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Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant

at Harris Ranch Airport

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From Jassen Todorov on 17-Nov-2015

  Excellent beef and good service. Just don't fly over the cows 2 miles north of the ranch - it is a depressing sight.
From Kevin Condroski on 16-Jun-2015

  Stopped in with pilot friends for a great steak dinner. The new taxiway and ramp are in excellent condition with a nice fuel pump. The food was excellent.
From Tony Adams on 08-Jan-2015

  My son and I flew into 3O8 from KTCY on December 28, 2014 to meet-up with other friends who flew in from Lodi. No issues with the flight. The runway has a fresh, new coat of slurry seal and it seems they have replaced some of the worn out tiedowns with new ones. My only thoughts or issues with this day’s history were; the gate leading from the tarmac to the street is not secured, allowing anyone to wander into the parking area. The other issue was, a 200-foot MSL crane right dab in the middle of the final approach for RWY 32. The approach is tough enough without the added obstacle. The meal(s) at the restaurant were enjoyed by everyone.
From Geraldine August on 30-Aug-2014

  Runway is in pretty good shape, paved parking is now a plus. The hotel knows now to make you welcome from the moment you tie down & call for the shuttle to the inn. Warm cookies, room ready if you call ahead to arrive before check in time, pool water is like liquid silk! Sadly the restaurant was not up to the usual excellence. Prime rib & filet were over salted & spiced and not "restaurant select" more like very average supermarket choice.
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