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B. Coleman Aviation

Our state of the art aviation complex features more than 95,000 square feet of FBO and hangar space, including our 19,500 square foot air-side canopy large enough to provide year round shelter for a Gulfstream V or a Bombardier Global Express aircraft.

B. Coleman's facility offers concierge level service in all areas of the FBO spectrum including jet fuel sales, luxurious corporate conference and training rooms, long and short term hangar space, fitness center and auto rental. Additionally, the facility offers worldwide charter services and deluxe modern office space available for lease.

Just twenty five minutes from downtown Chicago, Gary is the perfect alternative to the major Chicago airports. You will experience our passion for service and receive exceptional support and expertise each and every time you arrive.

Aircraft maintenance services are available onsite by Infinity Aircraft Services.

We are also proud to earn the title of Northern
Indiana's one and only CAA preferred FBO!
Gary/Chicago International Airport
ASRI 130.35

5701 Airport Road
Gary, IN 46406
United States of America

Fax 219-246-4544

Dale Whelan
Client Relations Manager: 219-427-1508

Chris Kozicki
FBO Manager

New Customs & Border Protection at GYY
The Gary Chicago International Airport is now home to a state of the art General Aviation U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facility.
This is the newest CBP facility in northwest Indiana and the Chicago metropolitan region and provides airport users with new international travel options to and from GYY.
This facility is an on call General Aviation CBP facility. Pilots or flight departments are required to notify U.S. Customs officials at least 72 hours prior to arrival at GYY and an estimated time of arrival is required. Facility officials can be reached at 773-948-6330.

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Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Full Service Jet A and Avgas
  • Aircraft Parking (for tie-down, please bring your own ropes)
  • Pilots Lounge
  • Passenger Lounge
  • Weather Briefing Room
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access
  • Enterprise & Hertz Rental Cars on site
  • Complimentary Starbucks coffee, snacks, ice and newspapers
  • Fitness Room
  • Courtesy Car
  • Deicing (type I and type IV)
  • Catering
  • Hotel Accommodations (special rates with local hotels)
  • Theater Room
  • Spacious Luxurious Lobby
  • Quiet Room
  • Showers facilities/towels provided
  • GPU, AC Cart, Potable water, & Lavatory Service
  • Gary
  • Private Air Charter
  • Onsite Aircraft Maintenance by Infinity Aircraft Services
  • Conference Room
  • Pilot Training Room
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Shell
Fueling hours: 0600-2200
After hours fueling available upon request. Call 219-750-1508
100LL Avgas Full service    $4.80
Jet A Full service    $3.89
Discounts: Discounts available for purchases of 200 gallons or more, call for details
Prices include all taxes.
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Ramp fees waived with minimum fuel purchase. Landing and outdoor ramp parking fees, imposed by the airport authority apply. These prices vary with aircraft's MTOW. Please call for further details.  
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From Rodney Cobb on 08-Dec-2018

  Couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating. Was only there for a short time so they parked me in the shade under their canopy and fuel was fairly price. Clean, modern and professional
From Dan Vossman on 12-Sep-2018

  Fast friendly line service, great CAA fuel prices, outstanding CSRs, awesome facility and crew lounge. By far the best way in and out of Chicago if you're coming from the east.
From Rodney Cobb on 22-Jun-2018

  Couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating. Was only there for a short time so they parked me in the shade under their canopy and fuel was fairly priced. Clean, modern and professional
From Stuart Boblett on 08-Nov-2017

  I went to B Coleman Aviation today in our CJ3 for access to downtown Chicago. They arranged to a car for my people that worked great and it is really easier access to downtown than MDW or PWK. The people here were fantastic and they have an excellent modern FBO facility. Their Jet fuel price through CAA is the lowest you will find in the area. I recommend them highly as they are great and the airport is probably the easiest access in and out of the Chicago area. Great job everyone.
From Steve Bruno TBM850KB on 24-Oct-2017

