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Ephraim-Gibraltar Airport

at Ephraim-Gibraltar Airport

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From Glenn Wear on 19-Aug-2018

  Flew up from Madison for a day trip to Door County. First employee gave a great experience: Very accommodating, very nice, very polite, loves flying, loves the area. Gave great advice on what to do and what to eat. He suggested we take the keys to the courtesy van before a side trip to Washington Island, knowing that he would be gone when we got back. John was a different story. He called not long after we had taken the van and interrupted our dinner to criticize us for having the keys longer than their requested 2 hour maximum (wasn't our idea). Demanded a large donation for keeping the van over the 2 hours. Called the next morning to ask about our donation (We did buy $65 worth of gas for our 172). Do not enjoy being extorted for "donations". Really put on sour note on an otherwise great trip. Will NOT be returning because of John's accusations and demands.
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