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S&S Aviation

at Fairfield County Airport

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From Robert McMeekin on 25-Aug-2017

  Came to FDW to see eclipse. Most airports in the path seemed full, but plenty of space at FDW. Brian & Denise and crew did great job making sure everything ran smoothly. Chilidogs, chips & sodas. Tents & chairs for comfortable viewing. Excellent runway, reasonable pump service fuel. These folks are doing things right. Thank you.
From Randy Fowler on 08-Jun-2017

  I've been using these folks for my Mooney's avionics repairs & certifications for many years and they have always been friendly, fast and reasonably priced.
From Mikko Tuomi on 05-Aug-2015

  Avoid S&S Aviation. Had to make 2 emergency landings within a couple of hours on their rental plane, thanks to maintenance errors (R/H magneto broke off, they forgot the upper clip holding it in place. Then the prop governor broke a few hrs later). Owner then argues I'd have to pay for every hour I flew, and pay for the costs I had for being stuck in the middle of nowhere for 3 days. Avoid renting from this place, and if you plan on doing any maintenance, consider rechecking everything after they have been working with your plane.
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