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Pierce Aviation, formerly Hammond Air Center


Pierce Aviation's FBO (formerly known as Hammond Air Center) is a pilot's dream -- facilities and service that every professional and recreational pilot expects, including a pilot lounge that is truly unforgettable.

With new facilities and ramp areas, including a brand-new, 12,000 sq. ft. executive hangar, our FBO has thought through everything you want to see and experience when you visit us. From plush leather seating throughout the lobby and pilot's lounge, to state-of-the-art flight planning, and on-site AP/IA maintenance support that guarantees you're not going to be stuck because of a little squawk.

Come visit us soon and enjoy our hospitality!

Hammond Northshore Regional Airport
ASRI 129.45

1101 Judge Leon Ford Drive
Hammond, LA 70401
United States of America

Fax 985-249-2643


 Shell Aviation Contract Fuel   UVair   World Fuel | Colt Contract Fuel   Crew cars   Hertz 


Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • High-speed, wireless flight planning
  • Fully-appointed crew lounge and lobby
  • Crew cars and national rental car support
  • Full complement of line/ramp services
  • On-site AP/IA maintenance service, including Oxygen/Nitrogen service.
  • All industry contract fuel programs
  • Concierge services
  • One Aviation/Eclipse authorized service center
  • Abita Root Beer on tap
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Shell
Fueling hours: Available 24 hours a day (985) 345 3030 (Call out number on voicemail)
Fuel prices as last reported on 21-Aug-2018
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.84 Reported by the FBO
Jet A Full service    $5.69 Reported by the FBO
Discounts: All Air Service Non-Profit Organizations get a $0.50 discount on fuel. (Angel Flight, Pilots for Patients, Pilots N Paws, etc.).
Prices include all taxes. Prices not guaranteed.
We do not offer Self Serve fueling.  
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From Walter Couch on 25-Jul-2018

  Good friendly service
From Jill Cagle on 17-Jul-2018

  I spent 1 night here approx. 2 months ago. Upon arrival, the crew was greeted by Erick who attended to our needs before we had a chance to ask. No detail was missed, and we felt like royalty. The next morning before departure, we were again spoiled by all staff. Great FBO!
From Richard DesPortes on 10-Jul-2018

  Great FBO and line service had rental car waiting running and cooled down We will be back Thanks
From Paul Duff on 09-Jul-2018

  Great flight to Hammond and Pierce Aviation to shop for motorhomes at local dealerships. Erick and Emily helped us out with a crew car and a discount coupon for a local restaurant. They pulled the car right up and handed us bottles of water and made us feel like we had arrived in a jet. (We fly an RV-9) - Will be back!
From Brian Bowie on 26-Jun-2018

  Made a short stop here on a maintenance test flight. Very friendly and great service. They went out of their way to provide us with exactly what we needed. Mitch and Erick did a fantastic job.
From Marvin Hopper on 18-Jun-2018

  First time customer at Pierce. I was very pleased with the great service and friendly atmosphere. Thanks Mitch and Erick.
From Adrian Van Zyl on 17-Jun-2018

  Eric and Mitch are a fantastic CSR/Lineman respectively. Very friendly, accommodating, and expedient service. I HIGHLY recommend this FBO when traveling to the Hammond area.
From Bonnie May on 17-Jun-2018

  Eric Matthews has always exceeded all expectations. Eric on numerous occasions has gone out of his way to insure the client's needs have been addressed, and communicated any changes to the flight plan in a timely manner so we could make necessary changes in the services arranged for the client. I can't praise Eric enough for all he does. Thank you!
From Gabriel Rincon on 10-Jun-2018

  Mitch & Erick are excellent CSRs and line guys. They are quick with a story and a joke or two. As always, the facilities are clean and comfortable, service is top notch and the gas prices are reasonable for GA.
From Jay Burris on 29-May-2018

  All I can say is Erick and the team knocked it out of the park for me. This is my first visit under Pierce and must say this was by far the best I've ever been treated by an FBO. Red Carpet treatment on arrival and kept plane in the shade up until ready to start engines on departure midday the following day. FBO and facilities very clean.
From Bill Daly on 11-Apr-2018

  Flew in for the 3rd time in 3 years. Service was great and personnel friendly as it has been every time. Erick & Chris were a great help lining up a rental car, bringing it to the plane upon arrival, and getting our Grumman Tiger into a hangar when threatening thunderstorms were predicted. I will be back to Pierce again next year for my annual trip to Hammond.
From Rachel Anderson on 10-Apr-2018

  Wonderful FBO treats the single engine piston the same as the corporate Jet. Courtesy car was immaculate. The staff (Erick & another gentlemen) were super friendly...Can't stress enough how nice they were. I will always use Pierce when coming into Hammond.
From Daniel Blell, N232SR on 01-Apr-2018

  Great service. Thanks Erick and Mitch for all your help! We had an excellent experience.
From Jason Hamilton on 31-Mar-2018

  Flew my Bonanza in to spend the weekend with friends. These guys are great. Friendly, professional and accommodating. In a day and age where customer service is a lost art, it's very refreshing to see a small business still doing the right thing and treating every customer with the highest regard. The facility is very clean and has great local root beer on tap. I fly a Latitude for a fractional operator and donit see this level of service when I roll in to other FBO's and buy 1200 gallons. Give these guys a try, you won't be disappointed.
From Connor Taylor on 20-Mar-2018

