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Signature Flight Support

at Key West International Airport

  • Aviation fuel
  • Aircraft ground handling
  • Oxygen service
  • Aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown)
  • Hangars
  • Hangar leasing / sales
  • GPU / Power cart
  • Passenger terminal and lounge
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Avionics sales and service
  • ...
Aviation fuel services
Brand: independent
Fueling hours: during regular FBO business hours, plus after hours call-out service (with prior arrangement and/or a callout fee); call FBO for details
Fuel prices as last reported on 08-Jun-2023
100LL Avgas Full service    $8.803
Jet A Full service    $7.491
Discounts: Weekends
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Contact information
Address:3471 S Roosevelt Blvd
Key West, FL 33040-5234
United States of America
Telephone: 305-296-5422
Web site:
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From Manny Hart on 07-Feb-2023

  Great service from Signature and the Tower. We flew in on January 31, 2022 in a 172 around 1600Z and air and ground traffic were super busy. The Tower did a wonderful job sequencing us through the pattern with both small aircraft and airliners. Controllers were super efficient, courteous, friendly, and helpful - both during our arrival and departure. The controllers at KEYW are great! Thanks!
From Charles Lloyd on 29-Jul-2022

  My accountant has a creed that I've always applied in that "pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered". $10.87/ a gal for 'blue gold'.... Really.
From G. Dean on 21-Jun-2022

  The service was excellent, line personnel guided us to a spot right in front of the FBO - currently housed in a trailer - then helped put the cover on the plane before towing it away to parking. The desk staff was courteous and efficient. There is a $35 handling fee that was waived with the purchase of 10g of fuel, which although expensive was priced as advertised. Parking was $35 per night. On the way out they gave us a ride to the plane in a nice air-conditioned van. On a side note, we took an Uber to our hotel near the southernmost point for $16.
From Mario Manzano on 20-Apr-2022

  Novalet and Aldony have to be the best customer service agents my wife and I have had the pleasure of working with in 27 yrs. of flying together. They both went above and beyond all with the best attitudes we have encountered. We forgot a phone and without hesitation they not only were concerned but both were helping search for and find the phone where we left it. They were extremely helpful with rental suggestions for bikes, scooters, golf carts and a range of activities to do on the island. The 2 of them give Signature a completely different perspective from the usual not so friendly approach to small GA airplanes.
From Ron Roberts on 15-Feb-2022

  Flew in for a weekend getaway with two GA airplanes. Busy operation turning private jets every few minutes. Great staff, fees as advertised, fuel price as posted. Nice clean facility. We had a small mx problem and their staff was speedy and helpful. Budget rental car operation in terminal was beyond terrible.
From Fritz Rohrscheidt on 09-Feb-2022

  Professional operation, well trained staff, $35 per night for parking our Mooney for a week felt reasonable in view of the limited space, call ahead so there are no surprise fees
From John Morton on 16-Nov-2021

  Out of control! For TBM $7.50 Jet A with 50 gal minimum $240.00 per night tiedown and first time ever a special event fee of $500.00 for the power boat races! I have been going to Key West for 30 years, for the first time ever we went to Marathon and rented car.
From Deborah Bussert Baker on 29-Oct-2021

  FLYER BEWARE! October 2021 Signature Key West fees are out of control and not advertised on their Website. Call before you go for a quote. We stayed 4 nights and the bill was almost $450 not including fuel: $250 landing fee, $45 Ramp Parking, $29 Handling Charge, $5 Infrastructure Fee. All of this BEFORE fuel at $6.84/gal. Small FBO with limited seating, nothing special. People who work there were nice but indicated their hands are tied, this came from Signature corporate, "contact them". We will land in Marathon next time or just fly commercial.
From James McKeown on 05-Apr-2021

  I landed, taxied to Signature, took no fuel, I used none of Signature's services. Picked up a passenger and had to pay $44. Same thing the next day. $88 total just to pickup and drop someone off? Why? I didn't use any of the lineman services, no marshalling, no fuel, no tie-downs. I didn't use the FBO facilities; restrooms, coffee etc. Absolutely nothing. Is there a better way to go about this??
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