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B. Coleman Aviation


Our state of the art aviation complex features more than 95,000 square feet of FBO and hangar space, including our 19,500 square foot air-side canopy large enough to provide year round shelter for a Gulfstream V or a Bombardier Global Express aircraft.

B. Coleman's facility offers concierge level service in all areas of the FBO spectrum including jet fuel sales, luxurious corporate conference and training rooms, long and short term hangar space, fitness center and auto rental. Additionally, the facility offers worldwide charter services and deluxe modern office space available for lease.

Just twenty five minutes from downtown Chicago, Gary is the perfect alternative to the major Chicago airports. You will experience our passion for service and receive exceptional support and expertise each and every time you arrive.

Aircraft maintenance services are available onsite by Infinity Aircraft Services.

We are the closest CAA preferred FBO to downtown Chicago!
Gary/Chicago International Airport
ASRI 130.35

5701 Airport Road
Gary, IN 46406
United States of America

Fax 219-246-4544

Dale Whelan
Client Relations Manager: 219-750-1508

Chris Kozicki
FBO Manager
New Customs & Border Protection at GYY
The Gary Chicago International Airport is now home to a state of the art General Aviation U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facility.
This is the newest CBP facility in northwest Indiana and the Chicago metropolitan region and provides airport users with new international travel options to and from GYY.
This facility is an on call General Aviation CBP facility. Pilots or flight departments are required to notify U.S. Customs officials at least 72 hours prior to arrival at GYY and an estimated time of arrival is required. Facility officials can be reached at 773-948-6330.

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Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Full Service Jet A and Avgas
  • Aircraft Parking (for tie-down, please bring your own ropes)
  • Pilots Lounge
  • Passenger Lounge
  • Weather Briefing Room
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access
  • Enterprise & Hertz Rental Cars on site
  • Complimentary Starbucks coffee, snacks, ice and newspapers
  • Fitness Room
  • Courtesy Car
  • Deicing (type I and type IV)
  • Catering
  • Hotel Accommodations (special rates with local hotels)
  • Theater Room
  • Spacious Luxurious Lobby
  • Quiet Room
  • Showers facilities/towels provided
  • GPU, AC Cart, Potable water, & Lavatory Service
  • Gary
  • Onsite Aircraft Maintenance by Infinity Aircraft Services
  • Conference Room
  • Pilot Training Room
Aviation fuel services
Brand: World Fuel Services
Fueling hours: 0600-2200
After hours fueling available upon request. Call 219-750-1508
100LL Avgas Full service    $4.85
Jet A Full service    $3.19
Discounts: Discounts available for purchases of 200 gallons or more, call for details
Prices include all taxes.
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Ramp fees waived with minimum fuel purchase. Landing and outdoor ramp parking fees, imposed by the airport authority apply. These prices vary with aircraft's MTOW. Please call for further details.  
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From Rodney Cobb on 08-Sep-2020

  Couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating. Was only there for a short time so they parked me in the shade under their canopy and fuel was fairly price. Clean, modern and professional
From James Hall on 22-Jul-2020

  The service from Coleman was very good. However, I had them arrange a Hertz rental car for me, which has been awful. Shame on me for not asking the rate. When I saw the contract it was $155 per day for a mid size SUV. Further, I turned the car in on the due date, leaving the car on the ramp almost in front of the door. Hertz has been calling me for three days threatening legal action for failure to return the car. I've made two calls to Hertz (they don't answer), two calls to the local Hertz office (they say they will take care of it), and two calls to Coleman. Beware if you are renting a car through Coleman.
From Rodney Cobb on 11-Jun-2020

  Couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating. Was only there for a short time so they parked me in the shade under their canopy and fuel was fairly price. Clean, modern and professional
From Philip Greenspun on 02-Jun-2020

  I have been here in an SR20, a Cessna Mustang, and a Pilatus PC-12. Same great service every time.
From Rodney Cobb on 24-May-2020

  Couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating. Was only there for a short time so they parked me in the shade under their canopy and fuel was fairly price. Clean, modern and professional
From Ken Denning on 09-Mar-2020

  Cleared customs GYY, they waited and took care of our passengers. Customs was over 30 min late for our set arrival time. We were able to fuel at customs ramp, no other aircraft scheduled to clear. B. Coleman set the bar high for what a signature FBO should be.
From Rodney Cobb on 11-Jan-2020

  Couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating. Was only there for a short time so they parked me in the shade under their canopy and fuel was fairly price. Clean, modern and professional
From George Andraos on 05-Jan-2020

  Took the family to Chicago for couple days over the holidays. The service at B. Coleman was excellent. Thanks Dale and the team!
From Gregory Ricca on 04-Oct-2019

  Every visit we have made to this FBO has been a pleasure.
From Randy Africano on 23-Sep-2019

