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Seneca Flight Operations

at Penn Yan Airport

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From Adam Edelstein on 28-Aug-2017

  Quaint little field and friendly people. Cabs around town (to/from airport to Top of Lake, to/from nearby wineries) seem to be $8 each way to most places. Not much to do besides wineries and the restaurant, which has a nice deck.
From Mark Hanson on 30-Mar-2017

  Great support from the team Wednesday. All of us Patient Airlift Services appreciate the support for Piper who has been commuting to Boston's Children's Hospital for treatment. Prompt fueling, great fuel price, nice facilities. We'll be back. Thanks again.
From Alicia Sikes on 02-Sep-2016

  Very nice FBO! They ran us to Top of the Lake for lunch, and would have picked us back up but we decided to walk back (20 mins). Have both full and self serve avgas. If you're looking for tie-downs, the ropes are on a shack next to the ramp. Will be back!
From Adam Zucker on 29-Jul-2015

  Recently flew into KPEO for a conference in Watkins Glen. Itís probably the closest field with the best fuel prices to Watkins Glen. The folks at Seneca were friendly and got us into our rental car quickly. They don't have the staff to assist with parking or baggage for the smaller GA aircraft but that was fine. The tiedown spots are on the north side of the large hangar attached to the FBO. The number of spots are limited and not all of them have ropes and I didn't see any chocks. They do have some ropes hanging on the side of the hangar. The lineman Adam is very friendly and helpful. I was unaware the FBO, while accessible from the airside, is unattended on weekends. I needed the plane fueled on a Saturday afternoon and Adam answered my call, fueled the plane and then texted me with the amount of fuel it took and the cost. Seneca was very accommodating to our large group and allowed us to conduct a spot-landing event. A good stop in the Finger Lakes!
From Sean Sandone on 20-Jul-2015

  This is a great facility with friendly staff at a well maintained airport. I used to use Canandaigua Airport when I visited the Finger Lakes but Penn Yan has Canandaigua beat in all categories. You can rent a car through Enterprise for about $50 a day. Be sure to notify Enterprise at lease 24 hours in advance so they can have the car waiting for you.
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