  Fabulous FBO, B Coleman couldn't be more customer oriented. From Dale at the front desk to all the line guys, everyone did all they could to insure customer satisfaction. Definitely our go to FBO anytime we're in Chicago. Thank you!
From Kris Ostrowski on 14-Oct-2017

  After a great first experience (see previous review), we were happy to come back here as we proceeded inbound for the Chicago Marathon. I'm not positive the online reservation system worked as advertised, but Julio, Noe, and Sam received us with great service and friendly smiles all the same. Just like last time they were very happy to provide us a lift to/from the train station. A little mix-up with fueling needs upon departure, but these guys made it right. Keep in mind they are charging a $15/night tie down fee (city imposed, I believe), so plan accordingly. When traveling to Chicago, this place makes it easy. Just make sure you know how to get the train to stop at the local station going to/from Chicago!
From Wendell Todd on 10-Sep-2017

  Excellent service, including ride to/from Chicago train. For downtown Chicago, KGYY is certainly more convenient and friendly than my previous trips into KMDW!
From Rodney Cobb on 14-Jul-2017

  Couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating. Was only there for a short time so they parked me in the shade under their canopy and fuel was fairly price. Clean, modern and professional
From Chris Milner on 15-May-2017

  WOW. Our favorite FBO for Chicagoland hands down. The folks here are helpful and professional, fuel prices are great, the facility is beautiful, and the covered ramp is so cool to load/unload under.
From Robert Johnson on 10-Apr-2017

  WOW! A truly exceptional stop. If you are going to downtown Chicago, skip Midway and come here. The FBO has an excellent facility and top notch staff, and the train into downtown Chicago is easy and convenient.
From Chris Lesagonicz on 03-Jan-2017

  Every time our Conquest goes to Chicago we use B. Coleman, and they have never let us down. The staff is always super nice and helpful. They give us a ride to our layovers and really make a great experience!
From Michael Harbater on 04-Nov-2016

  Had to divert to Gary for fuel when weather and flow control issues delayed my arrival into Midway. Met by a lineman AND a CSR to park me under the canopy. Fuel was quick and cheap. Facility, beautiful. I was offered coffee, water and other refreshments. I was made to feel very welcome at a very nice facility and saved a bunch of money on fuel. A Five Star Experience.
From Allen Place on 06-Aug-2016

  If you only considered the ability to get a ride to the train to Chicago, this would be a very convenient FBO to use. What makes B. Coleman a great FBO is the people. Everybody here was attentive, respectful and extremely helpful. The red carpet was rolled out for me and my 30-year-old 210, and we were treated like we owned the place. The pristine new building with a canopy big enough for several GA airplanes, or a couple of jets, was just icing on the cake. I can't wait for more business in Chicago so I can visit the folks at B. Coleman again.
From Dan Murray on 03-Aug-2016

  I can't say enough good things about B. Coleman. We stopped here on the way to Oshkosh this year, and were blown away not only by how big and clean their facilities are, but also with how accommodating everyone at B Coleman was. Despite arriving in a piston single amongst a host of jets we were treated like their most important customer. We couldn't wait to stop again on the way back. And if all that wasn't enough, their fuel prices are about as low as you are going to find in a 100-mile radius. I will be back!
From Melanie Goetz on 31-Jul-2016

  Coleman Aviation's customer service is second to none. They made our train ride to Chicago safe and efficient.
From Chris Stelly on 29-Jul-2016

  Arrived here today hoping to spend the weekend here but was advised the airport was closing at 6pm for the entire weekend. Waited for a storm to clear before headed over to Schaumburg. Staff and facilities were top notch. Quite impressive! Will be back when I can actually overnight.
From Robert Moore on 21-Jul-2016

  Stopped in today to wait out some passing storms. Was marshalled in under the covered ramp and literally had the red carpet rolled out for us. For a couple of low time pilots building time in a 182, they made us feel like VIP's. Greeted with smiling faces, top notch facilities and every possible comfort. I will remember this wonderful FBO in the future.
From David Parrish on 02-Jul-2016

