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Morgantown Municipal Airport & FBO

at Morgantown Municipal Airport-Walter L. Bill Hart Field

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From Richard Judy on 06-Nov-2019

  Even though I'm based here, I see no difference between a based customer and a transient. The line staff bends over backwards to help out and make your stay a pleasant one. This is the standard for all other airports I visit. Great tower and great folks...Stop my Morgantown soon!
From Andrew Sarangan on 18-Sep-2019

  Great FBO. I got a courtesy car for going into the UWV campus for a couple of hours. Nice Middle Eastern restaurant in the terminal.
From Richard Judy on 25-Jun-2018

  Hosted an EAA Young Eagles event this past weekend and (as they do every year) the Airport goes out of their way to help. They station line personnel in our operations area and are assigned to the Young Eagles program for the day. This is a great Airport with great people. Come and try MGW soon!
From Alex Gold on 23-Apr-2018

  Great fuel and food stop. Got BBQ at Woodburn Shanks. Definitely will return if I am heading that way in the future!
From Les Gawlik on 27-Sep-2017

  Staff was very friendly and helpful. Minor service glitch was remedied promptly and courteously. Use Lyft or Uber. The taxi companies have a bad reputation.
From Richard Judy on 20-Jul-2017

  Even though I'm based here, I see no difference in the service for a based customer vs. a transient customer. Come visit Morgantown soon and treat yourself to a great experience (and stay for the restaurant).
From Walter Congdon on 06-Jun-2017

  FBO was very helpful and accommodating. Nice facility and staff.
From Walter Congdon on 25-Mar-2017

  FBO staff was great. Nice airport and facilities. The Lake Manor B&B picked us up at the field. Excellent accommodations with a fantastic breakfast.
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