  Great place to visit. Very accommodating. One of the best FBO's to go to with AMAZING people.
From David Dufreche on 19-Mar-2018

  Outstanding service, ALWAYS. I stop in about every two months in my Mooney and always receive excellent treatment. It's like visiting family. Awesome facilities. Erick, Mitch and Amos are great guys and eager to help.
From Spencer Napor on 15-Mar-2018

  I flew in late one evening in a caravan and felt horrible asking for a quick turn so close to them closing for the evening, but in spite of never fueling a caravan (which are horrible pains to fill) the line guy had me topped off and was running my credit card within 20 minutes so I could continue on my way. It's my first time back since the name change from Hammond Air Center, but their service is still top notch and I couldn't tell a difference aside from the logo being a bit slicker.
From Trey Bentley on 14-Mar-2018

  Stop in for day trip and everyone was awesome. Will definitely use in future.
From Randall Turner on 26-Feb-2018

  Erik and Mitch met me on the ramp as I exited the taxiway and immediately took care of my servicing. My wife and I barely had enough time to drain our 'personal sumps' by the time our bill was ready. Nice facility and super nice folks!
From Cole Van Cleve on 26-Feb-2018

  Nice place! Erick and Mitch were very helpful with passengers and luggage. They made it easy for me and I'm grateful. Thanks Guys!
From Randy Benefield on 25-Feb-2018

  I can't say enough good things about Pierce Aviation. The very best customer service I have ever received any where in the Southeast I fly and it is consistent, I visit KHDC several times a month. Thanks this week and a shout out to Erick and Chris for great service.
From Julius Marsh on 25-Feb-2018

  Canít say enough good things about this FBO. Service is awesome! Erick and Chris took great care of me!
From Gil Williamson on 19-Feb-2018

  Made an unscheduled over night stop and the crew at Pierce were outstanding. Ashley recommended a hotel a car, the line crew helped with baggage and putting on the cover as well as directions. If. You have a choice Pierce is great. So refreshing to experience excellent service at reasonable prices. Will definitely stop on the way back.
From Gary Pillers on 29-Jan-2018

  The entire experience was seamless from the initial phone call to setup of the rental car, the overnight tie down and refueling, and the check out at departure. Upon arrival the rental car was brought to the airplane to unload the baggage by the line crew. Awesome friendly service throughout.
From Dan Weyant on 17-Jan-2018

  Stopped in for fuel and lunch on my way home Saturday afternoon. I was flying an RV-12 so fuel for me was about 16 gallons. Even with the small order everyone was very great. Thanks to Mitch and Erick for great service. I'll be back!
From Jim Watson on 15-Jan-2018

  We stopped into Pierce Aviation for a quick turn on the way to Texas. Erick and Chris really did a good job of taking care of us, fueling us quickly, and being very friendly and helpful. We will continue to stop into Pierce Aero for our fuel stops!
From David Newton on 13-Jan-2018

  The service at Pierce Aviation is fantastic. We operate a lot of Pilots-N-Paws dog rescue missions from there and they are very pet and rescue-dog friendly. Great service delivered with a smile and a genuine interest in our care.
From George Pappayliou on 10-Jan-2018

  Flew in with three other hunters for a quail/duck hunt at Covey Rise in Husser. Ashley, Erick and the crew couldn't have been more accommodating. Took fuel and stayed three daysóno ramp fees, no overnight fees, and no hassles. We definitely plan to stop back again.
From Hank Lott on 07-Jan-2018

  Pierce always treats me so good. Clean facilities, nice courtesy car, and super nice guys and gals!!
From Peyton Feltus on 04-Jan-2018

  Pierce Aero is a very nice facility staffed by eager to please personnel plus easy access means quick turnarounds. I'll be frequenting their facility.
From Tom Bailey on 02-Jan-2018

  Not our first time visiting Pierce Aviation (we use to know it as Hammond Air) and we keep coming back because of the great service - an FBO obviously operated by aviators. Both Erick and Mitch were great and even hung in with us until our ride showed up 30 minutes after evening closing time. Look forward to a return visit next time we are traveling to New Orleans area.
From Brian Avara on 31-Dec-2017

  Sunny and the line crew went over and beyond my expectations when flying into Hammond earlier this month. I reserved a rental car and the FBO didn't open on Saturday till 9am. We were scheduled to land about 7:30 and Sunny took time out of her schedule to come open early, had the car warming up on this cold morning and was very helpful. On departing that evening the line crew cleaned my windshield and took care of our departure. Thank you for your SERVICE!! A++++
From Robert Sparks on 31-Dec-2017

  On a cold winter day Erick and Mitch bent over backwards to give great service to us, just passing through. Crew car is newer Honda, in great shape.
From Tom Britton on 21-Dec-2017

  Pierce Aviation is my favorite FBO. It's run like a pilot would like. I come here for a week two or three times a year. If there is hangar space they put my plane inside, no extra charge. Erick, Mitch and Chris were there this trip to greet us by name, help empty the plane and offer refreshments. My favorite is the Abita Root Beer "on tap". Ice cream is available if you want a float. Pierce was formerly Hammond Air before they consolidated their Jet Service and FBO under one name. Same folks and same great service.
From Phil Lockwood on 20-Dec-2017

  I stopped in at Pierce Aero for fuel and an overnight hangar last week. Eric and Chris were very helpful and super friendly. I would highly recommend Hammond North Shore airport and Pierce Aero. Great stop!
From Randall Jean on 15-Dec-2017

