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Santa Fe Aero Services

at Santa Fe Municipal Airport

  • Oxygen service
  • GPU / Power cart
  • Passenger terminal and lounge
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Avionics sales and service
  • Aircraft modifications
  • Aircraft cleaning / washing / detailing
  • Aircraft parts
  • Aviation accessories
  • Rentalcar_arrangements
  • ...
Contact information
Address:109 Aviation Drive
Hangar 1
Santa Fe, NM 87507
United States of America
Telephone: 505-795-7900
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From Jeffrey Fay on 11-Sep-2021

  Santa Fe Aero Services helped us with an AOG situation, on a weekend. They promptly responded to our inquiries, helped us out, and provided amazing support throughout. Top notch shop with great people! Thank you Art and Tracy!!!
From Brent Norwood on 08-Jun-2021

  I had just flown over Santa Fe and was about to cross over the Mountains when my radios and transponder went dead. I did an emergency landing at a remote airport (E14) with no electrical power. Art squeezed me in, and drove 45 mins to E14 airport and he was able to find the issue and repair the issue that caused the electrical failure. He also saw a loose connection on the CHT, and repaired that as well, My CHT read properly when it was bouncing before. Art was a pleasure to work with and knew what he was doing. Art repaired the aircraft safely and I was able to get back home safely with no issues. Emergency landing, no one was willing to help the same day except Art, and he fixed the plane the same day in another town. If I lived in New Mexico I know where I would take my aircraft.
From Lisa Walker on 20-May-2021

  Spent a few days at SAF for a Mooney event. Art came out to meet us individually to offer any needed assistance, and to top off our oxygen tanks free of charge. Great service!
From James W. Burgess on 01-May-2021

  I'm very pleased with Santa Fe Aero Services. I arrived in Santa Fe with oil dripping out of my Mooney's cowling. On a Friday they allowed me to witness the inspection and consult on a resolution to the leaks. They had the O-ring, seal, and gaskets IN STOCK. The job was finished in a timely manner. The work was expensive, due to their policy of charging time and a half if you want them to drop scheduled work and immediately start on your ship, but it was a fair charge that was communicated to me beforehand. Steve Bunch, the mechanic, was experienced, fastidious, neat, and a clear communicator. When you get "stuck", away from home, with a maintenance problem, it's so pleasant to find that the only shop in town is also one of the best that you've encountered in 60 years of flying. Thanks folks.
From Mark Spickard on 09-Mar-2021

  Roll pin on my gas cap latching lever broke off on a Sunday. Gerard of Aero Services helped me get it put together good enough to get home. No charge. It really helped us out. Thanks very much.
From Jeff Wright on 14-Jan-2021

  We had a transponder failure (per ABQ Center) while going into Santa Fe at night. Talked to Brandon at Santa Fe Aero Services the next morning. He confirmed that the transponder needed to go to the manufacturer for service. We were on our way to Texas for a business trip. Brandon installed a loaner transponder and we were on our way. It was over two months before our own transponder came back from the manufacturer. Santa Fe Aero shipped our transponder to our home base (F70 in California), my mechanic installed it, and sent the loaner back. All's good now. All that time, we flew with Brandon's loaner transponder. We could not have asked for better service. Thanks to Brandon, Amanda and everyone at Santa Fe Aero Services. You guys are the best! Highly recommended.
From Thomas Stramat on 29-Dec-2020

  Art and his team are excellent!! Needed comprehensive prebuy/annual on a Cirrus SR22T GTS for delivery within a very narrow 3 week window. Additionally the plane is on factory warranty. He completed everything earlier than his timeline and both seller and buyer were extremely happy! Art coordinated everything perfectly throughout the inspections. He was most generous in his communications with multiple people. He coordinated the factory supplied warranty items and kept everybody up to date for deliveries and completion schedule. Having owned an FBO in my career, I can assure you the 5 stars is very well deserved. Happy New Year to Art and his team!
From Michael Laosa on 12-Nov-2020

  We used SAF Aero Services for the prebuy Inspection of our Cirrus. Closed the purchase and left it with them for the annual inspection. They performed beyond expectations. On time and on budget. The only delays were due to parts from the manufacturer. Aero Services folks were thorough and professional. It was great to have the whole SAF Aero services on our side with the purchase and subsequent annual. Gerardo handled our work and he was outstanding. In so many ways. Brandon handled avionics discrepancies in quick order. Art Torres runs a great shop. Highly recommend them!
From Dale Berkbigler on 06-Aug-2020

  Art and Santa Fe Aero were nothing short of terrific in helping me out. My Cirrus's CAP (parachute) had one component called line cutters that needed replacement as they are dated. When out of date the plane is not airworthy. After attempts to get it replaced here in Colorado were unsuccessful and frustrating Art stepped in and secured the parts. Despite being very busy Art took a weekend day and spent the day driving to my airport in Southern Colorado, replacing the line cutters to make the aircraft airworthy and driving back to Santa Fe! Way above and beyond expectations. I'm recommending Santa Fe Aero to all my friends and will be taking my airplanes there for sure.
From Michael Laosa on 02-Aug-2020

  Art and his team at Aero Services are first-rate. On the avionics side they efficiently diagnosed and corrected a couple of squawks for us as well as installing lemo plugs for two of our headsets. The mechanical maintenance department made quick work of diagnosing and replacing an errant temperature probe.
From Bryan Sei on 14-Jul-2020