  Been flying a very long time and this is by far the best FBO I have ever encountered. Facilities are outstanding, only to be outdone by the people that work there!!! Outstanding!! When going to Chicago, this is THE place to stop. Could not have been easier with the South Shore Train. I landed 5 minutes before it was supposed to leave and the fine folks at Coleman had me at the train station with time to spare. Quicker to fly into GYY and go into Chicago than to fly into MDW.... and save a few bucks!!
From Brenton Taussig on 13-Jun-2016

  Absolutely the most incredible FBO experience I've had! Wonderful service, friendly staff, great facility and fuel price. I wish every FBO was like this.
From Ralph Keefer on 31-May-2016

  B Coleman Aviation is excellent! They are a great bunch of people and have a fantastic facility. If you need to get downtown Chicago this is the way in! They will take you to the South Shore train and let you stay in their car until the train arrives. 40 minutes later you are in Millennium Park. Call them on your return and they are there to pick you up. Perfect!
From Craig Cameron on 30-May-2016

  I've posted before (July 2014), but had to re-post to let everyone know that in the last two years this place has just gotten better!! We have been here several times for Chicago meetings and each time the team here has been A#1. They are absolutely the best FBO team I had had the pleasure of dealing with in the country. We have been all over this country at countless FBOs and B. Coleman is the TOP! All others need to take lessons from them...
From Wendell Todd on 24-May-2016

  Our visit was entirely satisfactory. B. Coleman provided prompt courteous shuttle to/from the train.
From Brent W McCasland on 16-May-2016

  It doesn't get any better than B Coleman. Great service and great prices. Uber now available and the train works well.
From Kevin Cook on 01-May-2016

  Flew up last Thursday and came back today. Super service from Coleman. We arrived about 5 minutes before the train was to stop. Steve met us at the airplane to load our bags and rushed us to the train stop (5min away) and we caught the train. Called 1 stop before Gary and Matt was at the train stop to pick us up. Super easy trip. Really nice folks at Coleman.
From Pete Howell on 29-Mar-2016

  I had not been to Coleman in a few years - back then they had a very nice trailer and treated my little RV very well. I came to visit Chicago over the weekend to see my son. I landed at 1:10 and told them I wanted to make a 1:21 train to the city. No Problem! I was whisked in a crew car to the train and helped with the ticket and process. 40 min later, downtown! Sam, Steve, and all the guys were great. The facility is amazing. Easy train ride into the city, great, helpful ATC. This is the way to do Chicago without breaking the bank!!
From Bernie Hirsch on 14-Feb-2016

  Had a great experience with Coleman yesterday. Five of us arrived in a Cherokee Six in frigid weather to ride the train into the city to spend the day at Shedd Aquarium. The crew had a warm van waiting for us and handled everything flawlessly as they dropped us off 5 minutes away at the train station. The driver waited with us for the train so we wouldn't need to stand in the cold. On the way back I called the FBO two stops out (Hammond) and they had a car waiting for us. I tried to tip the driver a few dollars and he refused, saying they are working to give excellent service and be the best at what they do. They plugged my preheater in all afternoon and had the plane fueled as scheduled. We were on our way within minutes. I highly recommend Coleman. They're the best!
From Jim Ratichek on 21-Dec-2015

  Had an amazing experience here when I got stuck in some weather in a Lancair. Cheap fuel, very friendly, staff gave me rides both ways to my hotel and ordered me a pizza along with a good deal on their heated hangar for the night. I'll be back if I'm ever in Chicago again!
From Scott Alperin on 05-Dec-2015

  I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful the experience at this facility was. The facility is awesome, the people were ALL as accommodating as I have ever experienced in my 30+ years of flying. The prices were very reasonable and the location to downtown Chicago was much better than all of the other locations.
From Anton Nielsen on 02-Nov-2015