  We stopped at Pierce going and coming on a trip from Texas to Florida. Going, we had a crew car parked by our Skyhawk within 5 minutes after landing. Similar red carpet treatment (literaly) on our return flight the next day. Mitch and Erick and the team are the best!
From Garett Guidroz on 05-Dec-2017

  I always make it a point to stop by they always roll out the red carpet. Best FBO bar none
From Chaillie Daniel on 03-Dec-2017

  Nice folks Eric and Mitch were helpful and hooked the little guy up with some root beer.
From Adrian Van Zyl on 29-Nov-2017

  Attitude of the Pierce Aviation operation reflects passion for aviation. Erick, Chris and Mitch works as an highly effective team in making sure that the best service is rendered with regard to every aspect in the general aviation spectrum. Their dedication certainly needs mentioning.
From Jeff Martin on 27-Nov-2017

  Now Pierce Aviation. Great service and no hassle. Courtney car was nice and clean. The water was cold and Chris made sure to pull the chocks before we stepped in the plane. Very friendly and will stop again.
From Chris Root on 25-Nov-2017

  Erik and Mitch were awesome. The line service was prompt and precise. Fuel truck arrived immediately, the passengers were assisted and not allowed on to the ramp until we came to escort them. The facilities are A+ and we were offered fruit, juice, water, and snacks. I definitely recommend this crew as a great place to work with.
From Buddy Criminale on 12-Nov-2017

  Great place to stop for fuel. This was our second time visiting Hammond. You'll find "Great" customer service here. The wife and I stopped in for fuel and short rest before continuing on a long cross-country flight. Even though we were only flying a Cessna Cardinal were treated like one of the big guys. Erick and Mitch were great. They has us fueled up, turned around and ready to go in no time. Thanks guys, really appreciate the help.
From Ryan Plate on 01-Nov-2017

  Arrived in a CJ3 and our pax were greeted with cold water bottles and help carrying luggage. Very friendly and eager to get us the best lunch in town! Very nice facilities and the staff is top notch. Puts other big FBOs like Signature to shame!
From Tom Norton on 29-Oct-2017

  This FBO is what flying cross country is all about. Chris parks you with a smile and handshake and Sunny at the desk attends to your every need with care. Hammond Air Center is by far the best FBO on the planet. If you're lucky enough to stop in overnight, help yourself to a cold draft on the house. I always flight plan around making Hammond a stop even if it's not directly in my path.
From Michael Kutner on 28-Oct-2017

  Very easy airport to fly into when the weather is bad in New Orleans. It is a 58-minute drive to the French Quarter. It is funny what one large lake will do. They really try to go out of their way to please. Clean FBO friendly people, Chris took great care of my plane and Sunny kept things moving. I will be back
From David Newton on 28-Oct-2017

  Always friendly and prompt service. We transport dogs for Pilot N Paws and the Pierce family is remarkably supportive, dog friendly, and so very helpful.
From Jeff Williams on 25-Oct-2017

  Stop in for a quick meeting. Staff was more than willing to accommodate us with a conference room, coffee and water. Special thanks to Chris Perry for all your hospitality.
From Jim Blanchard on 23-Sep-2017

  Staff was best I've ever seen. Lineman and really nice lady at desk. I felt like a rock star...
From Stan Pearcy on 22-Sep-2017

  Chris & Sunny we're excellent hosts. The attention to every detail was amazing. Highly recommended! Will come back here for sure
From Galin Hernandez on 13-Sep-2017

  I evacuated the airplane all the way to Hammond, LA (KHDC) from St. Augustine, FL (KSGJ) arriving on Sunday. Pierce Aviation (Mitch) squeezed, and I mean squeezed, the airplane in to their hangar and let me keep it there at no charge. Ashley then called around until she got me a hotel and a rental car even though it was Sunday and everything was booked. They were AWESOME! I can't thank them enough.
From Jerry Hubbard on 19-Jun-2017

  Hammond Air Center took care of our SR22T June 16th - 18th while my wife & I shuttled back & forth between Mandeville & BTR for grandkids baseball, LAX & volleyball games. Within minutes of landing our bags are in the rental car that was on the ramp (A/C running) & I'm pinching myself to make sure the root bear float that magically appeared in my hand is not a dream. Hangar space was provided dirt cheap. Everyone was super nice & in an entirely genuine way. I could go on, but what it boils down to is Hammond Air Center is hands down the best FBO we have ever used. That may sound like an exaggeration to some, but this family owned & operated business has found a way to combine the modern services pilots want & need with an old school personal touch that you really have to experience to believe. All these "5-Star" reviews are spot on. I just wish there was a 6-Star option.
From Donald Short on 27-May-2017

  Stopped at Hammond Air for the second time this pass week. Outstanding service, great, friendly people. And reasonable fuel prices. Also Abita root beer. What more could you ask for.
From Todd Gibson on 16-May-2017

  Tried to get gas this morning 5-16-2017 at 7:30am... No line guys... Self-serve pump was out at HDC... Went to the other FBO on the field and was greeted by two line guys. Get it together Hammond Air.

Response from Erin Patrick Pierce, President, Hammond Air Center
Hi Todd! Sorry you had a bad experience. Hammond Air Center does not have self service. If you want to swing by and give us a chance with your business next time, I'll comp your first ten gallons of fuel! We'll wash your windshield! I'll bring out the rent-a-midgets! OK, so maybe I am bluffing about the rent-a-midget, but I'm serious about the fuel! Thanks for the feedback!

