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Rectrix Aerodrome Centers, Inc. at BED

This location is home to our flagship FBO and the Headquarters of Rectrix Commercial Aviation Services (RECAS) at Hanscom Field, Bedford, MA.

Our flagship FBO in Bedford features 60,000 sq. feet of hangar space and an additional 20,000 feet of office and FBO lobby space. Although the FBO is similar to our other locations, offering the finest in amenities and attention to detail, the stunning new interior design for our lobby is second to none. Once inside, you'll find comprehensive concierge services, conference and meeting rooms, pilots' lounge, snooze room and a weather and flight-planning center. Fly into KBED now and experience a higher standard for civil aviation.

Laurence G Hanscom Field Airport
ASRI 131.40

777 Virginia Rd
Concord, MA 01742
United States of America

Fax 978-341-8410

 NATA Safety 1st   WSI Pilotbrief   CAA Preferred FBO   Contract Fuel   Crew car   Enterprise Rent-A-Car   FAA-Approved Repair Station   Wireless Internet Access (WiFi)   National Business Aviation Association 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Aircraft services
  • Charter services
  • Consulting services
  • Joint Aircraft ownership program
  • Full Service FBO and Concierge Services
  • Heated Hangar
  • Fuel
  • GPU
  • Deicing
  • Aircraft Cleaning
  • Catering
  • Pilots Lounge and Quiet rooms
  • Executive Confrence Rooms
  • Training Room
  • Onsite Rental Car Services
  • Hotel Reservation Assistance and Rates
  • Weather and Flight Planning Center
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Ascent
Fueling hours: Mon-Fri 0600-2200 On request advance notice after 2200-0600.
100LL Avgas Full service    $7.11
Jet A Full service    $6.90
Discounts: CAA
Prices include all taxes.
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From Tracy Forrest on 26-Aug-2017

  I visited Rectrix KBED today with a Citation CJ3+ for an FBO that claims to be #1 or wants to be #1, they did not even use a fueling mat when fueled me, when I asked about it they just shrugged shoulders and said some times they use them and sometimes they don't.. I have to wonder what other corners they cut when the customer is not watching?? Otherwise it is a nice FBO.

Response from Ashley Watts, President, Rectrix Aerodrome Centers, Inc. at BED
Mr. Forrest, Thank you for reaching out as we appreciate constructive feedback from our customers. We are looking into this incident, as it is certainly a deviation from our standard operating procedures. Thank you for your kind words regarding our facility and we certainly strive for that #1 ranking and will use this as an opportunity to learn from the issue that you rose. Thank you.

From Scott Dyer on 15-Aug-2017

  Fine and cordial handling of my Angel Flight arrival, and I appreciate Rectrix's support of the organization by providing a substantial fuel discount to Angel Flight trips. Thank you, I wouldn't have topped off at the usual stated price.
From Mark Hanson on 13-Nov-2016

  Great support from the entire team on Sunday Oct 30th, two flights for Patient Airlift Services on same day. Also a very nice new facility to wait in. Thanks again from Patient Airlift Services
From Glenn Reynolds on 28-Sep-2016

  Good people, not so great government. I called and spoke with staff prior to arrival and they explained the state fee system, which we would be billed by. They then did their best to make my simple passenger pick up and drop off as timely and cost effective as possible.
From James Russo on 16-Sep-2016

  Everyone at Rectrix was very helpful in providing me with information before I came to BED, and in taking excellent care of me once I arrived. A special shout out to Chris, who took time to answer my numerous questions about hangar availability for transient aircraft. Concerning some of the comments I've seen here on fees charged, I'm very sympathetic, but what would our aircraft be worth if there were no FBOs? These businesses are providing a service, and I'm all in favor of them being able to feed their families by doing so. Additionally, I always call FBOs before I go to a new airport, and I always ask them to tell me ALL THE FEES I'll be charged, having learned that there are many fees other than handling or ramp or landing fees. I want to know what the charge will be, "all in." It's also a good idea to fire off an email to confirm the "all in" number -- saying someone you talked to last week didn't mention a certain charge usually won't cut it. Showing an email works better.

Response from Ashley Watts, President, Rectrix Aerodrome Centers, Inc. at BED
Mr. Russo, Thank you for your positive feedback regarding our Rectrix team at KBED. We are happy to hear that you enjoyed your visit to our facility and hope to see you again soon. Everyone at Rectrix prides themselves on the level of service that we extend and we truly value the support that you have shown us.

From Jeff Hankinson on 23-Aug-2016

  Nice people here, however, they're excessive fees make the discounted fuel useless. We bought several hundred gallons and it waived a "handling fee". Problem is, there are charges for everything else. CAA folks just may just as well consider anyone else on the field given their fees here.

Response from Ashley Watts, President, Rectrix Aerodrome Centers, Inc. at BED
Mr. Hankinson, Thank you for complementing our staff. They really are special. For the record you purchased 450 gallons of fuel and waived the handling fee and processing fee. We charged you for standard Ramp fees while you were parked on our ramp for two nights. We also charged you $75.00 for a GPU. This is identical to all other FBO's on the field. On another note, the nice staff stated that you were very rude. All other fees were in fact waived.

