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Welcome to ProJet Center at Leesburg Executive Airport, the most convenient destination in the DC Metro region with an ILS and 5,500' runway. Experience plane-side service and world class hospitality at our full-service FBO, just 10 minutes to Dulles, 20 minutes to horse and wine country, and 40 minutes to Washington DC. Overnight parking and long-term lease available at our corporate facilities, featuring over 75,000 sq/ft of hangar and office space. Call today for assistance with your next visit! 703.889.8558
Leesburg Executive Airport
ASRI 128.95

1001 Sycolin Road
Leesburg, VA 20175
United States of America

Fax 703-777-1298

Julie O'Brien, Director of FBO Operations | 703.889.8558

 NATA Safety 1st   Mercury Fuels   Shell AeroClass   Courtesy car   Enterprise Rent-A-Car   Hertz   National Business Aviation Association 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Jet-A
  • 100LL
  • Lav/GPU/Deice
  • Hangar (as available)
  • WiFi
  • Luxurious Pilot Lounge
  • Crew Car
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Shell
Fueling hours: Normal Fuel Hours 0600-2100 seven days/week;
Limited hours on major holidays. Call ahead for after-hours/holiday service 703.889.8558
100LL Avgas Full service    $6.45
Jet A Full service    $6.18
Discounts: Most major contract fuel programs accepted.
Prices include all taxes.
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From Mitch VanDuyn on 21-Oct-2019

  I visit quite a few FBOs, and this one was one of the nicest. We arrived on a rainy Sunday for a 1-day event in Washington. Our rental car and umbrellas were brought right to the plane, and the staff could not have been nicer.
From Jim Monroe on 27-May-2019

  I have had the opportunity to visit ProJet several times since my negative rant back in April. The Monday after I posted, I received calls from Lindsey and the managing partner. I was promised staff training and group meetings to ascertain all employees would know the way customers are to be treated. They are back to their super service and are doing everything they can to make ProJet and Leesburg, the best in the DC area. The response could not have been better. GREAT JOB!!
From Bruce Gilbert on 21-May-2019

  At 8:57pm on a weeknight I needed a top-off of 100LL fuel. I called ProJet but realized they closed at 9:00pm (according to their website). To my surprise they answered the phone but, as expected, the fuel trucks were shut down and stored for the night. No problem! Projet staff and line team were more than happy to accommodate my fuel request. 10 minutes later I was topped off and ready to fly again. No nasty looks or after hours charge. Thank you ProJet.
From Scott Stocker on 09-May-2019

  I have been using this FBO since it's inception. I come here for large events and pop ins. My experience has always been executive style. Saying that also comes with professional advanced contact that starts with a phone call when I have the time. If I am running behind at least a radio call to the front desk. Single engine operators do tie their planes down. I have been flying for 33 years and many FBO chains and independents, this operation is a leader. I always find it disturbing when I see someone bash a great operation
From Bill Midon on 08-May-2019

  Totally spoiled... I arrived in the rain last Thursday. Nikki was at the door with a large umbrella, and despite my protests, she followed me around while I unloaded baggage, secured the airplane, etc., making sure not a drop of rain fell on my shoulders! Seriously? The ProJet team defines client service, their actions only surpassed by their smiles! They are consummate professionals! TY TY TY!!
From Jim Monroe on 28-Apr-2019

  I landed this Friday shortly after frontal passage. The cold wind was straight across the ramp. We struggled to tie the airplane down and put on the cover by ourselves. Just as we finish, one lineman comes out, hops in the Jet A truck and exits the ramp. We carry our luggage the 100 yards or so to the office to find the desk man describing a recent flight to a friend (complete with hand motions) and the other lineman sitting in the room with his back to the ramp, texting away on his cell phone. This used to be a great FBO. I hear there’s a chance they might see some competition. That's what they need.
From Doug Chapman on 11-Dec-2018

  We regularly fly into Leesburg, and the ProJet crew takes good care of us. Responsive and helpful. Many thanks to Julie, Lindsay, Nikki, Brian, Orlando, John, and all of them! A great airport to use to access the DC area without the hassle. Highly recommend.
From Leo H LeBoeuf on 25-Oct-2018

  Stopped to pick up a passenger. They had a conference room so that the client could attend a teleconference. On the return, trip, gave us a great quick turn so that we could discharge a passenger and be on our way. Good service all this for a Bonanza customer.
From Mark Hanson on 14-Aug-2018

  Great Team, Thanks to Nikki and the line guys. All of us at Patient Airlift Services - PALS appreciate the extra help that we received getting two families of wounded vets from Leesburg to Maine. Always a great experience in Leesburg made special by the attention to detail and supportive spirit.
From Bill Midon on 26-Mar-2018

  Julie, Nikki, and Jamie - you all continue to do a great job. I spent a long weekend in Bethesda last week - and the ProJet team always delivers a very personalized, professional service. The line guys are superb and very helpful. ProJet's attention to detail is duly noted. THANK YOU!
From Mark Hanson on 23-Jan-2018

  The ProJet team is always friendly and effective. Special thanks to a line staffer who was leaving work carrying a lot of personal gear, stopped and came over to help me carry my families luggage to the plane. Thanks to him, Nikki and Jamie. Always a pleasure to visit.
From John Toman on 19-Jul-2017

  The guys at Cycle Aviation and ProJet really came through for me. Found myself at the end of the runway doing a run up and my pilot side tire goes flat. It was a busy Saturday with the family packed and ready for a weekend at the Beach. ProJet and Cycle Aviation worked their magic and got me on my way. Great to have professionals so responsive and considerate to the situation especially on a weekend.
From Bill Midon on 17-Mar-2017

  The ProJet continues to impress. They are very responsive to any inquiry I make, always greet my arrival on the tarmac and with a smile, the rental car is at the ready, and the customer service reps insist on helping load the luggage! They really provide a 1st class service with a personal touch that makes me feel as if I am part of the family. THANK YOU!
From Mark Hanson on 28-Feb-2017

  Flew three veterans to/from ProJet JYO this week and had great service. Thanks from all of us at Patient Airlift Services.
From Chad Feldpouch on 27-Jan-2017

  We used ProJet as our destination for the 2017 inauguration and it was awesome!! The staff is cheerful and very helpful, even as busy as they were. I would definitely recommend ProJet, they’re first class.
From Lawrence Phillips on 12-Jan-2017

  ProJet is an excellent FBO. Very professional and accommodating staff. Overall great experience.
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