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City of Hominy

at Hominy Municipal Airport

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From Ross S. on 09-May-2018

  Hominy's fuel USED TO BE the lowest in the region at $3.50/gal (when I was there less than two weeks ago). Today, it spiked to a whopping $5.00/gal! You have to call the police for someone to come out. The lady on the phone did not tell me of this considerable price hike until AFTER I had already filled up and called to give my credit card info. Completely dishonest! I live locally and will not return. Ever. I'd go to the self-service pump at Sand Springs Pogue (OWP) before I'd ever mess with this backward, overpriced operation again. This cost me an extra $50 just for the "convenience" of waiting in the heat for someone to unlock the pump. Who even does this anymore? This, in addition to this being a shabby little airport with no facilities.
From Dennis Frett on 20-Feb-2018

  We got weathered in at Hominy. There is no FBO building and only a shabby, but heated, restroom. The city is 2+ mile walk. The fuel is NOT self-service. You must call the police department for fuel. A great place to practice T&Gs, and obstacle avoidance.
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