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Recover Your Cub

at Tehachapi Municipal Airport

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Contact information
Address:314 N. Hayes St.
Hangar 51
Tehachapi, CA 93561
United States of America
Telephone: 661-822-2827
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From Todd Johnson on 10-Jun-2018

  At 4:50 pm I touched down to refuel, only to discover a flat tire. I thought the airport was deserted and I would be stuck; however I found someone who directed me to the hangers at the far west of the airport. Ken was there working on another airplane, but dropped what he was doing to get me up and going. Thankfully he had a tube in stock and was able to get me on my way to my final destination in AZ. He is a skilled mechanic, great to talk with, and quite the local reputation as the best place for repairs. During my short time there, several people showed up for his expertise and all sang his praises. I recommend him for your service needs whether it is a planned repair or an emergency. Thanks Ken!
From Kevin Wheeler on 23-May-2018

  Ken Hetge is the best! I can't say enough good things about his business on this field! I met Ken when I lost all my radios on approach into KTSP on a cross country flight to KRNM. After fueling up at the pump I called Ken and he towed my plane to his hangar. There it was determined that I needed a battery. As it turned out the battery would not take a charge and Ken lent me a battery, so I could get to my destination. I didn't know him and he didn't know me, but he turned out to be a blessing in disguise and I'm sure glad to know him now. Like other pilots I found Ken to be exceptional and knowledgeable. I look forward to stopping in and saying hello, the next time I stop for fuel at KTSP. Ken turned my unfortunate day into a great adventure. I rate his service as a A+++ Experience.
From Tom Mandell on 04-Nov-2017

  WOW! That's still an understatement about Ken Hetge and his business on this field! I had the good luck of meeting Ken recently when my battery died in my experimental a/c. He saw me tinkering on the plane at the fuel island and stopped to ask if I needed any tools. I didn't know him and he didn't know me but he turned out to be an angel in disguise ~ and I'm sure glad to know him now. I had a similar (great) experience as those others who have written a review here ~ Awesome! Ken got me and my plane over to his hangar (at the far west end of the field) and provided a battery charger and offered anything else I might need to get the ship flying again. Since the plane is an experimental he offered to drive me to a local auto-parts store if necessary to get a new battery. Fortunately his charger brought life back to my battery and I was on my way again that day. Ken's a great guy and one of those great Americans too. I'm out of space here but read this as an AAA+++ experience!
From Peter Kofman on 15-Jul-2017

  Had to land at KTSP due to alternator problem. Ken was nice enough to allow me to pull the plane into the shade of his hangar and use anything I needed of his to get back in the air (I'm an AP). Not to mention use of a battery charger and tow to the fueling area. He has a great hangar with a lot of really cool airplanes and was a pleasure to talk with. I cannot say enough about his willingness to help with everything and I feel lucky that I ended up there that day. I highly recommend stopping there to say hello and next time I get there, I'm hoping to play the Super Sprint video game in the back of the hangar. Thanks again Ken!
From Stu Sharf on 22-Apr-2017

  Terrific experience.. Could not have been nicer!! On a return trip from SOCAL to the Bay Area I got weather delayed for the night at TSP, and had the pleasure to meet Ken and Della Hetge. They could not have been more generous and accommodating, from offering me the use of Della's car, to the couch in their very nice Pilot's Lounge for the night. On it's own Hangar 51 is worth a stop at TSP - from the busy & well equipped shop to several museum quality Cubs & other aircraft elevated on lifts, the mentioned pilots lounge... Great people, great place!
From Mike Ohara on 02-Apr-2017

  A special thanks to Ken Hetge from " Recover Your Cub " who was kind enough jump start my Cessna 172 after I ran the battery down. He was extremely helpful and I will certainly stop in and say hello next time I land @ KTSP Thanks Ken
From Wade Danielson on 19-Jun-2016

  First, I love KTSP -- fabulous airfield and I make it a frequent stop as I fly California. Then this weekend I had the excellent fortune to meet Ken. Delightful and HELPFUL! I needed some air for a slightly deflated left main tire and not only did Ken fill up a portable tank for me, he offered to drive me to my plane. Fortunately I'd taxied close to his hangar (on the far western side of taxiway A) so I didn't need to bother him for a lift. He was gracious and generous and has an impressive facility -- and not just for Cubs, I learned. If I ever need any maintenance outside my home base of KWHP, I'd be quite confident leaving my C177 in his hands. Thanks Ken! A true pleasure to meet you. (As an aside, the fuel island at KTSP doesn't have air... But if it did, I wouldn't have had this introduction to Recover Your Cub.)
From Paul Rodriguez on 04-Apr-2016

  Visited the airport as one of the stops for the Antelope Valley 99's annual Poker Run. Battery quit on our T182T. Wandered the airport and found Ken. He offered to help jump start. Once that didn't work we pulled the battery and put it on his charger. His shop is a well-organized, professional operation. We don't have a cub but I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him in the future. Ken and Della were gracious hosts to unintended guests. Thanks!
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