  I flew our Vans RV-10 into Gary last week and parked it with B. Coleman for several days. Everyone at B. Coleman was extremely helpful. They helped book a rental car and pulled it up to the plane and even helped load my bags. They treated me and my homebuilt like we were a jet. Great, friendly service and the best gas price I have had in recent memory.
From Gregory Ricca on 14-Oct-2015

  Excellent FBO. Melissa, Josie and our lineman (sorry I forgot your name) were all friendly, inviting and provided first class service. A nearby train station gives you easy access to downtown Chicago. Driving time to downtown Chicago is about the same, or maybe even less, than from Midway because of traffic and traffic lights (though the distance is more from KGYY). If you are returning to KGYY by train, call B. Coleman Aviation as you pass the East Chicago Station and they will meet you at the Gary/Chicago Airport Station. We will be back.
From Brent W McCasland on 17-Sep-2015

  B Coleman and KGYY is the best way to go to downtown Chicago. Each B Coleman employee went out of their way to give great service. As others have mentioned the train works well, b Coleman will give you a short ride. Tickets can be purchased on the train for $6.50/person. Takes about 40 min to get to downtown and can connect to any of the other Chicago transit systems at the last train stop in Chicago. I cannot say enough good things about B Coleman; in the top 5 FBOs I have ever visited and one of the best fuel prices in the nation.
From Robert May on 17-Sep-2015

  Overall the best FBO experience that I've ever had. Taxi under a canopy, bags transferred to car, ride to train station (5 minutes, train goes from South Bend to Millennium Park), called them on return, ride from train to FBO. Very good gas prices for Chicago area, everybody was friendly and smiling. GYY is now my ONLY Chicago entry point.
From Robert Tanner on 16-Sep-2015

  The excellent fuel pricing is only part of the story. Everyone here is so accommodating. Josie took care of the ground transportation and the guys on the line took care of the airplane. Everybody is smiling. I wish all FBOs were like this. Oh, and did I mention the huge canopy? Super nice facility.
From Jim Porterfield on 10-Sep-2015

  Excellent! Charles and staff provide a first class experience whether visiting in a Baron or Gulfstream! Provided Hertz car (Enterprise forgot to deliver one), directions to Chicago, and Fiji water for the wife and kids. Hangar readily available beautiful facility. Thanks will be back!
From Alan R. Stahlman on 06-Sep-2015

  Flew in with our C-208 Caravan for fantastic care and excellent fuel prices! This is a great place to stay when going to Chicago, only a few minutes more to downtown than other airports with much higher costs and traffic. Coleman and staff are great...
From Andrew Landis on 29-Aug-2015

  We stopped in for an overnight on air show weekend! Transit to downtown Chicago was easy by train. The B. Coleman staff does a great job working to accommodate the flying few and in honoring their company's namesake. Give em a try, and look up the story. Thank you for serving so well!
From Lincoln McGinnis on 14-Aug-2015

  My family and I flew into Gary for a long weekend in Chicago. Facilities and service at B. Coleman were outstanding. They hangared my airplane for 3 nights at a good rate and fuel is very competitive. It's an hour train ride into downtown Chicago and B. Coleman staff took us to the train stop and picked us up when we returned. Everyone was friendly and the General Manager told us that once you stop here, you're like family. We certainly felt that way when we left. We will definitely return to B. Coleman anytime we fly into the Chicago area.
From Dan Richard on 01-Aug-2015

  This is an excellent FBO either for a quick turn, as we did, or as a portal for Chicago. Great fuel prices are the icing on the cake. The facility is clean and attractive and the staff was very friendly. They have a "carport" type structure that you park under which would be great in bad weather. The owner has named it for a famed African American aviatrix, which adds a nice ambiance to it. Very professional. First rate FBO.
From Robert Szego Bellanca-Champion Club Aeronca Aviators Club on 28-Jul-2015

  I have always bypassed Gary, thinking it's just another big city (read expensive) airport where you are not perceived as a valued customer in a Citabria. However, on my way home from Oshkosh, I wanted a little more fuel in view of the weather. Was I ever wrong!!! The entire staff, starting with the lineman was courteous, helpful, and friendly. They must have thought I was a millionaire. Fuel price was also very competitive with no additional fees. This is a must stop on any flight anywhere nearby. Thanks to all the B. Coleman staff (and by extension, their management) for a very pleasant stop.
From Forrest Ward on 25-Jul-2015

