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Raleigh County Memorial Airport

at Raleigh County Memorial Airport

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From Richard Judy on 06-Nov-2019

  Well, the line guys are STILL on the radio and it's getting worse! Now, instead of just on arrival, one of the genius line guys wanted to carry on a conversation ON MY TAKEOFF ROLL! Maybe the FAA needs to look into this very serious safety situation and take action!
From Russell & Renea Peitz on 17-Jul-2019

  No real FBO, just park on the ramp near the fire station for fuel. Had difficulty finding line personnel for fueling. Reserved car at terminal with Enterprise for 10 am pickup arrived at 10 am to find no one in terminal. Called Enterprise, was told a reservation online wasn't enough and I need to schedule an appointment with local office for pickup. Ended up with 30-minute delay getting car. Overall looks like they just don't have enough traffic to justify manning to the level of busier airports. Nice folks, but don't be in a hurry.
From Richard Judy on 12-May-2019

  Hadn't been here for about a year and the line guys are STILL on the radio. In addition to a weather report EVERY TIME I made a radio call, I was given a weather report WHEN I LEFT!
From Terry A. Riney on 24-Jun-2018

  Unicom was active with wind instruction, very nice an accommodating, easy in and out, nice tie down area, great airport.
From Richard Judy on 27-Sep-2017

  Came in to deliver an airplane to Albatross Air and the line guys told me EVERY TIME I made a radio call the weather and winds. The kicker was the CFI that proceeded to berate me once I landed.
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