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Air'zona Aircraft Service

at Kingman Airport

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From Ed Knight on 02-Sep-2020

  I received poor customer service over the phone from Air'zona Aircraft Service. I called to request a quote for an annual, but the return call never came. I called back and a lady at Air'zona answered explaining they were not accepting new customers because their business was too full. I then explained that I only hoped to receive a quote, and that an employee had previously taken down my information. The lady then became dismissive stating that was her employee who had recorded my information and she could not provide any further assistance. After explaining that I would write up a business review to reflect my engagement with Air'zona, in a rude and arrogant tone the lady closed that I should go ahead and write a poor review since I was not getting my way, and she indicated that their business could do without since their customer orders were currently full. Judge for yourself but in my opinion, this is not the way to treat customers.
From Bill Gardner on 25-Jan-2020

  I hadn't been to Kingman since 2015, but my wife and I flew down from Las Vegas for breakfast. As a former WW2 bomber training airport, the runways taxiways and ramp are long and wide and in great shape. There are some cool artifacts on display in the terminal and the restaurant. The Kingman Airport Cafe is a really nice little place, with good breakfasts and very friendly folks, open early until 2PM or so. If you like to see old, decommissioned airliners in dry storage, there's a ton of 'em around the field from all over the world. Didn't need fuel or services, so we didn't make it to the FBO, but about a dozen airplanes were parked there.
From Rymann Winter on 27-Dec-2017

  I landed in Kingman today for fuel, we were in an SR22T. Couldn't get Air'zona on Unicom. I taxied over to their ramp and saw 5 of their employees chilling on the porch, just eyeballing us. No one so much as lifted a finger to let us know where to park, and they seemed genuinely upset we had ruined their break by showing up. I said screw it and taxied over to the self-serve. These guys have balls to call themselves an FBO.
From Richard Costello, AirCam Guy on 22-Mar-2017

  Landed late afternoon weekend in 11/2016. Leonard loaned his crew car, found me a hotel with a good rate and recommended a good place to eat. Went out of his way to make sure I did not have to sleep in the lobby. Great guy. Thanks Leonard.
From Matt Hahn on 17-Mar-2017

  I feel like they could up their game a bit seeing how they are one of the few available stops in the northern part of the whole state. The facilities look nice but the two times I've been here the doors have been locked and nobody around. Last time was noon on a saturday and the other was noon on a weekday. Be nice to have something besides a dirty Honey Bucket and no water or vending machines.
From Joey Petersen on 20-Jun-2016

  Fun Place to fly to-_GREAT RESTAURANT ON THE FIELD-very friendly ...Lots of old jets to look at-great runway for touch and goes
From Alan Marcum on 24-Mar-2016

  I used the self-service fuel. While fueling, one of the staff drove up to the pump to refill his truck. He was very personable and helpful. If this is an indication of their service and attitude in general, I commend them.
From Dave Wurfel on 30-Nov-2015

  Real nice folks at the FBO. I had called day before about a crew car.. They have one. Got there and FBO told me about the restaurant on the field. We ate there and it was excellent FBO lent me a golf cart but it easily walked. We had breakfast but menu looked great for lunch and dinner fare. Cool airport with a lot of history and hundreds of mothballed air raft.
From Vance Breese on 03-Sep-2015

  I was flying from Provo, Utah to Buckeye, Arizona on August 27 for an instructor practical test so time was important to me. The Cavalon gyroplane I was flying has a Rotax 914. The engine wouldn't idle right when I landed at Kingman. Leonard was very methodical in his analysis of the problem even though his Rotax experience is very limited. He weighed the floats and they were three grams too heavy. He provided transportation to the motel. The new floats arrived the next day and he jumped right on it getting me out just before the afternoon thunderstorms. I arrived just ahead of the storms on Friday in plenty of time and was able to take the test on Saturday. I feel like I have a friend at KIGM and would recommend Air'Zona to anyone.
From Ken Henry on 18-Oct-2013

  Fuel prices are a rip off
From Doug Dodson on 31-Dec-2011

  My starter decided to quit working on Dec 26th, which was a holiday. I could have called out a mechanic for a $50 fee but I knew he couldn’t help because I couldn't get the part on a holiday. So, I left the plane there and contacted Air'Zona by phone the next day. I had a starter shipped and the plane was ready within hours. The staff at Air'Zona is friendly and capable. Thank you Brian and Leonard! Sorry I can't remember the name of the lady at the desk, but she was great too!
From Theodore Wright on 25-Jul-2011

  Leonard is the man!! He has been running Air'zona for over 20 years and knows airplanes. They have a great FBO and full service maintenance shop. I had an annual done there, and Leonard takes as much time as required to explain each item to you. When we needed to have a new battery overnighted, he loaned us a courtesy car overnight and made us reservations at a local hotel. Then he dropped everything on his schedule the next day to make sure we got on our way. A+++ service
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