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Harbor Springs Airport

at Harbor Springs Airport

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From Brian Matz on 12-Mar-2018

  Excellent experience recently at Harbor Springs. Flew in on a snowy day and Mark the manager went above and beyond, splitting his time between making sure I had everything I needed, taking care of my passengers, getting my airplane into a hangar and out of the snow and plowing the runway so we could depart safely. Looking forward to another trip to MGN.
From Derek Richardson on 26-Oct-2017

  Absolutely phenomenal experience at KMGN! The new terminal building is tremendous, the facilities are spotless, courtesy car available but the BEST part is the HOSPITALITY! Mark absolutely went WAY above to ensure my three-day stay was exceptional. Started when he meet me well after closing hours on a pitch black parking ramp with two lighted wands in his hand, in the rain! He already had the courtesy car pulled up and assisted me in securing the aircraft for the impending nasty weather that was coming. The next day, Mark allowed us free reign to use the conference room as we needed all day for some flight instruction I was conducting. Truly a GEM of a small town airport, hospitality second to none and one I cannot recommend highly enough! Already looking forward to my next visit to Harbor Springs Airport!
From Steve Bruno on 16-Jun-2017

  Outstanding airport with new terminal. Very fair prices and crew car. Mark and his staff could not have been more accommodating, THANK YOU!
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