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Peninsula Avionics

at Palo Alto Airport

  • Avionics sales and service
  • Aviation accessories
  • Courtesy transportation
Contact information
Address:1901 Embarcadero Road
Suite #B1
Palo Alto, CA 94303
United States of America
Telephone: 650-858-2000
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From Mark Van Wyk on 28-Jan-2018

  Art at Peninsula Avionics has done numerous installations and repairs of avionics in my airplane over the years, and he also does my biennial pitot static test to keep the airplane IFR-legal. Most recently, Art installed a new Garmin GDL-82 ADS-B Out transponder, and as always Art is 100 percent professional and knowledgeable. In order for airplanes to be able to fly in all airspace after January 1, 2020, the airplane will need to have ADS-B Out installed. Without ADS-B Out, pilots will be severely restricted to airspace in which they will be able to fly. So, for most airplane owners, ADS-B Out is not an option. It is a necessity. My suggestion: Don't skimp and have some cheap solution installed. Stick with a well-known, established brand like Garmin or Appareo. And, make sure you have it installed by an experienced dealer like Art at Peninsula Avionics. He does good work and stands by his work. Highly recommended.
From Steve Feldman, AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales, San Carlos, C on 06-Apr-2017

  We have used Art at Peninsula Avionics on several occasions, to include major avionics upgrade projects. We have always found his work to be meticulous, and performed with great concern and attention to the smallest of details. The fit and finish of the panel and the cosmetic aspects of the installations are also impeccable. His pricing is fair and reasonable. I highly recommend Art and Peninsula Avionics, and I plan on using him in the future as our "Go to" avionics facility. A
From John Pyle on 31-May-2016

  Art and John at Peninsula did an excellent job installing the SAS in one of our R44II helicopters. They consistently display the highest standard of professionalism in their avionics work.
From Matt Dicicco on 10-Nov-2015

  I interviewed numerous avionics shops throughout California and Oregon for my entire panel Garmin upgrade and decided to go with Art at peninsula Avionics. The job was just completed ahead of schedule and on budget. Not to mention his work is meticulous. One other point I appreciated about Art is that he his extremely responsive and easy to get a hold of, which makes the job a lot less stressful. It was pleasure to work with Art!
From Freeman Ford on 24-Jul-2015

  Art and John installed a GTN 750 in my BE58P along with a flight data computer, roll steering, Flight Stream and modified my radar. They made all ADS- B compliant under a very tight time constraint working seven days per week. The systems work great and are a real joy along with reducing pilot workload. Art does excellent work and is extremely conscientious
From Winfried Wilcke on 21-Jun-2015

  Over the last few months in 2015 Peninsula Avionics did two major installations two of my planes. I was delighted, everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - of these complex installations worked without a glitch. This is just amazing - I've owned planes for 30 years and that just doesn't happen, I thought! First plane is my Bonanza A36. He installed a GTN750, a Connexts Flightstream 210, a GDL88 ADS-B in/out, a Garmin 327 Transponder, a new indicator and upgraded a few other small items, such as remote channeling for my DME etc. As you see, this is major surgery. The second plane he upgraded is my Cessna 172. It received a Garmin 530 (removed from the A36), a GDL88, a Flightstream 210 and a new Garmin indicator to work with the 530. As I said, everything worked right off the bat! Also, after flying now for a while with ADS-B, I wouldn't want to fly around the bay area anymore without its traffic screen. The amount of traffic you see is stunning.
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