  Wonderful stop. Huge covered parking area. They answered the radio on my first call. Ramp agent professionally guided me to my parking spot, and carried my bag without being asked. Due to a snag in my schedule I was struggling with a logistical challenge, the Crew at B. Coleman Aviation came up with and implemented a solution. Truly above and beyond service. I would definitely stop here again.
From Mark Hanson on 21-Jun-2015

  All of us at Patient Airlift Services (PALS) and myself as the pilot of an Eclipse 500 appreciate the great service and support we received Friday for our three Marines traveling to a White Sox game in the PALS for Patriots Program coordinated with MLB.Com. Excellent team and facility. Thanks again.
From Ron Stevens on 28-May-2015

  Had to go to Chicago on business - first time. Decided to fly in to GYY based on fuel prices (relative to elsewhere in the metro area), and Coleman based on comments on AirNav. Can confirm the favorable reviews; outstanding service. Manager arranged for late evening limo service to downtown. On the way back, the train was convenient, lineman picked us up at the station. Canopy was very nice during the rainstorm. Facility is upscale and spotless. Very friendly people. One of the best experiences ever. Service, price, facility, convenience; nothing but superb.
From Roy Roberts on 27-May-2015

  I love this FBO. Outstanding service and low cost. They are happy to give you a ride or pick up from the South Shore train station to Chicago.
From Bo Harper on 06-Apr-2015

  Incredible facility and great attentive staff.
From David Murphy on 19-Mar-2015

  I flew into KGYY last weekend for a stay in Chicago and decided on B. Coleman based on the reviews here on AirNav. Well I must say I was more than glad I made this choice. Everyone and everything I encountered at this wonderful FBO was first class and professional. I can, with ease, recommend this FBO to anyone who has a need to be in the Chicago area. Also, I found it a very quick and easy ride to downtown Chicago.
From Philip Greenspun on 12-Mar-2015

  Awe-inspiring facility. The line crew was also expert at putting oil into a Pilatus PC-12 (don't drop the dipstick unless you feel like paying $5000 to fix the sensor that is part of it!). Wonderfully warm welcome. We wanted to move in!
From Eric Shank Van Eenige on 02-Jan-2015

  Stopped in to top off fuel. 100LL price was the lowest in a 30-mile radius. Linemen were prompt and professional, and the facility is state of the art. Will definitely return.
From Randy Harmon on 11-Dec-2014

  If I could give them 10 stars I would! Outstanding service and support for our SR22. Can't wait to start flying our jets here. No reason to fly anywhere else if you're heading to Chicago!
From Andre Hopf on 17-Nov-2014

  This is my second time to this FBO and the first time in the new facility. Like last time the service was outstanding and the brand-new facility is absolutely first class and up to the latest standards including a covered and heated tarmac for winter operations.The fuel prices are the most competitive in the Chicago area and the country and the commute into downtown Chicago is relatively short. This is by far one of the best FBOs I travel to with very competitive prices Competition is a great thing. When there is non FBOs get complacent and greedy. Unfortunately some of the large franchises are taking out competition at many fields across the country
From James Christensen on 07-Nov-2014

  Outstanding FBO. I'm just your typical cheap four-place single 100LL customer, but all the B. Coleman staff was very friendly and accommodating - felt like I got the big airport FBO experience at very cheap prices. This is the best way to visit Chicago - they'll drop you off at the South Shore commuter rail station, and it's $6 and a little under an hour to Millennium Park from there vs $60+ for a taxi from Gary or anywhere else nearby (KPWK). Great fuel price, great facility, and good people.
From Scott Robertson on 19-Oct-2014

