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Nantucket Memorial Airport

at Nantucket Memorial Airport

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Aviation fuel services
Brand: Phillips 66
Fueling hours: during regular FBO business hours; call FBO for hours of operation
Fuel prices as last reported on 20-Feb-2018
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.47 Reported by the FBO
Jet A Full service    $4.70 Reported by the FBO
Discounts: Nantucket accepts the following credit cards for fuel: Bankcards: Visa Master Card Discover American Express And fuel cards: Multiservice Phillips/Conoco AvCard
Prices include all taxes. Prices not guaranteed.
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Contact information
Address:14 Airport Road
Nantucket, MA 02554
United States of America
Telephone: 508-325-5307
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From Todd Miller on 27-Jul-2017

  We just visited yesterday and the FBO service was as good as anywhere we have been. Called 10 minutes out, asked for a golf cart to meet us, we were marshalled in to a paved spot, and the cart took us to the office. Office and line personnel were very friendly and helpful. Fees were not outrageous, I got 70 gallons of fuel and only paid a $5 landing fee. We arrived at 9:30 and the ramp was maybe 25% full, we left at 6:00 and it was 75% full, this was on a Wed, and the ramp is HUGE. I can only imagine how hectic it gets on the weekend. I suppose a bit of patience would do wonders if you have to be there on a weekend. This was our 1st time on Nantucket and we liked it so much we will definitely be back.
From Stephen Montgomery on 21-Jul-2017

  Some staff are friendly and helpful, others are downright rude. You don't have a choice as it's the only FBO on the island, but they are in the bottom 10% of all airports I have been to. Nantucket is a great place to fly in. There is a beach close by and the airport restaurant is amazing (great food, awesome staff). It is a place worth coming to, just don't expect anything great from the FBO.
From Eric Hazen on 22-Jan-2017

  Off-season: five stars. Fly in a few times a year during off season (Nov-March) in my Archer and I'm always treated fine. No red carpet, but prompt Unicom help and lineman to marshal me to parking. Off-season parking is right outside the door. $15 in fees (waived with 10 gal 100LL but their fuel is expensive). Really like the Crosswinds restaurant on field. Peak season: two stars. Seems like they hire different people for summer, and tell them to ignore piston-powered planes. The jets get priority, and singles have to park themselves somewhere far away and hike. In the summer, go to Katama on the Vineyard for a totally different experience.
From Don Denny on 14-Aug-2016

  I've been going to ACK for years. Service is up and down - sometimes there is a golf cart for you, sometimes it is a long walk down the ramp. Sometimes the desk staff is great, sometimes they are lazy and uninterested. This trip I had a big oil leak on arrival from a ruptured oil cooler, but there is no mechanic on island. With the volume of traffic at ACK, you would think there would be an opportunity, but based on conversations with other pilots based there, the municipality likes its monopoly for fuel, and is uninterested in supporting an FBO. For service, you need to call a mechanic off island to arrange. After searching at the desk, the person checking me in was able to find a business card with a name and number for me to call, Griffin at Hyannis. The desk staff otherwise provided no assistance and didn't seem to care that there was a disabled plane leaking oil all over their ramp. 3 different line guys offered to get something to absorb the oil but never came back.
From Henry Hernandez on 22-Jul-2016

  I called to make a hotel reservation and they couldn't help me OMG!!! Then I told them I want to let you know about my arrival and she answered we don't take reservations and I was like WHAT?? Unfortunately it's my unique option to pick my passenger up!! Try to avoid this FBO if you don't want bad service.
From Gary Parker on 18-Jul-2016

  Landed at KACK for lunch yesterday with a light twin. Great FBO - very professional and pleasant. Could not have asked for a better reception or better service. Thank you!
From Dr. Phil Benanti on 20-Jun-2016

  Landed at KACK on June 19 for lunch on the Wharf with my lovely wife. This is a very busy place and everybody seems to be very rushed including the controllers who used separate runways for GA and the Corporates in order to get departures out faster. I still don't understand the "cast system" whereby some planes (never corporates of course) are parked on the grass and some GA planes on terra firma asphalt. They chose to park my Bonanza in the grass area when there appeared to be spaces on the asphalt portion as evidenced by a Saratoga, which was led to the asphalt for parking. My prop blades were not happy nor was I. The FBO personnel were 'rushingly friendly' but they were kind enough to supply some ice for my portable a/c. There was a $5.00 landing fee despite the purchase of 40 gallons of fuel. I have mixed feelings about KACK 🤔 It was a place we used to love.
From Randy Johnson on 04-Apr-2016

  Avoid Windmill Car Rental if possible. Told me to park car in front of FBO and turn keys into desk when done with car. They neglected to pick car up for two days and then had the shorts to mail me the parking tickets. Both the FBO and Car Rental Company refuse to make it right. Won’t be back.
From James Silva on 23-Nov-2015

  $5 landing fee and a $10 ramp fee is absurd for a Piper Warrior. It's like they are trying to disincentive weekend warriors from flying in for the day.
From Drew Gillett on 16-Sep-2015

  Still grouchy 15$ fee applies if u leave airport grounds no need to eat at restaurant although food good
From Eduardo Acosta on 14-Sep-2015

  Great facility, they bused my family and me back from the grass on Memorial Day weekend, had my rental car ready and did the same in reverse! They were professional and expeditious I honestly can't complain reading other folks feedback I am surprised I have been going to Nantucket for years and never really had a bad experience.
From David Burshtan on 21-Jul-2015

  Stopped at KACK for an afternoon from Chicago. Terrible service. They told us to park on the "left" but taxied down to where they told us (5-10 minutes) only to find no parking spots and had to circle around to the FBO to try it again. A young kid working at the FBO motioned for us to park in a spot out of the way. We shut the plane down and he said that we would need to help push the plane back into a parking spot if we wanted to park. He then took off in the golf cart and we walked back to the FBO. They would not call us a taxi and were very slow to process our fuel order. When we departed later that afternoon we had to wait for a half hour for some storms to pass as we left for KPVD. They didn't even have a "breath mint" or vending machine in the crew area and thought the PC's were antiquated with minimal flight planning software. The overall service was rude and slow. I guess it must be nice for them to have a monopoly.
From Jim Freeman on 12-Jun-2015

  Line crew and folks at the counter were very nice, I had a pleasant conversation with each! However, as mentioned before, fees are just not GA friendly. $15 for about a 20 minute stopover in a piston single... That makes it not a destination I am eager to return to.
From Emil Moshkovich on 07-Jun-2015

  Some staff is extremely rude. When asked to explain the landing and ramp fees, the FBO representative told me that I should just accept whatever his computer shows him. When asked for clarification he resorted to rudely telling me to, just be quiet and listen to what he has to say. Management intervened and the guy was still rude. With the high fees they are charging, better customer service would be a must.
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