From Jeff Goehl, PA32 on 13-May-2017

  Stopped on the way to Sun-n-Fun and back. Great service and hospitality. Fuel discount and refreshments. Always my stop when going east.
From Clyde Collins on 28-Apr-2017

  Made Hammond Air Center a fuel stop on 4/7 during a cross country from KLVJ to Clearwater FL. In our C182. Chose this location to avoid the New Orleans clutter and due to good reviews and the low fuel prices. Was met at the FBO with quick service. The FBO pulled the courtesy car up to the door with the AC cooling and suggested the Yellow Bird Cafe for a quick and tasty breakfast. One of our passengers grabbed a 6 pack of the Abita beer, which is free and quite good. Was quickly on our way. Hammond Air Center was the best FBO during our x-country. Will be back.
From Dan Weyant on 24-Apr-2017

  Stopped in today for a quick turn. When I went to start my RV-9A, it wouldn't turn over. My battery had decided that it was done. The folks at Hammond Air really went out of their way to help me out. They helped me diagnose the problem, track down a replacement battery, and get it installed. Thanks so much for the help; it made the difference between getting home today, and being stuck overnight!
From Trip Taylor on 22-Apr-2017

  It's hard to describe how much different and better the experience at Hammond Air Center is than the average FBO. I fly to hundreds of FBO's all over the country and this one is special. Always gracious and friendly. They bend over backward to help. Crew car, no problem. Something to eat or drink, check. I don't have any business reason for going to Hammond regularly but I will be planning to make the Hammond Air Center a stop along the way whenever I need anything in the area.
From Mike Grossberg on 02-Apr-2017

  Flew in March 31. Hammond Air actually rolled out a red carpet for me. That was just the beginning. They went out of their way to make space in the hangar for my antique plane. The entire staff is exceptionally warm and friendly. The lobby has a cooler stocked with locally brewed beer and root beer. You will not be allowed to leave until you take a six-pack of your choices - free! Crew cars and rental cars available. Lots of suggestions and guidance on places to spend the night. Really, an exceptional operation. Other FBO companies should visit just to see how it should be done.
From Craig Jones on 10-Dec-2016

  Stop in for an overnight stay in Hammond over the thanksgiving weekend, before heading back to Houston. Hammond Air Center service is top notch. This is not my first time and it will not be my last time. Great people and service. Fuel prices are the best is the area. Top off my tanks here, as it a $1-2 cheaper than KNEW. Keep up the good work. 31WH
From Jerry D. Anderson on 27-Nov-2016

  Dropped in flying my Centurion to meet up with friends who were working in the area. Very surprised that we got a crew car just before closing ' got to keep it overnight to go eat & stay overnight. Awesome service! Great prices for fuel too. I will keep this place in mind for the future.
From Sarah Rovner on 26-Oct-2016

  I stopped at Hammond Air Center for an overnight and fuel recently in a 1942 PT22 Ryan Recruit. It was the best service I've ever had from an FBO! They were courteous, professional, and went out of their way to make my experience and enjoyable one. I would HIGHLY recommend if you were looking for a place to stop. Great fuel & oil prices and exceptional service!
From Joey Sager on 27-Sep-2016

  This place continues to live up to its reputation for friendliness, good fuel prices, and great service including a red carpet to step out onto upon arrival. CSR Sonny introduced herself with a smile and a handshake, then called both my wife and me by name for the remainder of our 20 minute fuel stop. She offered about a dozen cold or hot drink choices and supplied us with a six pack of locally made Abita root beer while our plane was fueled accurately and quickly. Sonny even made recommendations for antique stores to visit on our upcoming visit to New Orleans in a couple of weeks and gave us a card with the FBO owner's contact info. What more could anyone ask?
From Matthew Kiener on 12-Sep-2016

  We flew down after the floods to drop off supplies & pick up displaced shelter dogs. Becky, Sunny, and Mitch all went above and beyond any reasonable expectations. Courteous & kind don't begin to describe these folks. Courtesy car, cold waters, prompt & accurate fueling at an excellent price, help with making hotel reservations and recommendations where to dine... The list goes on & on. They even mowed the lawn specifically so the dogs could do their business before our departure. I wish I could give them ten stars. <3
From Jeff Goehl on 19-Aug-2016

  I have been flying for decades, and this by far was the best FBO experience that I have ever, I mean ever had. We will stop here anytime we are over this way or enroute, even if it is out of the way. Thanks, for all the refreshments.
From Daniel A. Oppenheim on 09-Jul-2016

  My CAP squadron used Hammond Air Center as a base of operations for tours of the KHDC Tower and providing airplane rides to a local Scout Troop. Becky was very accommodating and allowed the Cadets/Scouts to use the pilot lounge and brought each one a cold Abita Root Beer. She set up a "photo op" inside the main hangar and even provided the pilots with free libations to bring home. It just does not get any better than this folks! Also, the tower staff was terrific. They gave all the visitors, young and old, a real appreciation for the work and dedication required to be a controller. I cannot say enough good things about the Hammond Air Center FBO and the National Guard personnel, who work the tower,
From Chris Nichols on 06-Jun-2016

  Stopped in on the way to Disney with the family. I'm not sure what I can add to the unbelievable level of service these folks provide. Without question, in 30+ years of flying I have not come across a better FBO. Absolutely fantastic!
From Lyle Prouse on 31-May-2016