  Couldn't continue east past Chicago due to weather so had to stay overnight here. They just moved into a brand-new facility - still a few little things to finish up around the building - but the staff could not do enough to make me feel like a VIP arriving in my Glasair. They drove me to the train station and picked me up again ($6 ride to downtown), plane was fueled as requested when I returned, and even offered me coffee, ice, and newspapers for my flight! Other FBOs (and other service organizations) could learn from this place. Also has some of the cheapest fuel anywhere.
From Ron Gruner on 18-Oct-2014

  Landed here to do business in Chicago, great service and staff especially the manager Josie. We were the first people to be in their new hangar and office space on Oct. 17th. They do take all contract fuel cards, we used Colt for our Jet A. The rates are better here than the Gary Jet Center, overall. We will be back again.
From James-Paul Dice on 30-Sep-2014

  I just spent three days in Chicago. I decided after reading reviews to choose KGYY and B. Coleman Aviation. It was one of the best customer experiences I've had. I fly a Piper Archer and I was treated like a Gulfstream Captain. When you have wonderful customer service combined with some of the best fuel prices in the country - it's a "no-brainer". Did I mention free soft drinks and snacks??? The trip into Downtown Chicago was about as quick as flying into KMDW or KORD - especially when you consider wait times for takeoff, etc. The new FBO is almost finished and it is amazing. Thanks to everyone at B. Coleman Aviation for making my trip a fun one.
From L Schneider on 07-Sep-2014

  Can't say enough good about them. They are happy to see you if you buy 10 gallons of fuel or 250. Very good service, great prices. I have been picked up by a golf cart and a car to be taken to office, just great service! If time is short they fill my tanks and I stay in the plane. The people make this places fun to go to, I look forward to my future visits.
From Paul Jelinek on 03-Sep-2014

  Flew into GYY with a Conquest for a business trip in downtown Chicago. Decided to give GYY a shot after reading AirNav reviews, and so glad I did. Fantastic service from the entire staff at B. Coleman, from start to finish. They gave me a ride to the train station 1 mile away. 50 minutes later at Millennium Park, stress free! This will be my Chicago stop from now on! Moving into the new facility in a couple of weeks. Great fuel prices as well.
From Lyle Pahnke on 01-Sep-2014

  Fantastic service very helpful. I echo all others comments as well. Couldn't ask for more. Dropped off a passenger and they catered to her needs as well. Best fuel prices in the state. When completed it will be one of the top FBO's in the US. Great ramp service and courtesy given during visit. All amenities covered with fueling. Thanks B. Coleman!
From Ed Hansen on 17-Aug-2014

  I don't usually write reviews, but this was such a good experience that I had to share. Flew into Chicago on business in a Mooney. Aside from great fuel prices, the service was among the best I have ever experienced anywhere. The care and team spirit was obvious and exhibited by everyone I came into contact with. 40 minutes into Chicago, great fuel prices and great service. I will definitely come back to B. Coleman the next time.
From Bobby Kokinos on 17-Aug-2014

  Awesome FBO! Flew in for the Chicago Air and Water Show. Even considering how busy it was, they found the time to give us excellent service with our 172. B Coleman, KGYY, and the South Shore Train are hands down the best options for traveling to Chicago.
From Ralph Trapaga on 12-Aug-2014

  It's hard to know where to begin in describing the best FBO I've ever encountered in my 45yrs of flying. I had the good fortune of stopping at B. Coleman Aviation enroute to AirVenture 2014 at Oshkosh and was warmly greeted by a staff that couldn't do enough for me. Their line personnel were extremely courteous and careful with my airplane during the refueling and turnaround process. I noticed that they're building a world-class facility at GYY but their temporary facility is impeccable and has everything a pilot could need. Best of all, upon entering it, I was greeted with smiles and offers of food, drink and a spotless rest facility. Then, after a golf cart ride back out to my airplane, I was outfitted with a B. Coleman golf shirt and baseball cap! A great deal of the staff surrounded my airplane and gave me a sendoff worthy of a VIP. I wish I could remember all of their names but I want to thank Bethany, Tony, Steve, Ben, Erin and the entire staff of B. Coleman Aviation.
From James Yeagle on 06-Aug-2014

