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City of Carrabelle (self-serve fuel)

at Carrabelle-Thompson Airport

No information available
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From Steve Schoettle on 13-Apr-2017

  Carrabelle Airport is what it is. It is an unmanned but nice airfield, with a good landing strip, and a good self serve fuel depot. Fuel price was excellent, and if you have friends to pick you up, etc., it is a nice airport for the Carrabelle area, St. John's Resort, or the island. Good tie down area as well. Be careful for an unmarked {at least on my GPS} radio tower on the Southeast side of the strip. Makes the downwind a bit interesting for the West runway.
From John Moravec on 06-May-2016

  In 40 years of flying, this remains the WORST airport I have ever used. Offices in restrooms are inside the perimeter fence, which is always locked and requires a key code. Airport is frequently unattended. You can't even exit the airport without a key code. Self services fuel is available, but prices are not posted, AN THERE IS NO LADDER!
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