  I have based at the Gary Chicago airport since 2015 and during those years I've had the opportunity to work with the entire staff at B. Coleman. What a friendly, knowledgeable and professional group of people! The staff is always willing to help in any way they can, my plane is always put under the canopy whenever possible and always in inclement weather. Fresh apples, popcorn, peppermint patties and Starbucks coffee are on the house and for all of this... The fuel is reasonably priced and the facility is new and beautiful. It's a straight 35 minutes on the Skyway to the Loop so do yourself a favor and stay out of the airspace "rat race" by heading to the Gary Chicago International Airport and B. Coleman Aviation specifically. You'll appreciate the savings in time, money and aggravation.
From Tom Stehler on 19-Jul-2019

  Beautiful facilities and friendly staff.
From David J. Fogarty on 22-Jun-2019

  Jasmine and the rest of the team did a super job for us this afternoon. They all went way above and beyond the call of duty. While we were only in a T-182T it felt like I was in the CJ-2 which I fly as well. This is a must stop when going to Chicagoland. Highly recommended!
From Ken Denning on 30-Mar-2019

  Nice new facility, good line and CSRs. Large hangers. Covered ramp parking. Hotels about 15min drive. Comfortable lounge, showers available.
From Dan Vossman on 12-Sep-2018

  Fast friendly line service, great CAA fuel prices, outstanding CSRs, awesome facility and crew lounge. By far the best way in and out of Chicago if you're coming from the east.
From Stuart Boblett on 08-Nov-2017

  I went to B Coleman Aviation today in our CJ3 for access to downtown Chicago. They arranged to a car for my people that worked great and it is really easier access to downtown than MDW or PWK. The people here were fantastic and they have an excellent modern FBO facility. Their Jet fuel price through CAA is the lowest you will find in the area. I recommend them highly as they are great and the airport is probably the easiest access in and out of the Chicago area. Great job everyone.
From Steve Bruno TBM850KB on 24-Oct-2017

  Fabulous FBO, B Coleman couldn't be more customer oriented. From Dale at the front desk to all the line guys, everyone did all they could to insure customer satisfaction. Definitely our go to FBO anytime we're in Chicago. Thank you!
From Kris Ostrowski on 14-Oct-2017

  After a great first experience (see previous review), we were happy to come back here as we proceeded inbound for the Chicago Marathon. I'm not positive the online reservation system worked as advertised, but Julio, Noe, and Sam received us with great service and friendly smiles all the same. Just like last time they were very happy to provide us a lift to/from the train station. A little mix-up with fueling needs upon departure, but these guys made it right. Keep in mind they are charging a $15/night tie down fee (city imposed, I believe), so plan accordingly. When traveling to Chicago, this place makes it easy. Just make sure you know how to get the train to stop at the local station going to/from Chicago!
From Wendell Todd on 10-Sep-2017

  Excellent service, including ride to/from Chicago train. For downtown Chicago, KGYY is certainly more convenient and friendly than my previous trips into KMDW!
From Rodney Cobb on 14-Jul-2017

  Couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating. Was only there for a short time so they parked me in the shade under their canopy and fuel was fairly price. Clean, modern and professional
From Chris Milner on 15-May-2017

  WOW. Our favorite FBO for Chicagoland hands down. The folks here are helpful and professional, fuel prices are great, the facility is beautiful, and the covered ramp is so cool to load/unload under.
From Robert Johnson on 10-Apr-2017

  WOW! A truly exceptional stop. If you are going to downtown Chicago, skip Midway and come here. The FBO has an excellent facility and top notch staff, and the train into downtown Chicago is easy and convenient.
From Chris Lesagonicz on 03-Jan-2017

  Every time our Conquest goes to Chicago we use B. Coleman, and they have never let us down. The staff is always super nice and helpful. They give us a ride to our layovers and really make a great experience!
From Michael Harbater on 04-Nov-2016

  Had to divert to Gary for fuel when weather and flow control issues delayed my arrival into Midway. Met by a lineman AND a CSR to park me under the canopy. Fuel was quick and cheap. Facility, beautiful. I was offered coffee, water and other refreshments. I was made to feel very welcome at a very nice facility and saved a bunch of money on fuel. A Five Star Experience.
From Allen Place on 06-Aug-2016

  If you only considered the ability to get a ride to the train to Chicago, this would be a very convenient FBO to use. What makes B. Coleman a great FBO is the people. Everybody here was attentive, respectful and extremely helpful. The red carpet was rolled out for me and my 30-year-old 210, and we were treated like we owned the place. The pristine new building with a canopy big enough for several GA airplanes, or a couple of jets, was just icing on the cake. I can't wait for more business in Chicago so I can visit the folks at B. Coleman again.
From Dan Murray on 03-Aug-2016

  I can't say enough good things about B. Coleman. We stopped here on the way to Oshkosh this year, and were blown away not only by how big and clean their facilities are, but also with how accommodating everyone at B Coleman was. Despite arriving in a piston single amongst a host of jets we were treated like their most important customer. We couldn't wait to stop again on the way back. And if all that wasn't enough, their fuel prices are about as low as you are going to find in a 100-mile radius. I will be back!
From Melanie Goetz on 31-Jul-2016

  Coleman Aviation's customer service is second to none. They made our train ride to Chicago safe and efficient.
From Chris Stelly on 29-Jul-2016

