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Silver Ranch Airpark

at Jaffrey Airfield Silver Ranch

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From Jeff Barsoian on 02-Dec-2021

  We overflew Silver Ranch yesterday in N20172. How much better the runway looks, now that it is completed. From our perspective it almost appeared that the runway was re-leveled and the nasty dip at the approach to 34 was greatly reduced. We will be back to land and say hello.
From Eric Hazen on 12-Jul-2020

  What a great airport! This place really takes you back, and visiting makes me remember why I fly. Lee and Harvey came out to chat, fuel the plane and sell me some maple syrup from the local farm. In the summer it's a short walk (follow the path with ice cream cones painted on it!) to Kimball farms for fried clams and ice cream. Runway is in fairly good shape, especially considered it was last paved in 1961! It constantly cracks but they work patiently to pick up the chunks and keep it patched. It seems always about the same. I've never been concerned landing there in my Cherokee. Watch the winds... Not sure where the ASOS is but the windsock on the hangar at the North end is what you want to check out.
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