  Santa Fe Aero was a joy to work with for the annual on my Cirrus. Art and Gerard were very knowledgeable as well as very approachable during this time. The plane was delivered Very clean with no scuffs or fingerprints. Thanks for a job well done!
From Terry Davidson on 14-Jul-2020

  Flew into Taos in our Piper Lance II. On taxi after landing, I realized we had a left main flat tire. Taos Aviation towed us to the terminal and recommended Santa Fe Aero for the repair since no maintenance was on the field at Taos. I called Art to discuss the issue. He was very professional, and efficient. The repair only required a new inner tube, which he had in stock. He was on time and did a nice job on the repair. I know he had to drive to Taos from Santa Fe, which I understand was about 1-1/2 hrs away. I only gave the experience an "average" due to the excessive fees (my opinion) that I was charged for a new inner tube and installation. Otherwise, the rating would be higher.
From Ellen Schneider on 09-Jan-2020

  As luck would have it our Bonanzas Garmin 345 lost mode C 2 days before the "January 2020 ADS-B rule went into effect. After reaching out to Santa Fe Aero I received a return call from Brandon within 30 minutes of leaving a message. He spent time discussing possible issues. In spite of being very busy he made time to work on our plane in less than a week. While there I was able to discuss a few other issues going on with our plane. The staff of Santa Fe Aero was helpful, courteous and professional. I will definitely be taking our plane back for future service and repairs.
From Mike Lange on 14-Dec-2019

  Cannot agree more with comments below. Unplanned stop at Santa Fe after oil leak developed on cross-country trip from KS to CA in Cessna 206. Aero Services had repaired a brake problem a few years ago and Art and his staff promptly evaluated and flawlessly repaired a leak in crank case seal efficiently and professionally. Highest quality service at a fair price and the kindest people ever, even to transients. Great to know Art and his staff at Aero Services are there when we need them - Thanks!!
From Josh Marvil on 16-Oct-2019

  On my way from Maine to Santa Fe for meetings and lost a main landing gear upper strut fairing due to possible bird strike. I spoke to Art at Santa Fe Aero Services on Monday. They ordered the part for two-day delivery and by Friday it was match-drilled, painted, and installed. While in the shop they also solved a nagging manifold pressure indication problem that other shops could not figure out. Art (and Amanda) were responsive, courteous, and professional. The cost was fair and the work well done. They are definitely my go to shop if I ever need maintenance when in the area. Thank you!!
From Allen DeNeve on 21-Jul-2019

  I bought a P35 Bonanza that needed an annual shortly after purchase. Despite being packed, Santa Fe Aero was able to squeeze me in...Then the plane broke down in ABQ and I couldn't make the appointment. Santa Fe Aero adjusted to squeeze me in at a later date that met my needs. They obviously understand Beechcraft well; when I arrived there was a King Air in the hangar, and when I came back to pick the plane up there was a gorgeous Staggerwing sitting in its place. Did a great job on the annual. They even fixed a few things they didn't charge me for. Art took the time to explain things to me, which was nice as a new owner. Great avionics service from Brandon as well. They installed my new ADS-B setup. Would recommend to anyone in the area!
From Bryan Devault on 16-Jul-2019

  Can't say enough good things about Santa Fe Aero Services. After I dropped in on the Friday after Fourth of July in the late afternoon with both an MFD and a prop governor issue, Art immediately got to diagnosing the problem and sent the prop governor away for inspection first thing Monday morning and reinstalled it as soon as he got it back. Brandon and Amanda got to work with Avidyne to get me an exchange MFD as fast as possible and they had me back on my way a few days later. Everyone there was extremely helpful and kind and got me back flying as fast as they could. I'll definitely be back whenever I'm in the area.
From Robert Ryan Wilkins on 12-Apr-2019

  I cannot say enough positive for the support I received from Aero Services Santa Fe (KSAF). Thank you all, Gerard, Arturo, Amanda and Carlos, for all your effort and unstinting support to get us, N9558T, airborne and headed back East! Fantastic "beyond the call of duty" effort by Gerard after hours tracking down a new battery, meeting us on the KSAF ramp at night, installing the new battery, and trouble shooting a failed starter received BAD out of the box! Amanda made it all possible by dedicated parts availability research and getting them AOG to Santa Fe. Wonderful job Arturo picking up the starter from the airlines late at night, getting the second starter installed and verifying it worked - with three starts! Thank you Carlos for meeting us at 0330 and helping us get in the air by 0400! Thank you all so very much... Your Aero Services Santa Fe support has been the BEST I'VE EVER ENCOUNTERED in over 50 years of flying!
From Mike Salmon on 23-Mar-2019

  Highly recommend Santa Fe Aero Services. I had a problem with the Garmin G1000 avionics suite that involved a considerable amount of troubleshooting. Brandon Maestas was dogged in his pursuit of a solution and was creative in thinking outside the box when Garmin technical support was stumped (as well as many others I discussed the issue with). Happily the source of the problem was located due to technical skill and his refusal to give up. I now have a solid and dependable G100 avionics suite once again. Amanda was also understanding and pleasant to visit with while waiting, she's a great CSR even though that is probably not in her job description. If these two are representative of the next generation, we are in good hands! Thanks guys.
From Keith H. Wofford on 26-Jan-2019

  Art and the team at Santa Fe Aero were awesome. We were new to flying in the region, and when the mag check on our Cirrus looked weak, we came in to Art to discuss it. A short discussion with Art on the fuel flow at altitude, and a recheck of the mags with more restricted fuel flow solved the problem. Great help and service, peace if mind, and no charge. I will see them when I come back to Santa Fe!
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