward Figuli on 31-Jul-2017

  Wanted to buy gas but the credit card reader was out of service. Went somewhere else.
From Bob Belovich on 08-Jun-2017

  Friendly, easy turn around fuel stop. They have a DC-3 under restoration. For more info visit Saving LuLu Bell..
From Richard Sobel on 25-Jul-2015

  Stopped for fuel on my way to Oshkosh. It was my second time there and the people were very helpful.
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