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CB SkyShare FBO

You'll find friendly smiles and a red carpet welcome when you taxi into CB SkyShare's executive jet center in Ogden, Utah.

Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, our Ogden location is the perfect alternative to Salt Lake International. Conveniently located 25 minutes north of Salt Lake and within an hour of multiple ski resorts and countless outdoor activities, we are the FBO for any of your trip needs.

CB SkyShare also offers a variety of aviation services including: aircraft sales, management, acquisitions, delivery, charter flight services, and Jet Share

Please let us know how we can make your visit exceptional. We look forward to seeing you!
Ogden-Hinckley Airport
UNICOM 122.95

3715 Airport Rd.
Ogden, UT 84405-1530
United States of America

Fax 801-392-0086

Derek Smidler - FBO GM

Cory Bengtzen - President

Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions fax number 801-392-0086
Cory Bengtzen - President

Taxi instructions:
CB Jet Center is located directly east of the Alpha/Delta taxiway intersection. Our hangar has black trim with CB Jet Center written in bold red letters

 Crew cars   Go Rentals 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Full Service Jet A or Avgas available from 7am-8pm or by callout
  • Self-Serve Avgas available 24/7
  • Free Refreshments including freshly baked cookies!
  • Beautiful pilot lounge with a mountain view
  • GPU
  • LAV
  • Hangar and Tie Down (Please call for availability)
  • Aircraft Management
  • Charter Flight Services
  • Jet Share
  • Catering
  • Oxygen Service
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Titan
Fueling hours: Full Service available from 7am-8pm or by callout
Self-serve (100LL) - 24 hours
Call out - please call 1-801-621-0326
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.20
100LL Avgas Self service    $5.15
Jet A Full service    $4.30
Prices include all taxes.
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From B.C. Rimbeaux on 29-Jan-2021

  The whole crew at CB (Sean, Anna, Kilian) was outstanding. Sean found space to hangar my 206 overnight, Anna arranged a rental car, and Killian gave me helpful tips for departing through the surrounding Hill AFB and Class B airspace. FBO crews don't come friendlier than the CB gang!
From Stephen Bobko-Hillenaar on 11-Dec-2020

  Unfortunately the weather did not allow us to get to Ogden, Anna called when we had not arrived to check on us. It was nice to know that they cared about our wellbeing. We will be back when the weather allows. Thank you CB Jet Center.
From Peter Brester on 04-Dec-2020

  I had great service at CB Skyshare. Killian who fueled my airplane was fast, careful, and courteous. What more can you ask for? Next time through Utah that will be my fuel stop.
From George Hinde on 30-Oct-2020

  KOGD is my home base. The line crew at CB SkyShare is always fast and friendly. Sean is the best lineman of the crew.
From James Garner III on 28-Oct-2020

  I am an A&P, I.A., and a CRS. I operated a repair shop in Payson, AZ. I also helped operate the airport there for a few years. My experience of the whole operation at your FBO was excellent. Two nights, my three sons and myself, were turned back from trying a flying camping trip to ID. This involved two SE airplanes. Both times we were offered a crew car, and a reasonable rate to place both our aircraft into their heated hangar, (so we wouldn't have real cold starts in the morning), along with all the other professional services offered. Sean especially was very helpful, provided his cell phone number and an early time to contact him, so as we made changing weather plans, we could interact. He is the kind of person I would have employed in my business. We tried to purchase as much as we could from your FBO, but it was not enough for the service we received. I would suggest anyone flying in the Salt Lake area to consider this FBO. Thanks
From Van Thornock on 22-Oct-2020

  I hangar my airplane at the Ogden Airport. CB Jet provides my fuel efficiently and promptly as needed. Yesterday Braxton delivered the fuel and did an excellent job of taking care of my needs. I highly recommend you use their services. I am confident that you will also be pleased with their professionalism.
From Gayle Covner on 21-Sep-2020

  An unplanned fuel and overnite stay in Ogden was made so much better by the attentions of Anna and Braxton- super kind and helpful in what might have been a stressful event..Thank you both- Great service!
From Kurt Keyes on 14-Sep-2020

  We were greeted in our Global 5000 by Braxton who was efficient, friendly, and professional. He is great!
From John Lawson on 12-Sep-2020

  We received excellent service from Braxton, Anna and everyone here. Thank you all very much!
From Tom Holt on 10-Sep-2020

  I'm a local and have always used CB for fueling. Sean takes the time to make sure all his guys are properly trained and attentive to their customers needs.
From John Blevins on 04-Sep-2020

  I spent most of a week in Ogden for a rocket motor test at Northrup Grumman. I flew my PA32 from Huntsville, AL for the trip. Locals told me that this was the FBO to use, and they didn't disappoint me. Everything was ready after a long trip up, and they had me ready to go with the plane in front when it was time to go. Great service!
From Patrick Amundsen on 01-Sep-2020