From Mike Ciholas on 08-Jul-2016

  Rectrix is a top class FBO, but they have engaged in a tactic that I find most objectionable, that is, creating new fees for everything without any obvious connection to what service one is getting. My visit resulted in "airport processing fee" of $27.50, an "infrastructure fee" of $14.00, a "daily ramp fee" of $55.00, and a "handling fee" of $230. Only the handling fee was waived with fuel purchase, so there was almost $100 of "other" fees. None of these fees seem to be remitted to the airport operator, but it appears Rectrix just created new fees and gave them random names. The most annoying is that I called and asked if there were handling fees, they said yes but waived with fuel, the rest of the fees were not mentioned. I find this "create a new fee" tactic to be most objectionable, a tactic designed to try and hide the true cost of using a service. If other FBOs start doing this everywhere, imagine the confusion and frustration dealing with this obfuscation all the time.

Response from Rich Cawley, Owner, Rectrix Aerodrome Centers, Inc. at BED
Thank you for your post. FBO's have to keep up with the challenge of increased costs; particularly health care, utilities, and airport concessions. All we are doing is passing these costs through and not profiting from it. With regards to Rectrix, we pay our employees very well and we pay for 70% of their health care costs that have doubled since the affordable health care act, Obama care. The airport processing fee. This fee is a pass through cost-no mark up that relate to the multitude of reports that we are required to provide to the airport. Infrastructure fee. This fee is also a pass through fee for the required maintenance in order to keep the ramp and facility 100% safe at all times. Ramp fee. This is a fee we charge to assist us in recouping our capital expenditures. No different than paying to park your car in a parking garage. Our fees represent true costs and nothing is hidden. Our customers, employees and safety go hand and hand and we treat this as our number one priority.

From John Moran on 19-Feb-2016

  Did a turn in absolutely horrible weather (40kt winds with bitter cold driving rain). The line crew serviced the airplane with care and attention to detail despite the dreadful working conditions. Knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly staff, Great Job!

Response from Kevin Bradley, V.P. of Operations, Rectrix Aerodrome Centers, Inc. at BED
Mr. Moran, thank you for the kind comments regarding our BED staff. All our facilities pride themselves on the personalized service given to every guest and we are glad to have had the opportunity to contribute to an enjoyable and productive visit while in the Boston area.

From Eric Hazen on 11-Sep-2015

  I base my Archer at Bedford. Despite that fact that we are often the only piston aircraft in sight, Rectrix has given us consistently excellent service and always makes us feel welcome. Bedford is a challenging airport logistically, and the Rectrix staff is always willing to help out with rides and vehicle access for loading. Their posted fees and fuel prices are high (in line with others on the field) but they have been quite accommodating. Some additional cost comes with the convenience of operating out of this field.

Response from Ted Hanna, Manager, Rectrix Aerodrome Centers, Inc. @BED
Mr. Hazen, Thank you for choosing Rectrix! Our goal is to provide this same high level of service to all of our guests. Hope to see you again soon.

From Philip Greenspun on 09-Sep-2015

  We are based at Rectrix and love it. Our plane is always ready when scheduled. Our cars are always waiting on the ramp when we return. Fuel orders are prompt and accurate. Prices are reasonable considering the expensive environment created by Massachusetts/Massport.
From John Matthews on 26-Aug-2015

  Stopped by to see a friend for lunch. Excellent service and they graciously waived the ($120) handling fee for my C182 - even though I could only fill 25 gallons of the minimum required 40 gallons for the waiver. It's a new terminal and the facility is great. Loved the "runway" leading to the bathrooms...

Response from Ashley Watts, President, Rectrix Aerodrome Centers, Inc. at BED
Mr. Matthews, Thank you for visiting our Bedford facility! We welcome the opportunity to discuss our fee structure with our customers and will happily make arrangements that will allow you to make that visit happen. We love our runway carpets and they are a feature at all Rectrix facilities! Hope to see you again soon.

From Carl Williams on 17-Jul-2015

  Unfortunately, only biz jets needs apply. I was looking for a parking space for the day for my Cessna Skylane, was quoted $120 handling fee -- waived if I buy 40 gal fuel, which I did not need unfortunately. They have competitors on the field, and their fees are much more in line with typical fees for piston light planes, call them instead of Rectrix.
From Paul Roy on 14-Jul-2015

  This is a true 5 star experience. While every line personnel deserves recognition, as I observed the efficient and well run operation for about 6 hours waiting for my flight...I have to say the attentive and professional staff inside make this all work seamlessly. Nefey, McKayla, Christine under the careful eye and there to lend a hand of Ted Hanna, made this a very notable experience. I would work there in a heartbeat! As line crew or a pilot. Visiting is a real treat. Just look around at the grounds and the clean/new atmosphere. They take aviation seriously, and treat you accordingly.

Response from Ashley Watts, President, Rectrix Aerodrome Centers, Inc. @ BED
Mr. Roy, From everyone at Rectrix, thank you for the recognition of the staff at our Bedford facility. It is nice to hear from an aviation professional that our team's hard work and leadership is appreciated. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

From Bruce O'Brien on 11-May-2015

  First time to this FBO. They offered us a free crew car for a couple hours to go grab a bite. The building is beautiful inside and the ramp seemed to be very organized. This will be our FBO from now on...
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