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Instrument approaches
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Runway characteristics
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Where to refuel?
At airports where AirNav users reported fuel prices
Anywhere where FAA says fuel is available, considering a default price of $/gallon
(Leave default fuel price box blank to use the national average)
What time of day do you need to refuel?

How can we help you find your way there?

Best for those who want to deviate a minimum from the most direct route and do not care about fuel costs. Typically this option is best for renters who rent wet and for people who value their time the most and are not willing to make any detour to save money.
Best for those concerned with the cost of the flight, or those who believe in patronizing the FBOs with less expensive fuel. Typically this option is best for owners, renters who rent dry, flying club members who want to save their club some money, and corporate operators who want to save on fuel.
Best for those that want the most flexibility, have a specific route in mind, or can fly nonstop and just want to have an idea of the fuel availability and prices along their route of flight.

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