  I have used CB SkyShare for the past several years and their service has always been exceptional. Sean Soledad has always provided professional, fast service. I fly multiple times a day and hot fuel in between flights a lot of the time. Sean and his crew are safe and efficient no matter the weather or time of day.
From Trevor Peppmuller on 30-Aug-2020

  Best service on the field. Juan has been especially helpful with my fueling needs.
From Ben Burbridge on 13-Mar-2020

  I visited Ogden 2/28/20 in my RV-7A and tied down at CB Skyshare for 6 nights. Braxton (who carried my skis and snowboard) and Arianne could not possibly have been more helpful and nice, and their prices were fantastic ($20 tie-down for the entire week vs $25/night from their competitors). Absolutely recommend!
From Tristano Caracciolo on 27-Jan-2020

  The Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable! The support was excellent and they met and exceeded my expectations. Great FBO! I will be Back!
From Daniel Hetrick on 24-Jan-2020

  Sean arrived at the self-fuel island to assist and park the airplane. Tiffany and Brittany were very friendly and offering any assistance I may need while waiting for my ride. Outstanding service.
From Jason Smith on 23-Dec-2019

  Angel welcomed us on the ramp in a very friendly and inviting manner. He then led us inside where we were given the most outstanding customer service by Arianne. Truly a great experience made even better by the Dyson hand dryer faucets in the restroom! Totally blown away!
From Benjamin Arons on 03-Oct-2019

  If I could rate any FBO 10 stars, CB Sky Share would be the place. Best FBO I've ever been to. We arrived with a broken door latch. The staff were excellent. They pulled the airplane in the hangar and Angel the lead mechanic went way out of his way to help me get the airplane repaired. They gave me a courtesy car for the night and wouldn't let me put fuel in it. In the end after all the assistance, hangarage, and friendliness provided they only charged me for the airplane fuel. Thanks again to CB Sky Share, you guys were awesome!!
From Debbie Peterson on 01-Oct-2019

  We brought 18 Cessna Cardinals to CB Skyshare in September 2019. Their attention to detail in the planning and execution of our event was outstanding. They helped us with any detail we asked for, and were there to offer suggestions when we didn't ask for help. I would highly recommend CB Skyshare.
From James Price on 26-Sep-2019

  CB is a first class FBO and really looks after the pilot and passengers. When I think of Ogden-Hinckley, I think of CB. I won't use anyone else.
From Spencer Napor on 22-Sep-2019

  I believe they've done some solid maintenance on our Caravans so out of all 3 FBOs to choose from I went to CB Jet, which was a great decision. They had a very reasonable rental available through GO rentals, topped my caravan off and in spite of me being sick and spending an extra night I didn't see a ramp fee on the bill which I'm used to paying as a Caravan. The CSR was extremely helpful and upbeat as were all the line guys.
From Eric Hazen on 25-Jun-2019

  Great, except... They're not called "skyshare"!! They go only by "CB". I had a reservation there and ground control claimed to never have heard of them and couldn't give directions. I ended up at another FBO with confused and inadequate service.
From Robin E. Hill on 29-Apr-2019

  We made an unexpected stop @ KOGD due to thunderstorms. The SS pump was inop but Kenna (CSR) and Kolby (lineman) got us fueled quickly and offered the SS price for full service. We decided it best to RON and Kenna offered us the crew car overnight since it was late afternoon. Fantastic job to a great crew at CB!
From B.C. Rimbeaux on 05-Apr-2019

  The crew at CB Jet made me feel like I was at my home airport. Brianna and Tiffany, the CSRs, and Sean on the line were great. Rental car was ready to go, my 206 got fueled, and all went without a hiccup.
From John Dixon on 03-Mar-2019

  Needed to make a quick fuel stop on flight from Coeur d'Alene to Tucson. Tiffany and Christian were great. We'll make this our preferred stop on that route, which we fly several times a year.
From Hiroyuki Miura on 19-Feb-2019

  Always an excellence customer service. Sean is an amazing line manager. Line guys Christian, Colby, and David are hard working. Front desk customer service representatives Tiffany, Brianna are very helpful and tentative. Their daily baked fresh cookies compliment the coffee. Overall the best FBO on the field!
From Kevin Knaus on 08-Jan-2019

  Unfortunately we had to spend the better part of our Thanksgiving Day in Ogden waiting on our passengers while they visited family. Colby drew the short straw and had to spend his Thanksgiving Day staying open for us. Colby was beyond accommodating and made our day as positive as he could. Outstanding customer service. We highly recommend CB Jet Center.
From Craig and Marcie Taylor Pagosa Springs, CO on 04-Dec-2018

  Wow! We had to divert to OGD because of icing, and discovered CB SkyShare! What a great group! Sean (a retired Career Navy Chief Petty Officer), Colby (a hopeful airline pilot working the line and building hours), and Tiffany and Brianna in customer service treated our RV8 and us like we were flying a G550. They found a hangar spot to keep our little airplane out of the nasty weather, helped us find a hotel and made it clear that they really cared for their customers. We will certainly make Ogden and CB SkyShare our stop on our frequent trips to and from the Pacific Northwest! Thank you Sean, Colby, Tiffany and Brianna!
From Bryan Juarez on 08-Nov-2018

