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Princeton Flying School

at Princeton Airport

  • Aviation fuel
  • Aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown)
  • Flight training
  • Aircraft rental
  • Pilot supplies
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: during regular FBO business hours; call FBO for hours of operation
Fuel prices as last reported on 04-Dec-2017
100LL Avgas Full service    $4.99
100LL Avgas Self service    $4.75
Jet A Full service    $4.99
Discounts: 0.20 discount over 300 gal Jet A
Prices include all taxes. Prices not guaranteed.
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Contact information
Address:41 Airpark Rd
Princeton, NJ 08540
United States of America
Telephone: 609-921-3100
Comments from AirNav users
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From Glenn Thomasson, N900CL PA32 on 30-Jul-2017

  Great FBO with good fuel prices, rental cars, and the mechanics at Pacific Air Craft saved our trip when I arrived with inop vacuum pump. We were just overnight and they had it ready before we were the next morning. Everyone there was great. Will stop in again!
From David Isaacs on 31-Mar-2016

  I wanted to provide an update to my last review. As you can see looking down the reviews I have had negative comments about this airport. However they have made improvements. On my last visit the self-service was out but the FBO provided full service at the self-service price. In addition the gas attendant knew what to the tabs meant. Service was fast and courteous. Wish the gas was cheaper but I don't know their operating costs so perhaps it is reasonable.
From David Isaacs on 14-Dec-2015

  Overpriced fuel is bad enough but when the self serve pump is broken and the fuel attendant fills it up with overpriced full serve gas after being instructed to fill to the tabs on my Arrow I was fit to be tied. Then I'm told 'I thought to the tabs meant to the top'. Thank god I was flying solo and the pain was only monetary, cause if I had a full plane I would have been over weight and in an a real dilemma.
From Spencer Palocz on 27-Nov-2015

  I flew in the day before Thanksgiving to pick up my daughter. I am very impressed that they stayed late so she could wait in the office, and even waited around to make sure my self-serve refueling was completed and all was well before they left for the night. Now that is service!
From Adam Edelstein on 13-Nov-2015

  Flew in late on Saturday to meet some friends for dinner. Everything as described. No issues. $10 for a single, regardless of fuel purchase. Departed late at night, again without issue
From Jeffrey Guy on 05-Aug-2015

  Arrived Friday July 31st. Friendly, purchased 10 gallons so no landing fee.
From Warren Gazi on 18-Jun-2015

  In over three decades of flying from 39N, and flying a variety of aircraft from 152's, to a Navajo, I always found the experience rewarding. The staff at 39N is excellent to say the least. I was always treated with the utmost courtesy and respect. 39N is a fun place to socialize with the many acquaintances I acquired over the years. 39N is a nice friendly airport in my opinion.
From David Isaacs on 13-Apr-2015

  Nice little airport but fuel WAY overpriced. Close to my NJ family so I'm kinda locked here as a destination. AirNav said fuel was 5.75 self service which, is expensive but got there and it was 6.59, which was outrageous. If you don't buy fuel $10 landing fee and would have been way better off making a fuel stop and paying the $10. Does 39N think they are KJFK?
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