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From John Wood on 04-Aug-2019

  The service provided by Rich Air was friendly and efficient including a waiting rental car. However I was quite surprised by the $275 per day ramp fee for a light jet such as a Phenom or Citation Jet. Some other airports have high ramp fees but they are generally waived with a fuel purchase - not so at Glens Falls.
From P Niles on 14-Jul-2019

  Flew in yesterday had dinner at the restaurant next to the FBO. Wes (lineman) and Steve (office) were most helpful with info as it was our first visit. Kudos to them, gracious and efficient. Will return. Excellent facility. Easy parking right in front of diner.
From Brian W. Moore on 18-Dec-2018

  Fractional aircraft on an overnight stop 12/11-12/18. Stop involved after hours staffing, GPU, lav service, catering, and de-icing. Due to the nature of our operation, we visit so many FBOs, most with great service, that I rarely comment. Rich Air deserves an exception. Their staff and all services were exceptional and such a pleasure to do business with. There expertise was much appreciated during the time compression caused by passengers arriving early and the de-ice requirement.
From James Burns on 06-Sep-2018

  I've visited GFL multiple times in the last 6 weeks, while searching for a house in the area and on a return trip to my new home. While the staff has been friendly and helpful, I was surprised when all of a sudden, after several day visits house hunting without any fees, although I was told there's a $15 tie down fee for parking overnight, today there was suddenly a $5 ramp fee because I opted to pump my own fuel rather than paying an extra $1/gallon to have them fill it up. I hate being nickel and dime'd! I don't care so much about the fees, but inconsistencies annoy the crap out of me! If there is a $5 ramp fee why was this the only trip it was charged?

Response from Steve Abbott, General Manager, Rich Air
Dear Mr. Burns, We deeply regret to hear that your recent experience at KGFL was not the most desirable. Rich Air strives to consistently provide the best service possible to all its customers. Billing for these services, allows us to continue to provide the necessary staff to accommodate any full-service needs, as well as ensure all Tie-town amenities such as Ropes, Markings, & AC Wheel Chocks to all tie-down locations are available if needed. FYI: A $15 Ramp Fee for a SE Piston AC is good for 24 hrs. and is assessed for any aircraft RON without any fuel uplift. With 10 Gallons or more of 100LL uplifted from the truck or the 100LL SS Pump, the Ramp Fee is discounted to $5 for the 1st 24hr period. For any Student Pilots, Angel Flights, Restaurant Visits (same day), CAP, USCG, USMIL, & NY State Police Missions, the Ramp Fee is always waived. Again, Rich Air strives to provide the best consistent service possible. Please feel free to contact me any time, should you wish to discuss further.

From Tom Hart on 31-Aug-2018

  Wow what a change!!!!! We flew in today for a QUICK TURN and it was as smooth as Swiss clockwork. Absolute perfection from a pilots perspective. Customer car was guided to the plane, ground crew "CJ" assisted in a quick passenger change while we walked into terminal to pay. ALL done in 10 minutes. "CJ" at the fuel truck was exceptional assisting our passenger deplaning and expediting the refueling. Few can rival the experience we had today. What a turnaround, superb customer focus....Thank you and hats off to Rich Air.
From Tom Hart on 24-Jul-2018

  Of the 25 reviews I have provided this site as a corporate pilot, this is my first less than excellent. I can sum up the service by a quote from Steven Abbott General Manager of Rich Air.... When our jet showed up 1/2 hour prior to the 8am opening...."if you want fuel you will have to pay $100 dollar call out (even with his line guys sitting watching TV in the FBO lobby) or wait until 8am" Given the thunderstorms in the area, and the fact that his line guys are sitting on the couch watching TV... Speaks much about their view of helping the customer and service. I contacted the airport manager and voice my concern. WE waited until 8am... Adding 120 gallons of jet fuel taking another 1/2 hour, NO SMALL WONDER THERE ARE NO LAUDATORY COMMENTS SINCE 2017.... This is a disappointing experience for any pilot, particularly a professional pilot. Hopefully Rich Air will improve.... My choice today would be Ticonderoga and Schenectady unless you have boundless patience and time.

Response from Steve Abbott, General Manager, Rich Air
Mr. Hart, I deeply regret to hear that you had a less than excellent experience while visiting KGFL this past Monday morning before are facility were opened for business. Rich Air strives to ensure all our guests have the best experience possible while visiting Warren County & the Adirondacks Region. Which is why we offer many amenities, including after hours services for those wishing to arrive/depart outside our normal business hours, (8am to 6pm daily). As a reminder, after hours call-in service can be prearranged for a small call-in fee anytime with us. Please contact us in advance for any further details about this service, prior to your next visit into KGFL should you wish to arrive again prior to our normal business hours. We are always looking for ways to improve our services to our clients. Should you have any additional recommendations on how we can improve our premium services being provided by Rich Air to our guests, please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss. Sincerely

From Roger Mitchell on 22-Jul-2018

  Stopped in for the day in a C172. Flight line had tons of private jets. The team provided us the same level of service as the jets. Spencer and others were welcoming and helpful. Will definitely be back again. Thanks!
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