  Wow...These folks go waaaay out of their way for us. I was going to us S/S fuel pump but decided to let Hammond Air Center do their F/S and Jessica helped with that. I had to RON for 3 nights. They didn't charge me a cent for tie down fees and went way, way, way out of their way to be accommodating in all respects. Jessica is a cutie as well and she could not possibly have been nicer! There is NO DOUBT where I'll park next time I go to Hammond!
From Ronald Keating on 24-Apr-2016

  Very nice facility, I called ahead, they where ready for all my requests, couldn't be more helpful. Put my two seater in the hangar overnight, crew car to hotel, discount price and gas price, full serve.
From Stuart Taylor on 06-Mar-2016

  I've stopped at HAC a couple of times over the last few months as my wife and I have visited the area to care for a critically ill family member. Unfortunately our last flight to KHDC was to attend a funeral. I can certainly attest to the top flight service that previous posters have submitted. Having a lineman welcome my over-the-shoulder fueling oversight is a nice touch and speaks of the customer service mindset that permeates this FBO. Receiving a handwritten sympathy card mailed to our home address dots the "I" in service for me. That has to be a classy touch in anyone's playbook.
From Mike Kelly on 17-Feb-2016

  West bound to Texas from Florida with some strong winter headwinds in an old Bonanza, stopped again at Hammond Air Center for a top off. Prompt, efficient, and friendly service from the fine folks who provide a first class experience. Shaun was right there with the 100 truck and great service. A nice, bright, clean operation with good people. Well worth the stop. Thank you.
From Spencer Napor on 19-Jan-2016

  Amos and Jessica gave me superstar treatment when I flew in on a short overnight. I had some friends on their way to pick me up for dinner, but after informing Amos that I was to depart early the next morning he was thoughtful enough to surprise me by pulling up the Escalade and offering it for me to use overnight. I'm anything other than a big shot, but as I was filling out some paperwork he was taking my luggage and putting it in the SUV without me ever asking. Jessica booked me a very nice room at a bed and breakfast downtown, greeted my friends with root beers when they showed up and even offered them a tour despite it being only minutes from closing time.
From Travis Terral on 13-Jan-2016

  Fantastic experience. They offered their crew car (saving me a rental) for a 4-hour stay and brought it planeside. Super friendly and helpful staff. They even offered us a free 6-pack of our choice of Abita beer or root beer (brewed locally) on our departure!
From Terry Huenefeld on 09-Nov-2015

  Wow. I landed here for wx and wasn't sure what to expect. These guys are incredible. The customer service is exceptional. They have a tremendous amount of knowledge and to say they are friendly is an understatement. They go way above and beyond. I feel confident for future stops with ir without pax. For a quick turn or leaving my plane with them overnight. Thank you Jessica and Amos. You guhs helped make this trip enjoyable!!
From Steven Maloy on 26-Oct-2015

  I had to go into Hammond in less than good conditions. It was raining pretty hard, and the people from Hammond Air helped me, my passengers, and our luggage out of the plane and put up with us for over an hour while we waited for our ride. Would have been great if a hangar would have been available, but in those conditions I was just happy to get on the ground, and into a dry comfortable place. Very friendly and helpful. Having a couple of beers was a nice touch. (I knew I wasn't operating anything else that day)
From Pete Flood on 19-Oct-2015

  Best FBO. I can make 1 phone call and KNOW that everything will be done RIGHT. Thanks for all the help
From David Weinstein, N53WA on 13-Oct-2015

  The experience I have had over the last year visiting Hammond Air Center has been nothing less than stellar. These guys set the gold standard in FBO service. It starts with the friendly lineman that is always waiting to help, if it is cooling off the car when we land to always parking us in front or holding an umbrella over my kids when it is raining. Then once you walk into the FBO the ladies behind the desk are always two steps ahead of my needs. I will always fly out of my way to stop at Hammond Air center.
From Gaylon Koenning, N815DG on 26-Sep-2015

  My family stopped in for fuel and a rest stop for the kiddos (4yrs old and a 20 month old) on our trip from Houston to Destin, FL. Wow simple amazing how accommodating they were with my family. The 6 pack of Abita was the icing on the cake for our vacation trip. On our way back to Houston they offered the crew car for us to take a quick trip in town for lunch. RV10 was fueled and ready to go when we returned. We will be back. I can't say enough about the service, exceptional.
From Troy Ellis, 5115X on 20-Sep-2015

  These are absolutely the friendliest folks around. We fly into lots of FBO's and this is one of our favorites. They have a courtesy car available and they take top notch care of you. We were there on a day that was probably one of their worst (they had been broken into the night before) and everyone still treated all of us like we were their top priority. They are a wonderful group of people. Thanks
From Rod DeWalt on 21-Jul-2015

  Awesome service from the flight line crew parking us on arrival with rental car waiting (and a/c running) and a cold six pack of Abita... They even offered me a cooler!
From Craig Cardell on 27-May-2015

  I've flown coast to coast for 25 years. Bad weather pushed me into the Hammond airport. Hands down best FBO I've ever visited. You can't go wrong doing business with them.
From Michael Lusk on 25-May-2015

  Small but very warm and efficient! The lineman was there quickly and even put my plane in the hanger for free. The 6 pack of Abita beer was also an unexpected pleasure. Hertz Car there and waiting.
From Shannon Roddy on 20-Feb-2015

