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Three Wing Aviation Group LLC

at Igor I Sikorsky Memorial Airport

Three Wing has been in operation since 1974 providing professional aviation services. Three Wing continues to strive to provide the highest quality customer service in the industry.
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Jet A/AVGAS 100LL
  • Tie Down/ Hangar Availability
  • GPU and Lav Service
  • Courtesy Vehicle
  • Pilot/Passenger Lounge
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet
  • Conference Rooms
  • Ice/Coffee/Papers
  • Rental Cars Hertz/Avis/Enterprise
  • Gourmet Catering Coordination
  • Oxygen Service
  • Aircraft Avionics
  • Major Airframe and Powerplant Repair
  • Wash and Wax/Aircraft Detailing
  • Hotel Reservations Upon Request
  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Shell
Fueling hours: Monday-Sunday 7AM-7PM
24 Hours Available Upon Request
Line Service Ext. 113
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.70
Jet A Full service    $4.05
Discounts: Ramp Fees waived with a minimum fuel purchase.

Prices include all taxes.
Single-point and overwing is available. Prist injection is available upon request. We are located at the two gray hangers off taxiway Alpha between taxiways B and C at BDR.  
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Contact information
Address:600 Great Meadow Rd.
Stratford, CT 06615
United States of America
Telephone: 203-375-5795
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From James Rose on 12-Aug-2020

  I have an Arrow on tie-down at Three Wing. Instead of describing how I feel I will copy this email I just received from them: "Dear Mr. Rose, I hope you weathered last week's storm ok and are staying safe! During the storm, the strap from your aircraft cover ripped off from the canvas. One of our line crew was able to recover the strap and brought the canvas inside the FBO to dry out. I took the canvas home and sewed the strap back on, as I have done this for one of our flying club plane covers, and line crew re-assembled the bungee straps and placed the cover back onto your aircraft. We are thankful for loyal customers such as yourself and hope our efforts created one less burden for you to have to deal with!!" I have owned a Lexus and a Mercedes and have never received service like that before.
From David Vail on 01-Aug-2020

  Exceptional work again for our DA62! Upgraded to GTX-345R and FlightStream. We'll always use Jared as our avionicman! Great work!
From Robert Odze on 11-Jul-2019

  In April 2019 I sustained major damage to my Meridian, the engine mount and landing gear. I was in a terrible bind since no facility at White Plains could help me. I was so fortunate to meet Jared and Three Wings. They treated me like family from the start! Dropped his personal obligations and helped me out personally. Took complete control of the matter, made himself available 24/7 and fixed my plane perfectly despite having to travel hours to the airport from his base facility, and personally dealt with the FAA which is anxiety provoking. They are the best and I was fortunate to have them take care of my airplane and me. A great experience in a difficult situation. I can't recommend them enough.
From Marc Abouaf on 31-May-2019

  I had a flat tire while taxiing out the runway and called Three Wings on the intercom as soon as I cleared the threshold. The immediately responded and arrived within 5 minutes with a van to take my passengers and another 5 minutes with a tow and temporary tire to bring the plane into their hangar. Jared and his crew are top notch, and very personable. As this happened at the end of the day, they did not even question about staying longer than their normal hours and were on their way to install a new tire. Ken the GM also joined in the fun and shared pilot life experiences. Not only they had everything fixed and the aircraft refueled within a couple of hours of the incident, but this event became a pleasant experience... Only I had to leave in pouring rain, my plan to beat the storms didn't pan out lol. I decided to come back to Three Wings for my next avionics work and upgrades.
From David Vail on 02-Mar-2019

  Absolutely wonderful service from Jared and his crew! Had some issues with my G1000 and they were there immediately. My new go-to for all my avionics needs. Highly recommended!
From Bryan Rone on 05-Oct-2018

  Three Wing did a prebuy inspection and annual inspection. Jared communicated quickly and easily about the process. I picked up my new to me airplane and my review of the work and airplane were exactly what Jared reported. The pilot area was nice and comfortable. The line crew was available and eager to help.
From William Alderman on 24-May-2018

  Second time at Three Wings. Finally took the plunge and did the ADS-B install in our Cirrus (SR22). Jared talked with us at length about our options and helped us pick the right solution for us. We ultimately decided to go with removing our GTX330 and replacing it with a GTX345 and at the same time we added a FlightStream 210, to give us Bluetooth connectivity to our GNS430s and launching us into the modern world - with one-button flight plan loading with victor airways. Jared and his team are outstanding. Not only did Jared, Kam and the team do great work, but also the team literally worked until late in the night the last day to get everything buttoned-up, tested, signed-off, and redelivered - weeks ahead of schedule. Great job again guys!
From Mike Smith on 06-Dec-2017

  Everyone at Three Wing were very supportive our flight operations for several days, even receiving and shipping packages for us. Thank you Suzy and the whole staff.
From Bob Thoms on 16-Nov-2017

  We have been using Three Wings Aviation for regular visits to KBDR. Susie, Lisa, Warren, and the staff have gone over the top to make our visits as pleasant as possible. From the normal like good places to eat and local accommodations, to the special like light bulbs, tire tubes and repair items, even cooking advice on fish we bought (they know a place!) they have gone out of their way to make sure everything is perfect! We are always greeted with a friendly smile and they go the extra to make us feel like family. Thank you for all your help.
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