  Arrived here today hoping to spend the weekend here but was advised the airport was closing at 6pm for the entire weekend. Waited for a storm to clear before headed over to Schaumburg. Staff and facilities were top notch. Quite impressive! Will be back when I can actually overnight.
From Robert Moore on 21-Jul-2016

  Stopped in today to wait out some passing storms. Was marshalled in under the covered ramp and literally had the red carpet rolled out for us. For a couple of low time pilots building time in a 182, they made us feel like VIP's. Greeted with smiling faces, top notch facilities and every possible comfort. I will remember this wonderful FBO in the future.
From David Parrish on 02-Jul-2016

  Been flying a very long time and this is by far the best FBO I have ever encountered. Facilities are outstanding, only to be outdone by the people that work there!!! Outstanding!! When going to Chicago, this is THE place to stop. Could not have been easier with the South Shore Train. I landed 5 minutes before it was supposed to leave and the fine folks at Coleman had me at the train station with time to spare. Quicker to fly into GYY and go into Chicago than to fly into MDW.... and save a few bucks!!
From Brenton Taussig on 13-Jun-2016

  Absolutely the most incredible FBO experience I've had! Wonderful service, friendly staff, great facility and fuel price. I wish every FBO was like this.
From Ralph Keefer on 31-May-2016

  B Coleman Aviation is excellent! They are a great bunch of people and have a fantastic facility. If you need to get downtown Chicago this is the way in! They will take you to the South Shore train and let you stay in their car until the train arrives. 40 minutes later you are in Millennium Park. Call them on your return and they are there to pick you up. Perfect!
From Craig Cameron on 30-May-2016

  I've posted before (July 2014), but had to re-post to let everyone know that in the last two years this place has just gotten better!! We have been here several times for Chicago meetings and each time the team here has been A#1. They are absolutely the best FBO team I had had the pleasure of dealing with in the country. We have been all over this country at countless FBOs and B. Coleman is the TOP! All others need to take lessons from them...
From Wendell Todd on 24-May-2016

  Our visit was entirely satisfactory. B. Coleman provided prompt courteous shuttle to/from the train.
From Brent W McCasland on 16-May-2016

  It doesn't get any better than B Coleman. Great service and great prices. Uber now available and the train works well.
From Kevin Cook on 01-May-2016

  Flew up last Thursday and came back today. Super service from Coleman. We arrived about 5 minutes before the train was to stop. Steve met us at the airplane to load our bags and rushed us to the train stop (5min away) and we caught the train. Called 1 stop before Gary and Matt was at the train stop to pick us up. Super easy trip. Really nice folks at Coleman.
From Pete Howell on 29-Mar-2016

  I had not been to Coleman in a few years - back then they had a very nice trailer and treated my little RV very well. I came to visit Chicago over the weekend to see my son. I landed at 1:10 and told them I wanted to make a 1:21 train to the city. No Problem! I was whisked in a crew car to the train and helped with the ticket and process. 40 min later, downtown! Sam, Steve, and all the guys were great. The facility is amazing. Easy train ride into the city, great, helpful ATC. This is the way to do Chicago without breaking the bank!!
From Bernie Hirsch on 14-Feb-2016

  Had a great experience with Coleman yesterday. Five of us arrived in a Cherokee Six in frigid weather to ride the train into the city to spend the day at Shedd Aquarium. The crew had a warm van waiting for us and handled everything flawlessly as they dropped us off 5 minutes away at the train station. The driver waited with us for the train so we wouldn't need to stand in the cold. On the way back I called the FBO two stops out (Hammond) and they had a car waiting for us. I tried to tip the driver a few dollars and he refused, saying they are working to give excellent service and be the best at what they do. They plugged my preheater in all afternoon and had the plane fueled as scheduled. We were on our way within minutes. I highly recommend Coleman. They're the best!
From Jim Ratichek on 21-Dec-2015

  Had an amazing experience here when I got stuck in some weather in a Lancair. Cheap fuel, very friendly, staff gave me rides both ways to my hotel and ordered me a pizza along with a good deal on their heated hangar for the night. I'll be back if I'm ever in Chicago again!
From Scott Alperin on 05-Dec-2015

  I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful the experience at this facility was. The facility is awesome, the people were ALL as accommodating as I have ever experienced in my 30+ years of flying. The prices were very reasonable and the location to downtown Chicago was much better than all of the other locations.
From Anton Nielsen on 02-Nov-2015

  I flew our Vans RV-10 into Gary last week and parked it with B. Coleman for several days. Everyone at B. Coleman was extremely helpful. They helped book a rental car and pulled it up to the plane and even helped load my bags. They treated me and my homebuilt like we were a jet. Great, friendly service and the best gas price I have had in recent memory.
From Gregory Ricca on 14-Oct-2015

  Excellent FBO. Melissa, Josie and our lineman (sorry I forgot your name) were all friendly, inviting and provided first class service. A nearby train station gives you easy access to downtown Chicago. Driving time to downtown Chicago is about the same, or maybe even less, than from Midway because of traffic and traffic lights (though the distance is more from KGYY). If you are returning to KGYY by train, call B. Coleman Aviation as you pass the East Chicago Station and they will meet you at the Gary/Chicago Airport Station. We will be back.
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