  Our Line guy Sean was amazing; he was out there to Marshall us in into the ramp. (Something you don't see from other FBO to small piston aircraft around the country) He was very competent and quick to get us fueled. The lovely CSR's upfront Tiffany and Brianna recommended good nearby restaurants for us to get a quick bite to eat. I visit a lot of airports in this country for my aerial survey job and I have to say that this has been a top notch FBO that I've visited. VERY RECOMMENDED
From Dan Jay on 15-Oct-2018

  I've used CB Jet Center when passing through Ogden three times in the last couple of months. Although just flying a single and light twin, the service and desire to please has been outstanding. CB's has now added a satellite operation in Northern California. Located at Gnoss Field (KDVO), which I frequent, you will find the same culture of excellent customer care.
From Valerie Westen on 17-Sep-2018

  My partner, Dan Bedford, and I have used CB five times in the last couple of years and have been treated royally, by smiling and professional staff every time. Last week, we were greeted and helped by Michaela and Colby, who did everything but drive us to our destination in Salt Lake City. On our trip back home, Kilian and McKenna were almost too cheerful for an early morning start, but they made our departure easy. CB has made their crew car available to us when we were just staying overnight, or has arranged a rental car to be waiting on the ramp for us when we stayed longer. Sean serviced our oxygen system in record time on an earlier trip. Together, they all make stopping over in Ogden and leaving our plane with them an easy choice.
From John Slater on 11-Sep-2018

  On our most recent stop in mid-August, we were greeted with the service I've come to expect. They're always willing and helpful. A special thanks goes out to Tiffany who arranged our lunch transportation when there were no crew cars available! All in it's a good crew.
From Dee Conger on 10-Sep-2018

  Flew in this morning in our Lear 31A - great service from line and desk even with their remodeling. Offered courtesy cars for both my co and me - much appreciated! Highly recommended - especially with CAA fuel pricing . . .
From Robert Braun on 01-Sep-2018

  These folk are on the ball. Need some fuel, maintenance, a rent car, any services, they are right there getting the job done. Currently, remodeling the offices and relocated into the hangar and just as effective. Special recognition has to go to Tiffany and Brianna who will make you feel like one of the family and a longtime special friend. Can't thank these to highly effective members of the staff enough for taking care our crew, the airplane and us.
From Austin Wright on 30-Aug-2018

  CB Jet was nothing but excellent during our stay for work in Ogden. Between the outstanding customer service and positive attitude of the staff, I would definitely recommend CB Jet to people flying through looking for a quality place to land and be taken care of. Shout out to Sean, Killian, Christian, and Colby for awesome line work and asking us if we needed refueling before we even mentioned it. Another big shout out to the wonderful Brianna and Tiffany always greeting us with smiles and good laughs. The staff makes you feel at home!
From Robert Roslaniak on 16-Aug-2018

  CB Jet Center rocks! Great people and great customer service. Brianna Cortes is a fantastic person that will make sure that you, as a customer is being taking care of.
From Tom & Lynn Meadows, Truckee CA on 14-Aug-2018

  We used self-serve fuel but still went to CB Jet Center to use the restrooms and AirNav on the computer. Sean and Tiffany were quite helpful...Offering water, coffee and yummy cookies! Will definitely stop in again if we are ever in Ogden again.
From Jeffrey Willwerth on 29-Jul-2018

  Nice FBO. CSRs Kenna and Kilian were very kind and helpful. Kenna went the extra step to help us out with transportation to a local restaurant. We'll be back!
From James Price on 06-Jul-2018

  This is the perfect place to buy fuel, especially if you have an AirBoss account. The staff is friendly and very aware of each customer's needs. I will definitely be back.
From Alfred Jones on 27-Jun-2018

  Every time I stop in Ogden, I'm glad that CB Jet Center is there. Quick, friendly service, this time from Killia, Caitlyn and Brianna. On one visit they lent me a quite different crew car: a BMW 730. I saw it out in the parking lot this time - stop in and maybe you'll get lucky.
From John McGlynn on 03-Jun-2018

  Shortly after arrival of our group of 7 A/C (including 2 WACO biplanes) we were marshaled to our tie down spots, a young lady emerges from the FBO with bottled water for all. They quickly transported our luggage to the office. Inside we were then offered fresh baked cookies. So what's not to like 👨‍✈️.
From Nathan Korn on 02-Jun-2018

  CB Jet Center is a very comfortable FBO staffed by warm and friendly folks. The Customer Service staff (Tiffany & Kenna) was fast and efficient. The Line Staff (Grayson & Jerry) were professional and very careful & meticulous in fueling our TBM. This is one of our most favorite FBO's: it is not a chain and they really care about their customers.
From Mike Salmon on 07-May-2018

  Great service! I've used CB Jet Center the last three or four times into KOGD and always a good experience. Personnel are tops: Brianna, Erica, Colby and others good job guys. The have always gone the extra mile.
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