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Merillat Aviation

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From Mike Allen on 31-Jul-2017

  Elected to refuel Cub at this grass airfield during return from EAA OSH - a BAD election: 1) 100LL fuel location is not marked; turns out to be a small unmarked white hut at NW end of airfield, owner laughed when I suggested he mark the hut so visiting pilots can find it, 2) Was asked to complete the next line on a register of visiting pilots requesting fuel; immediately previous entry was 6/26, 5 weeks ago!, 3) I asked when fuel quality was last checked: "Oh, maybe a few days ago". I refused to buy fuel here, flew over to ADG 9 miles SW. The place should not be advertising to sell fuel to visitors. DON'T expect any "customer service" or guaranteed-quality fuel here.
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