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Las Vegas Municipal Airport

at Las Vegas Municipal Airport

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From Jay Griffith on 16-Apr-2020

  Called the day prior to a trip into LVS to check on FBO hours and fuel availability. FBO said they would be open and ready for our arrival. The morning of our trip, we called again to arrange services and were assured that they would be waiting for us and will take care of our passengers and will have the fuel truck ready for our aircraft (Citation X). Upon arrival at our prearranged time, there was nobody to be found. The FBO was locked and nobody was around. We tried to call, but nobody answered. This FBO is now blacklisted from our company due to this being a recurring problem.
From Scott Stuart on 13-Jan-2020

  Call ahead if you want KLVS. Check notams regarding fuel or anything else for that matter. N298fm
From Colin Hassell on 12-Nov-2019

  Planning a trip out to Tres Ritos area for some skiing over New Years in our 182. Called ahead to check on hangars/preheating capabilities. Glad I called. They do not have any overnight hangars (they are only for tenants). The also do not have any sort of engine heaters available. They did not seem to have any interest in helping me find a way to fly in, stay for a few days and then have a frost-free wing and an engine that will start. Would expect and FBO to have some capability to help in this regard, especially if the temps drop well below freezing.
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