  OSH stop on the way back. Great service.
From Frank Park on 04-Aug-2014

  We flew in on the way to OSH this year in a tiny PiperSport. Despite our small business, every staff members were extremely happy to help us. The facility is temporary in a trailer, but one of the best facilities I have been to in awhile. We ended by having to stay overnight due to a huge line of thunderstorm on the way.. They not only shopped around the hotels for us, but also gave us a ride to/from the hotel. They even stopped by to grab some breakfast on the way back to the airport! If you ever fly to Chicago area again, I would certainly recommend everyone to stop by B Coleman at GYY.
From Dan Stockdale on 03-Aug-2014

  Excellent Service! Stopped here for our trip up to Oshkosh, mainly for the cheap gas, and I was very pleased with the level of service that we got! They were so nice to us, we made sure to top off our tanks on our way back home to South Carolina. Looks like they are building a new terminal/hangar so they are in a temporary trailer, but they made it really nice! The plan for the new building looks very nice, and I can tell that this will be one of the premier FBOs in the Chicago area.
From Mike Schultz on 02-Aug-2014

  Stopped at Coleman on our way to Oshkosh and the service couldn't be better. They set us up with an affordable rental car as well. Good coffee and snacks too. The new hangar they are building is almost complete.
From Justin Lawler on 21-Jul-2014

  Fantastic service all around! Despite being in a temporary trailer for renovations, this FBO was top notch. They were there waiting upon landing to drive us to the train station (5 min away) for our trip into Chicago and at the station to pick us up upon our return. Extremely helpful and friendly. Some of the cheapest gas around. A must use FBO for the Chicago area. GYY is also extremely easy to get into and out of for access to the city.
From Craig Cameron on 20-Jul-2014

  Flew in in a single Bonanza for a meeting in Chicago on Sunday, 20 July. Was promptly meet by the folks at B. Coleman and taken to the train station to meet our train into the city. On our return they picked us up at the train station, helped us with our luggage and had the plane fueled and ready to go as promised. Didn't pay for a hanger, but a big storm was threatening on the last evening before our departure and they tucked it safely away for us. GREAT, friendly service and incredible fuel prices! They move into their new FBO facility next month - it looked really nice! The ATC at GYY were also very helpful and friendly. This will be my preferred spot for Chicago trips from now on!
From Mike Fasciano on 10-Jul-2014

  New FBO named in honor of Bessie Coleman. Grand opening next month. Visited two times this week in a Baron. Golf cart and fuel truck pulled up right away. Very friendly and proud service from the line to the front desk. Lowest fuel price in the area. Paid no landing or ramp fees. If going to Chicago Loop, excellent alternative to KPWK.
From Marcus Norton on 21-Jun-2014

  From the time they motioned us to parking to the time we departed two days later, Coleman redefined the meaning of great service. In 45+ years of flying, this is the best experience ever.
From Alex Enyedi on 15-Jun-2014

  Great FBO with terrific on-ramp service even if you fly a Cessna 172. Temporary facility is comfortable and the snacks and water are free. Plus, the 100LL is only $5 per gallon!
From Nick Mittelstadt on 15-Jun-2014

  I stopped here on the night of May 17th for fuel. They were currently in a trailer as an FBO temporarily before the new place is built. It was surprisingly nice inside even with it being temporary and they even had complimentary snacks/water/soda. The gentleman working stayed an hour and a half late just to fuel our two piper warriors and didn't even charge us anything extra for after hours. Extremely courteous and definitely will stop by when the new location is built. Great fuel prices too!
From Michael Christie on 28-May-2014

  Absolutely first-class service and professionalism. The low fuel prices are for real and the care this staff delivers strives to please and impress. Getting to Chicago is also very convenient. Quite regular train service minutes away from the FBO, very reliable car service ($120, tip included) or rental car. When driving, the Chicago Loop is 35-40 minutes.
From Randy Seiler on 24-May-2014