  Erin and company provides an excellent service to the GA pilot. They are top notch, always friendly, and extremely accommodating. I started as a student at KHDC in 2007... It's nice to see an operation like this at Hammond as they opened after my flying took me to other fields after relocating for work. Now, when I visit KHDC as a transient stopover rather than home field, they go above and beyond every time I pass through. Visit their web site if you want to get a taste of the friendliness and sense of humor you are sure to encounter on any visit to Hammond Air Center. This will be a business to keep an eye on as their reputation grows...
From Brian Lorenz 702 Helicopters - Las Vegas on 15-Feb-2015

  Great prices on Fuel and the staff were awesome. I had a chance to meet the owner he is an Eclipse jet owner, has a first rate staff. We stopped by in our R44 on our cross-country trip. They even gave us a 6 pack of soda of our choice. Thank you Hammond air service we will be back.
From Mike Wrob on 02-Feb-2015

  Ditto what everyone else said. Very friendly service and a free six pack of beer to go.
From WD Lewis on 10-Jan-2015

  5-Stars? I can only give them 5? I fly a Turbo RG 182 all over the country and this has got to be the best FBO experience I've ever had... They offered me a 6 pack of local beer and when I declined the beer they offered a local root beer. They loaned me a Philips screwdriver to pop the cowling for a peak, (my tool kit was buried in the back). Fuel price is the best I found between CA and FL! I just wish all FBOs could be like this! A big thanks to Amos and Rebecca!
From Dan Hill on 06-Jan-2015

  Full service 100LL for $3.99 when everyone around them is over $4.50 up to 6.50. I was in KARA on my way to KRYY and instead of filling up at KARA I took off and landed at KHDC and filled every tank I had. Not only was the service great! Sally, Gilade, and Jessica were as nice as could be, appreciated your stopping in, pop was free and they even gave me a take home gift that my wife and I very much enjoyed. In a month it will also be towered but this month (Jan. 2015) they are giving advisories. Make the effort it is worth it, saved me $229.00
From Nathan Matter on 05-Jan-2015

  Stopped in Sunday night for a fuel up of Jet-A and a GPU quick turn. The service from Sally, Audrey and Charles was excellent! Everything we needed was ready and the service was extremely prompt and friendly. We also really enjoyed the complimentary Albita beer and root beer. We will definitely be back. Thanks for the great experience!
From Al Sinopoli on 05-Jan-2015

  Visit on 1/1/15. Prompt fueling and a gift to boot. The folks there make you want to fly more. Too bad I can't give them 6 stars.
From Robert Morris on 31-Dec-2014

  I echo the previous comments. I stopped for incredibly inexpensive fuel, but the people will keep me coming back...And yes, they did indeed hand me a 6-pack of assorted local beer flavors to take with me. Seriously friendly folks...I even left my iPad by accident, and asked the advisory tower to call down as I circled back and the Hammond Air Center counter person brought it out and handed through window with engine running, as I could get back on the road. Awesome, friendly, AND cheap fuel. Make it your next stop.
From Charles Martens on 23-Dec-2014

  Great stop. Dropped in for the cheap fuel and was pleasantly surprised. Excellent service and super friendly people. The low fuel price drew us in but the wonderful people will have us coming back. Thanks for the beer.
From Marc Kruth on 01-Dec-2014

  Great FBO! Staff and service were excellent. Very friendly and helpful. Very good fuel price and even complimentary local (Abita) beer - yummy! :-) Our thanks to Gilad, Ryder, Charles, Sally & Jessica.. Go visit!
From James Foster on 15-Nov-2014

  Such a quick turn around. Thanks guys!
From Glen Patterson on 25-Aug-2014

  I used to fly into ASD, tried HDC as it was closer to the hospital I needed to go for my new Grandson, and I want everyone to know these guys at Hammond Air Center are by far the best I have EVER experienced anywhere!!!! The personal service and attention is second to none. I fly a C-421 and use a lot of fuel, and their rates were very competitive, but after their attention to taking care of my every need and rental car, the cost of the fuel really didn't even matter. We will never go anywhere else in that area.
From Robert Lay on 06-Aug-2014

  I'm working on my instrument rating, burning plenty of 100LL in holding patterns and instrument approaches! KBTR is my home base, but I always make it a point for a full stop @ KHDC for fuel at Hammond Air Center. Charles greets you with a smile, is happy to check your tire pressure, and makes sure you don't leave empty handed (either with Abita Beer or Abita Root Beer). Rebecca and Jessica are awesome behind the desk and really make pilots feel at home. The FBO is perfectly comfortable complete with a pilot's lounge and Abita Root Beer on tap. Not to mention, Hammond Air Center's fuel prices are the best!!!!!
From Charles Wale on 24-Jul-2014

  Excellent service and atmosphere. I came in late on a Monday evening as they prepared to call it a night. They fueled me up promptly and helped me troubleshoot an electrical problem. They went out of their way to get me back in the air and to my destination! I will definitely return when I need fuel.
From Aaron Caraveo on 24-Jun-2014

  We made an unscheduled stop on May 30, 2014 due to weather. Our final destination was in the New Orleans area, but we diverted to HDC due to weather. We were pleasantly surprised by the excellent services and facilities. Charles, Jessica and Rebecca were very helpful and accommodating. We were given local beer on arrival to enjoy during our three-day stay. We enjoyed the beer so much that they gave us more at departure to enjoy when we got home. Hammond Air Center will be our preferred FBO for our future NOLA area visits.
From Michael France on 14-Jun-2014

