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Three Wing Aviation Group LLC

Three Wing has been in operation since 1974 providing professional aviation services. Three Wing continues to strive to provide the highest quality customer service in the industry.
Bridgeport/Sikorsky Airport
UNICOM 122.95

600 Great Meadow Rd.
Stratford, CT 06615
United States of America

Fax 203-377-8067

 U.S. Customs Service   CAA Preferred FBO   Titan Contract Fuel   Titan Rewards   Courtesy car   FAA-Approved Repair Station   Diamond Aircraft   Authorized Piper Service Center   Wireless Internet Access (WiFi) 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Jet A/AVGAS 100LL
  • Tie Down/ Hangar Availability
  • GPU and Lav Service
  • Courtesy Vehicle
  • Pilot/Passenger Lounge
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet
  • Conference Rooms
  • Ice/Coffee/Papers
  • Rental Cars Hertz/Avis/Enterprise
  • Gourmet Catering Coordination
  • Oxygen Service
  • Aircraft Avionics
  • Major Airframe and Powerplant Repair
  • Wash and Wax/Aircraft Detailing
  • Hotel Reservations Upon Request
  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Titan
Fueling hours: Monday-Sunday 7AM-7PM
24 Hours Available Upon Request
Line Service Ext. 113
100LL Avgas Full service    $7.95
Jet A Full service    $5.95
Discounts: Ramp Fees waived with a minimum fuel purchase.

Prices include all taxes.
Single-point and overwing is available. Prist injection is available upon request. We are located at the two gray hangers off taxiway Alpha between taxiways B and C at BDR.  
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From Dan Lucas, Lear 45 on 27-Oct-2022

  I made two quick stops at Three Wing on consecutive Wednesdays - Oct 2022 to pick up one pax, and then drop him off the next week. The original plan was to meet the pax at OXC, but the cost of just a quick pick up (no fuel) was astronomical. Ken and Suzy made the Plan B perfect! We shut down the left engine, boarded the pax, closed up and departed very quickly. My cc was charged a minimal fee, and we were even given a bag of various "Three Wing" items! The return drop off was a quick and easy as the pickup. I can't offer enough praise to Ken and Suzy and the line service! In this day of high fuel prices and fees at chain FBOs, it is SO refreshing to get such outstanding, personal service at a smaller FBO. Three Wing offers CAA fuel as well. Thanks for the fantastic service to all!
From Glenn J Hansen on 15-Sep-2022

  I was heading to Dare Cty NC. Started the engine and it was running very rough. Advancing the throttle had no effect. But I had enough power to taxi to Three Wing from the south side of the airport. The maintenance crew dropped all they were doing to check the engine. In three hours they removed engine top cowling and performed visual inspection. Both tailpipes were clear and muffler flame tubes in good shape. Nothing disconnected or broken in engine compartment. Removed, cleaned, and gapped all spark plugs. Reinstalled with new gaskets. Removed and cleaned fuel injectors in ultrasonic cleaner. Rinsed nozzles and blew out with air. Removed and inspected fuel servo screen and found the problem. Water. Although I did not see any when I pre-flighted. They cleaned and reinstalled servo screen. Sumped fuel tanks. Removed fuel drains from wing tanks and sumped until all water was removed. I was then on my way. Excellent customer service at the drop of a hat. I highly recommend Three Wing.
From Richard Jacobs on 24-Feb-2022

  Stopped by to pick up pax on an Angel Flight. Three Wing could not have been more accommodating. Shout out to Suzi and the ramp crew for courteous and efficient handing of our modest need.
From Mike Ciholas on 22-Jan-2022

  Flew our Citation V in for a business trip to Yale. Excellent service, helpful people, for a reasonable cost. My go to FBO in the southern CT area saving tons over Atlantic or HVN.
From James Rose on 12-Dec-2021

  Last week Three Wing had a staffer come in before normal hours (at no charge) to help me prepare my plane for a turtle rescue flight. Love of aviation is clearly why they are in the business.
From Joshua Morowitz on 12-Apr-2021

  Excellent experience. During a recent stay at BDR, I neglected to put my cowl plugs in. The line crew noticed some bird activity and put some of their plugs in. They called to notify me and offered to uncowl the engine compartment to clean it. I elected to defer that until the day of departure so I could observe it my self. They did a meticulous job cleaning the bird nest material out, and vacuuming out my engine compartment. Truly amazing effort on their part. The office staff was very friendly as well. One small disappointment was that the overnight fee has gone from $6 to $20. They are still cheaper than the other FBO, however. Still, definitely a five star rating.
From Ryan Porter on 25-Jan-2021

  Ramp guys were super friendly and treated me like a first class visitor when I arrived. Once I shut down I told them the plan and they made it work! Waived my landing fees with a fuel purchase. Complimentary snacks and drinks in the lobby while they fueled up. Friendly line and front of house staff. Allowed me to do my run up right there on the ramp to save time too. All in all, next time I come to BDR ill be coming to Three Wing Aviation. I know that for sure.
From Michael Welles on 29-Dec-2020

  I just had Jared upgrade my PA46T to a G1000NXi. He and his team did a fantastic job, getting it done in a day and a half despite the transponder switch he had to do. He even spent time on the ramp with me reviewing the new features. They are very knowledgeable of a wide range of avionics equipment and importantly the interconnect issues. The hospitality offered by Jared and Suzie, and the line guys are terrific. I highly recommend this shop as both FBO and Piper Meridian service and avionics.
From Doug Seck on 19-Dec-2020

  I have known Jared and the Three Wing team for over 15 years. I fly a single turbine. EVERY time I have called or e-mailed Jared he has responded immediately. Every problem I have had, he has solved quickly and while remaining sensitive to cost, he has come through on time or ahead of time. For me, safety, reliability and accessibility are priceless when it comes to owner-pilot operations. I feel like he can solve any problem. The FBO is great. BDR has IAPs and train nearby. Home run. Thank you Jared / Three Wing. Doug.
From David Windmiller on 09-Oct-2020

  Truly a gem in GA! Amazing service, incredible prices, accommodating staff. Nothing but a perfect 10. Thank you!
From James Rose on 12-Aug-2020

  I have an Arrow on tie-down at Three Wing. Instead of describing how I feel I will copy this email I just received from them: "Dear Mr. Rose, I hope you weathered last week's storm ok and are staying safe! During the storm, the strap from your aircraft cover ripped off from the canvas. One of our line crew was able to recover the strap and brought the canvas inside the FBO to dry out. I took the canvas home and sewed the strap back on, as I have done this for one of our flying club plane covers, and line crew re-assembled the bungee straps and placed the cover back onto your aircraft. We are thankful for loyal customers such as yourself and hope our efforts created one less burden for you to have to deal with!!" I have owned a Lexus and a Mercedes and have never received service like that before.
From David Vail on 01-Aug-2020

  Exceptional work again for our DA62! Upgraded to GTX-345R and FlightStream. We'll always use Jared as our avionicman! Great work!
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