  My wife and I had the most pleasurable experience at the B Coleman FBO Thursday. We were greeted immediately and marshaled by Rafael. We asked to be topped off and got fuel for only $4.95 per gallon. Benjamin (the general manager) came out and took us for the 50-cent tour and we were impressed. Free water and snacks were given to us and a tour of their FBO. The main FBO is being constructed and right now they are in a double wide trailer, but this trailer set up is the most elaborate we've ever experienced. Everyone inside and outside the FBO had a great attitude. The attitude of everyone alone makes this a great stop but with free stuff and low prices on fuel, how can you pass it up? The people really make this one of the best FBO's we've ever flown into. If you're going anywhere near Chicago don't miss stopping off at this place it's the best kept secret in Indiana and near Chicago. Please say hi to Benjamin and his crew for us! Randy and Val
From Mike Green on 26-Apr-2014

  Flew in for an overnight visit to Chicago recently. Had to confirm fuel was $4.60 - crazy cheap.. By far cheaper than anywhere on my routes I've flown lately.. Landed, quick taxi to their ramp. There is a huge hangar and awning being constructed. As mentioned here before, the "trailers" are quite nice. Much nicer than the majority of FBOs I visit with permanent headquarters. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. They took me down to the train station, about a 2 minute ride, and picked me up the next day. I never had any issue with the Jet Center folks, but the low fuel prices and extremely outgoing staff will keep me coming here.
From Jeffrey Breen on 25-Apr-2014

  Great service and very helpful staff. They've done such a nice job making their temporary location nice -- amazing for trailers! -- I can't wait to see their new facility when it opens. Free ride to the train station makes it a great way to visit Chicago -- the train ride to Millennium Park is only about 5 minutes longer than the one from O'Hare. Oh -- and a great fuel price too. I wish I could have bought more!
From Andre Hopf on 29-Mar-2014

  I looked for airports and good FBO comments for the Chicago area for a business trip. I selected Coleman for its excellent comments as well as great fuel prices for the area. I can only agree with the comments that temporary arrangements are excellent and better than many FBO's that I have been too and the staff is very very friendly and accommodating in every which way. They made the car arrangements, the car pulled up to the airplane and provided heated hangar space at a reasonable cost for two days and handle the airplane very gingerly while towing it. The new FBO which is nearing its completion will be a very nice facility and I'm sure given the temporary arrangements will be top-notch for the area. The drive into and out of Chicago was non eventful as traffic is in the opposite direction during rush hour. I will be back again when going to the Chicago area
From Kris Ostrowski on 26-Mar-2014

  A fantastic experience in every respect. You'll raise an eyebrow when you first arrive as they're working out of two trailers that are incredibly nice on the inside. Don't let that construction zone fool you; you'll get an amazing amount of attention and kindness that you only expect at a much smaller airport. They even made all three of us hot drinks when we got inside and have us a ride to/from the train station. From the line guys to the fantastic ladies behind the desk - top notch. If you're in the area this the place to go.
From Jeffrey Kyff on 18-Mar-2014

  First class experience. Everyone was friendly, welcoming and made me feel right at home. The new under construction facility looks like it will be top notch and even the current temporary facility surpasses a lot FBO's permanent facilities I've been to. Gas prices are excellent. I'll stop there again for sure.
From Stephen Southworth on 16-Mar-2014

  Great location and top notch service. Although their FBO is temporary during construction, it is better than many FBOs to which I have been. Requested hangaring for our PA46 (wintertime) and it was a heated T-hangar! Has the least expensive 100LL prices in the Chicago area. They are midfield in location, but top notch in service. We'll be back.
From Patrick Bradley on 02-Feb-2014

  This is a great FBO. I arrived in my SR22 on a frozen January evening and they had a truck there to pick up my gear and me. Facilities are temporary but nice. Very reasonable fuel and hangar. Dropped me off and picked me up for the train, in fact, the driver waited with me in the car for the train to arrive!
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