  We stopped in for fuel and lunch and were pleasantly surprised by excellent care we received. The crew car is an Escalade, nice! Thanks again to Charles from N6074S!
From Henry W. Hickman on 05-Jun-2014

  Called Hammond Air Center on Memorial Day and talked with Angela about Hanger availability that we would arrive that day. She made arrangements for the hangar and got us a rent a car even though they were closed for the Holiday. Weather cancelled our departure on 5-30-14 and Jessica called the rental company to extend our car. A low-pressure system rolled into the area and thunderstorms and heavy rain lasted until 6-4-14. They kept my Skylane in the hangar and out of the weather. The day of our departure lineman Ryder arranged for me to pre-flight and load up before taking the aircraft on the ramp. Rebecca gave us case of local beer to take home before we left. All of the staff was extremely helpful, professional and friendly. The facility is very clean and first rate
From Peter Rauch on 02-Jun-2014

  Flew in for fuel on a cross country in our T206 between Texas and Florida with my family on 5.24.14. Ryder parked me, welcomed me to Hammond, and immediately asked if he could get the crew car over so we could grab some lunch. Inside, Rebecca gave us directions and options. On our departure they sent us away with root beer for the kids and real beer for us. My only regret was WX requiring us to fuel somewhere else on our return. Great service, prices and hospitality.
From Craig Jones on 16-May-2014

  Flew in for mother's day weekend, with family; however, was delayed in LFT, due to the weather. Called the FBO, telling them that I was running late. Stayed until I got there. Thanks Ryder! This is a first class FBO. What a wonderful experience.
From Del Johnson on 22-Apr-2014

  Nice airport, pristine FBO, extremely polite and helpful folks, full service cheaper than on airport self-service, complimentary beverages -- even to go. Awesome. I'll definitely be back.
From T Marino on 17-Apr-2014

  Wow. Just, Wow. Great people, great place.
From Dan Baggett on 17-Apr-2014

  Fantastic service. They even gave me six-pack of the local root beer. Highly recommend stopping there to fill up prior to going on to New Orleans. Worth the extra stop, and the fuel prices were the best in the area.
From Steve Smestad on 16-Apr-2014

  What an exceptional experience! Our first time at Hammond and didn't know what to expect - just a quick fuel stop. We were greeted with a warm welcome and then it started - they held doors for us, gave us our choice of beverage (the root beer is fantastic) and accommodated our every need. We ended up spending the night in Hammond and they secured a hotel room that had been sold out, gave us suggestions on where to eat and had an exceptional meal at their recommendation. Everyone at Hammond Air Center was genuine, real, and friendly. I don't know what they put in the water or maybe the root beer, but it was the finest example of what an FBO should be. We fly all over the country and stop at many FBO's but Hammond Air is the best I've ever experienced. I will always stop at Hammond Air when given the chance and hope to meet the owner to pass along my compliments.
From Chris Penski on 11-Apr-2014

  Stopped for fuel in a Cherokee. Fast, friendly service. Clean restroom. Free refreshments and a six pack to go. What else can you ask for. A great fuel stop on a cross country to Florida or anyplace. Will stop at Hammond Air Center again.
From Frank Fisher on 10-Apr-2014

  From arrival to departure, these folks were friendly, welcoming and professional. Exceptional service without the unnecessary fluff--exactly what we were looking for. Thank you!
From Mason Lord on 23-Mar-2014

  I recently stopped in to get fuel and was shocked at the service, which was provided to me. My passenger and I were welcomed with a smile and were offered a car to grab a bite to eat, as well as drinks and snacks. The fuel was extremely well priced. And after the linemen finished fueling the plane he noticed us drinking a bottle of root beer which we picked up inside the FBO and handed me a free 6-pack of the root beer. Needless to say, I was extremely satisfied and enjoyed my brief visit to Hammond. I will be stopping by any time I get a chance.
From John Klein on 16-Mar-2014

  Rebecca and Charles were top notch. 100LL better than average. Service couldn't have been better.
From Richard Hages on 13-Mar-2014

  Gotta love Hammond Air Center! I always stop here when coming through Hammond and get a great price on fuel from Erin (which we all know is concern #1). The Facility is professionally run, and the staff is super friendly and helpful. These guys obviously enjoy what they do. Who knows, you might even get hooked up with some Abita Beer when you pass through, wouldn't be the first time ;-)
From David Gonzales on 22-Feb-2014

  This is a FULL service FBO with lower than the other local area self-service fuel prices. The folks here are always friendly and the refueling is first rate. They offer complementary refreshments. There is a pilotís lounge in the back with big screen TV and lounge chairs. They have more than one courtesy car that I have taken in to town for lunch. This FBO is nothing less than fabulous, great, fantastic, etc.
From Chuck West on 15-Feb-2014

  Stopped by twice on an annual roundtrip to Arizona from Florida. This was due to a stop on a previous year and found the service for the low fuel price was unbelievable. Usually can only find a SS pump in the middle of windswept ramp for those prices. Not here, Andrew was all over insuring we had whatever we needed and with great aviation conversation. As well as Charles on the parking and fueling which was quick and red carpet service...Remember that from days of old. Returned home to find a hand written thank you card from Jaclyn R, thanking us for the business... Had to check my watch to make sure I didn't pass through a time-warp on the return trip... Outstanding service and will return.
From Richie Blink on 14-Feb-2014

