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Avon Park Executive Airport

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From Tracy Forrest on 27-Feb-2017

  The Runways and Taxiways are acceptable. The FBO is another story, it's a real stretch to call it an FBO, the City operates it, and they have a fuel truck but no one to operate. If you fly in for the day, they neglect to tell you they close the facility and lock all access to the airport at 4:00.. I had to call the Local Police Department to let me access my airplane at 5:00 in the afternoon. The City/ FBO will not let any rental cars be picked up or dropped off at the airport. The City/ FBO has made it so bad, Hertz will not service anyone arriving and departing Avon Park Airport, Enterprise will pick you up at the at the airport and take you to their facility for the transaction, if you run late and the Enterprise drive waits for you, the FBO will call the Cops who then come and threaten the Enterprise driver the he will be arrested for loitering if he does not vacate the premises immediately. Enterprise is very on edge about picking up people at the airport and taking them back
From Douglas I. Kirkland on 21-Jul-2015

  I flew in this am to PJAviation. The airport has nice approaches (RNAV/GPS), the runways were in great shape, it was a great experience!
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