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From Mark LaFond on 12-Nov-2015

  Called day prior and the morning of to figure out the courtesy car system so I wouldn't have problems taking friends to lunch. Landed... Door locked and no restrooms. Called city hall for courtesy car info and had someone sitting in who couldn't help. Fueled and left...Won't be back...Go somewhere else!
From Gary Van Dyke on 13-Jul-2015

  Check NOTAMS before going down. As of July 2nd they have a NOTAM saying 100LL is not available. I don't know if that's temporary or long term. The NOTAM is set to expire on 7/17/2015
From Jason Costanza on 28-Nov-2014

  This airport is a joke. Grass growing through all the cracks in the runways and taxiways. Don't even think of using 08/26 unless you're in a bush plane. Finding it at night gets tricky since the rotating beacon is out. Want a place to hangar? Not gonna happen, even though they have a hangar that could hold 20 aircraft. The Nazi airport manager lady is impossible to work with. Best advice, go to Bay City, Edna, or Victoria
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