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ID City Name
WY60AftonHeiner Airport
0WY1BasinDorsey Creek Ranch Airport
WY01BillDilts Ranch Airport
12WYBurlingtonBlack Diamond Airport
45WYCasperAmerican Falconry Airport
WY45CheyenneSloan Airport
WY05CheyenneSkyview Airpark
WY29ChugwaterVowers Ranch Airport
2WY8CodyBar Flying E Airport
WY06CodyLuckinbill Airstrip
WY32CokevilleCircle B Airport
WY33DanielMountain King Ranch Airport
99WYDaytonXingu Airstrip
WY27DouglasWagonhound Airport
WY66DouglasChamberlain Brothers Ranch Airport
WY07DouglasHardy Ranch Airport
44WYDouglasUnderwood Airport
84WYDouglasMoore Ranch Airport
WY30DuboisKinky Creek Divide Airport
WY09Dull Center (SW Clareton)Sherwin Field Nr 1 Airport
WY11EncampmentA Bar A Ranch Airport
32WYEtnaDouble L Ranch Airport
0WY0FreedomFreedom Air Ranch Airport
WY13GilletteLittle Buffalo Ranch Airport
WY65GilletteMadsen Airport
WY12GilletteOhman Ranch Airport
WY14HulettIpy Ranch Airport
11WYHulettThompson Creek Oilfield Airport
WY31JacksonMelody Ranch Airport
10WYKayceeWillow Creek Ranch Airport
WY61LaramieRock & A Hard Place Ranch Airport
WY34LysiteBridger Creek Airport
WY16Medicine BowRobbins Airport
WY17Medicine BowEllis Ranch Airport
WY42MeeteetseYu Ranch Airport
2WY3MernaHaas Airport
WY18MidwestIberlin Ranch Airport Nr 2
01WYMoorcroftKeyhole Airport
WY44Mule Creek JunctionRobbers Roost Ranch Airport
WY15PowellBunch Grass Intergalactic Airport
WY36PowellBakers Field Airport
22WYRozetKissack/Reynolds Airport
96WYSaratogaCedar Creek Ranch Airport
WY22SavagetonIberlin Ranch Airport Nr 1
07WYSheridanStallions Airport
WY55SundanceTaylor Field Airport
WY23SussexIberlin Strip Airport
WY00Ten SleepRed Reflet Ranch Airport
WY38Ten SleepOrchard Ranch Airport
WY64ThayneLone Pine Flying Ranch Airport
WY59WheatlandTwo Bar Ranch Airport
WY25WheatlandSnell - North Laramie River Airport

The above list contains only private use airports and may be incomplete.
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