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Walnut Ridge Regional Airport

at Walnut Ridge Regional Airport

  • Airport management
  • Aviation fuel
  • Aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown)
  • Hangars
  • Hangar leasing / sales
  • GPU / Power cart
  • Passenger terminal and lounge
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Avionics sales and service
  • Catering
  • ...
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Shell
Fueling hours: during regular FBO business hours, plus after hours call-out service (with prior arrangement and/or a callout fee); call FBO for details
Fuel prices as last reported on 16-May-2018
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.06
100LL Avgas Self service    $4.73
Jet A Full service    $4.62
Discounts: Military and Veterans, Cargo flights, Medical, CAP, WINGS members, EAA members and Flight Schools receive a discount before sales tax. Also show us your Military ID for a discount.

Prices include all taxes. Prices not guaranteed.
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Contact information
Address:11 Sky Watch
Walnut Ridge, AR 72476
United States of America
Telephone: 870-886-5432
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From Jeanné Willerth on 31-Mar-2018

  Had to divert for weather and overnight at ARG last weekend. Manager Stacy and line person Bill saw on Flightaware I was coming. They usually close at 5 on Saturday night, but they stayed to greet me. I landed at 6. They loaned me the car and Stacy had me follow her to a hotel. Such great service! Wonderful, friendly airport and staff.
From Jeff Scott on 13-Mar-2018

  FYI stopped in for lunch today. Parachute Inn Restaurant is closed. Spoke with the new owner who hopes to be open on July 1, 2018. Will be remodeled, 737 repainted, and a new menu.
From Marc McDaniel on 12-Sep-2017

  I made an unexpected stop at Walnut Ridge due to an avionics issue. As I was getting out of the plane, the airport manager Stacy Hoggard handed me her phone so I could explain the why I lost contact with ATC. She helped me find the local mechanic, Seth Hardage. When it became obvious that there was no quick fix, Stacy loaned my family and me the crew car overnight so we could get to a motel. The plane ended up staying in Seth's hangar for about 10 days (no charge) until the avionics was repaired and he reinstalled (very reasonable). Seth also drove me and my family to Jonesboro so we could rent a 1-way car to get home and picked me up when I came back to retrieve the airplane. Everyone was very helpful and minimized the pain of our malfunction.
From John Owen on 17-Aug-2016

  I had to stop in unexpectedly because of the weather. It was after the FBO was closed but I was greeted by a couple of boys who lived next door and told me that the FBO building was accessible and that I should eat at their grandma's restaurant next door which happened to be a SWA 737 fuselage converted to an eating establishment. About the time the weather worsened, I ate dinner there-very good food and service. No weather improvement was forthcoming (stationary storm causing a lot of flooding, forecasted to not be active at the time of my flight...Another story). The FBO was locked with the Unicom frequency combination and had a nice pilot lounge and facilities. No one else was there and no transportation available so I slept on the sofa. There was a break in the weather at dawn so I didn't get to thank anyone in person. The fuel was reasonably priced and the 24/7 self-service was appreciated. Overall, an outstanding experience for the conditions. Thanks, KARG.
From Jeff Goehl on 16-Jan-2016

  Stopped enroute to Texas in PA28. Service was excellent. Great fuel price. Recommend highly.
From Nigel Milligan on 10-Nov-2015

  Great fuel stop. Genuinely friendly crew there. Michelle, the manager, is a peach. Prompt service, free ice cream for pilots, military etc. Former WW2 airport with lots of history and interesting photos in the smart FBO. Thoroughly recommend.
From Chad Ferrell on 13-Oct-2015

  Friendly staff with great service, will be back again.
From Ben Rushing on 27-Jul-2015

  Stopped in on Sunday 7/26/2015 on our trip back to Louisiana from AirVenture 2015. Fuel was $3.98 a gallon. Popcorn was hot and fresh. Ice cream, coffee, water and gatorade were free (donations requested). Truly a nice stop. I'll put this one on my list of favorites for future travels.
From Brian McDonough on 20-Jul-2015

  Another amazing fuel stop at Walnut Ridge (The Ridge- as Memphis Center called it.) The staff here are the friendliest I've ever seen. The FBO is updated with a nice pilot's lounge, weather briefing area and kitchen area with popcorn and snacks! My two seven year-olds were treated amazingly by the staff, and they can't wait to return to "the cool airport."
From Brian McDonough on 18-Jul-2015

  Great fuel stop on the way from Texas to Chicago. They had a great discount on fuel for the weekend. The FBO is spacious and modern. Hot dog lunch and snacks are available for customers. A really great experience! I'll be back!
From Chuck Raines on 22-Jun-2015

  I stopped in Walnut Ridge for fuel enroute from Quebec to California in my Mooney. This is an unpretentious airport with very little activity, however the operators of the FBO are some of the friendliest people one could every ask for. The GA terminal is also very clean and well appointed. Fuel price was the lowest I paid during my entire trip. There is a Southwest Airlines B737 right next to the FBO that has been converted into a restaurant. I didn't have time to check out the food, but it surely looked interesting. I highly recommend KARG for a quick fuel stop.
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