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Million Air Medford offers fueling, concierge, and the highest levels of customer service for general aviation aircraft in Medford, Oregon. Our Customer Service and Line Service Professionals are ready to handle all your travel needs and exceed your expectations. Select Million Air Medford as your ground services provider and be assured that you will have an experience worth coming back for every time.

Choose Million Air Medford as your Hawaii Fuel stop for fast quick turns and no sales tax while remaining on the Great Circle Route. If it's a fast turnaround you're after, we can make it happen just the way you want. Our FBO also offers gourmet catering, specialty rental cars, a Mercedes crew car and discounts at the finest local hotels. So if you're looking for a luxurious stopover, we can recommend local attractions and entertainment that will make your stay enjoyable.

While visiting our FBO, enjoy our pilot's lounge, quiet room, fresh-baked cookies and a soda and coffee bar. Stop in today and experience all the comforts and amenities you expect from an FBO.
Rogue Valley International - Medford Airport
ASRI 130.62

2040 Milligan Way
Medford, OR 97504
United States of America

toll-free 1-800-793-1030
Fax 541-842-2255

 NATA Safety 1st   U.S. Government Contract Fuel   U.S. Government AIR Card   WSI Pilotbrief   CAA Preferred FBO   Avfuel Contract Fuel   World Fuel | Colt Contract Fuel   AVTRIP   Courtesy car   Hertz   Wireless Internet Access (WiFi)   National Business Aviation Association 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • AvFuel Jet-A and Avgas Fuel
  • New Mercedes Courtesy Vehicle
  • Comfortable Pilot Theater and Lounge
  • Pilot Shower Facilities
  • Free Daily Health Club Pass
  • Complimentary Soda and Coffee Bar
  • Shuttle Van & Rental Cars Available
  • Gourmet Catering
  • Fresh Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies
  • High-Speed Wi-Fi
  • WSI Flight Planning and Weather Room
  • Conference Room
  • Large Heated Hangar
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: Summer Hours:
7 am to 8 pm Mon-Fri
7 am to 8 pm Sat
8 am to 7 pm Sun
(Winter Hours: 7 am to 7 pm Sat)
(8 am to 6 pm Sun)

Service available 24/7
For after-hours fueling, call 541-301-1118
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.81
100LL Avgas Self service    $5.06
Jet A Full service    $4.36
Discounts: AVFUEL
Prices include all taxes.
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Self Serve pump located off Taxiway A6  
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From Philip Geisse on 20-Jun-2017

  Great service and facilities and they don't kill you with fees. I think she said tie down was 4 dollars for a piston single but waived with self-serve fuel purchase. SS prices were reasonable so we took 60 gallons. A real treat compared to some other big name FBO's.
From Erik Utter on 10-Oct-2016

  I stopped with my family in our Bonanza a couple times over the summer. Each experience set the gold standard for an FBO, and I visit quite a few. From the line service to the front desk, it was clear everyone had received excellent customer service training and they were all fully coordinated and on the same page. This from a somewhat high maintenance customer buying a fairly small amount of avgas. These guys are great. They should provide training to all the other FBO's. Seriously.
From Dw Brown on 17-Jul-2016

  RON single night. Provided crew car (N/C) to take passengers to town in a.M., followed by rental car overnight. Self service fuel equated to no tiedown fee. Facilities & staff superb, including line crew. Everything better than 5 stars. Flying Club Debonair
From Kerry Bunday on 26-Jun-2016

  I was taking my granddaughter from Paine (Everett) to Napa and we took our half way break at MFR. The whole crew there was brilliant - my Cirrus was treated like a Gulfstream! The gals at the front desk were wonderfully helpful - gave us a great recommendation for lunch at Jaspers - and a Mercedes crew car was quite the treat. Absolutely going back!!
From Mike Stupak on 13-Jun-2016

  Million Air is a first class operation. I stopped in on 6/12/2016. Everyone from the line guys to the desk ladies was friendly and professional. The crew car was amazing. Everything was extremely well organized and efficient. I needed a charge cart and it showed up immediately. Plan to stop in here and you won't be disappointed. I brought a non-pilot friend with me and he can't stop talking about his experience with Million Air.
From Dean Sandow on 25-Apr-2016

  My wife and I stopped at Million Air at KMFR southbound on April 8 and again northbound on April 10. We enjoy being treated like aviation royalty, even as we arrive in our A36. The line guys and the ladies in the office are all very professional and engaging. Thanks again for two great stops in one weekend. We look forward to the next time.
From Mark Collins on 03-Nov-2015

  Just spent three days doing flight training at MFR and the folks at Million Air were outstanding. Joe Keith sets a very high standard for customer service and is a real pro at how a top flight FBO should be run. Laura at the front desk was very helpful and attentive as was Valerie. They have excellent facilities, including a very nice conference room that they allowed us to use. It doesn't get any better.
From Gregg Healy on 23-Sep-2015

  Our experience with Medford Millionaire was nothing short of first class accommodations! On 9/19 we were met by a lineman who helped us park and tie down our RV7A aircraft. We were greeted with a very warm welcome and assistance from Leticia at the front desk. She took care of getting us a rental car and while we were waiting offered us the use of a Mercedes courtesy car to go into town and get a quick bite to eat. With the purchase of fuel (SS), all tie down fees were waived. Thanks again for a great experience. We will definitely be back!
From Dan Herr on 22-Aug-2015

  Beautiful facility with friendly service - good help with the rental car. Hangar space is expensive. On the downside, the arrival line guy attached the tug strap to my twin Cessna in a way that would break the tab for the gear doors. I corrected him before any damage could be done - and I was surprised that an FBO of this caliber does not have line guys trained in this common issue. The line guy said he would make a note on my plane to warn the other line guys. Nonetheless, the departure line guys made the same mistake. If your plane needs any special procedure when towing, even if you think it is common knowledge, be very careful with this FBO.

Response from Joseph Keith, President, Million Air Medford
Dan, So sorry to hear of your bad experience. Every one of our line professionals is well trained. Your experience highlighted to us that we needed to replace the tow strap on our tug with a thinner one that would fit inside the tab on your nose gear. We also held training on how to pass down information so we don't make the same mistake twice in two days on the same aircraft. We take safety very seriously here. As for the hangar rate you were given a discounted rate and our full price rates compare favorably with other FBO's who have our "caliber of facilities" In any event your experience here was not typical and we are sorry. Come back and see us and I'll comp you a night in the hangar.

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