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Eloy Municipal Airport

at Eloy Municipal Airport

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On this page we can display a detailed listing with information that pilots, dispatchers, and aircraft owners and operators look for about Eloy Municipal Airport, including:
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Comments from AirNav users
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From Jack King on 05-Aug-2017

  Landed for fuel at 1830 on 8/4/17. Fuel pumps were inoperative
From Fredrich Clarkson on 27-May-2015

  Flew up from Marana to get fuel. The pump was broken. Bummer!!!!
From Jerrold Henry on 06-May-2015

  The price is the best in the valley but the fuel hose is very hard to pull from the reel.
From Ken Maples on 28-Mar-2015

  Pump works fine. But there is nothing else except an old bathroom and a room with an old desk. You get what you pay for.
From Rick Koril on 26-Feb-2015

  Pump price was as posted ($3.75 per gallon on 2/25/2015) and had no problems with the equipment.
From PJ Maddela on 08-Feb-2015

  I love this price. I've been there twice last week to fill up. Price is accurate. Use the north pump ground cable. South pump cable is broken.
From Mike Skrez on 25-Jan-2015

  Called several phone numbers at airport to confirm that fuel was available, but could not reach anybody over weekend. There was no NOTAM's indicating fuel was not available so I flew in only to find fuel pump broke. Reliability of pump at E60 has always been marginal.
From Kelvin Crezee on 17-Jan-2015

  Fuel pump worked and price was as posted $3.75/gallon! This is a famous parachutist airport so pay attention to CTAF and come in from the west. The restaurant was good as well.
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