  Hammond Air Center really is a pilots dream. Twice now I've stopped by in a C150 and was treated like I pulled up in a thirsty jet. The crew here is actually watching the airfield for arrivals so when you taxi up they're ready to marshall you in. As soon as the words leave your mouth the fuel truck rolls up. The CSR is always friendly and helpful- she even gave me a nifty double-ended stylus/ LED flashlight which was really thoughtful since I navigate with an iPad. The modern pilot lounge has comfy couches and local art on the walls. This is the place you want to be weathered in. One more thing, and this is the kicker; they give you a six-pack of my choice of Abita beer (or root beer). Hammond has multiple FBOs but I probably won't find out what's on the other side of the airport with service and comps like these. The price brought me in but the service has me coming back
From Mike Kelly on 13-Feb-2014

  First class hospitality and service from a great outfit! Have now made Hammond Air Center a regular stop on the TX to FL round robin made several times a year in a 55 year old Bonanza. A real pilot's FBO run by pilots for pilots. A substantial savings on avgas even over the self serve around the corner. It's worth coming by just to hang out and hangar fly with these guys for a couple of hours! Real honest grassroots aviation at it's best! Thank you.
From Richard Schmidt on 11-Feb-2014

  Great service at this fine FBO on our stop between Florida and Arizona. Their fuel price was among the lowest in the area. Charles took great care of our Baron, and they have very nice courtesy cars to run into town for lunch. Also, thanks for the root beer!
From Craig Craft on 24-Jan-2014

  Wow, this is THE place to stop if you are in the area. We elected to fill the Baron up here instead of in Gulfport and probably saved around $250 plus they gave us a 12 pack of locally brewed beer, cleaned the windshield and the windows! They also had a huge selection of drinks available gratis for pilots and passengers. The staff are incredibly friendly, quick, and efficient. The service was so "over the top good" that I almost felt like I needed to look around for a hidden camera or something.
From Mike Kelly on 22-Jan-2014

  Hammond Air Center is a GREAT stop for Excellent service and good avgas prices! The friendly folks who are Hammond Air Center have the welcome mat out and provide a First Class experience. Their hospitality is second to none! See you all again!
From Jack and Patti Kihm N69XX on 18-Jan-2014

  It's hard to imagine a friendlier FBO than the folks at Hammond Air Center. An engine problem forced us to land last Sunday afternoon. Erin Pierce met us at the plane, made us feel welcome in the lovely, well-appointed lounge and obtained the services of Stephen Greenwood who actually works for a another facility on the field who trouble-shot the plane and fixed our problem. Erin offered to get us to our destination, Houston, in his plane, but luckily it was not necessary and we proceeded on. We'd have to give this facility a top rate: great gas prices, great availability, great facility, and super friendly staff of Rebecca, Ryder and Erin. This is a natural stop for travelers going east and west across the bottom of the US. Don't miss it on your next trip.
From Mark Stefanov on 30-Dec-2013

  Excellent FBO. I was there 10 years ago and there was nothing but a locked office. This trip through on 12/24/13 and 12/29/13 for return, this newer FBO has the right idea. On 12/29/13, Rebecca and Andrew were just as friendly as those on 12/24/13. I will be back, probably in months, not years. I stopped because of AirNav comments and gas price.
From James Alecxih on 16-Dec-2013

  This might be one of the best FBO's we visit. Great hospitality and service. Thanks to Amos for all the help
From David Procise on 06-Dec-2013

  Just awesome. Cannot say enough good things about the way these folks treated my lowly C-172M and me. Erin, Rebecca, Charles, and all were just awesome. What a beautiful facility as well. I look forward to seeing and doing business with them in the very near future.
From M Svaty on 01-Dec-2013

  Just got back from Hammond, LA. The crew at Hammond Air are some of the very best. Angela, Rebecca, and Charles bent over backwards to make us happy. It was a very nice little FBO: fueling, tie down, rental car, all were top notch! HDC is about a 50-minute drive from New Orleans. How cool what that! With family in the area, we will definitely be returning to Hammond Air.
From Spencer Napor on 07-Nov-2013

  Hammond Air Service took excellent care of me. I was getting into Hammond late for a camera swap the following day. The line guy asked me what I needed right after I killed my engine and after requesting a ride, top off and hangar he and a co-worker came back with the fuel truck and another car to drive me into town before I could even organize the one bag I was taking with me. By the time I was ready to leave the lineman then ran over to offer me a crew car overnight, since it was already pretty late. The next morning during the camera swap the linemen were very helpful in making sure we had everything we needed. Ryder went out of his way to check in on us multiple times and to see if he could grab us something to drink. The FBO's very laid back, but somehow they're also extremely sharp and have some real hustle.
From Jim Knox on 01-Nov-2013

  Great service, great prices, excellent location on a difficult airport; having stopped at Hammond many times on trips between Houston and Tampa (C182), including twice last week, Hammond Air Service has consistently provided the best FBO experience in my 50 years of flying. Hope they keep that great "can do" edge.
From Brandon Donahue on 15-Oct-2013

  Hands down the best FBO around. Quick, professional, and friendly service, every single time. The fact that they have the best fuel prices is just icing on the cake! Erin and his staff have really figured out how to run a great business and create a fun, pilot-friendly atmosphere in the process.
From Bob Wall on 10-Oct-2013

  Eastbound on round trip to West Coast from FL in my PA24. Hammond Air Center provided exemplary service and facilities with very friendly and helpful personnel. Can't remember a better FBO experience in 65 yrs of flying--pro and private.
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