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Sky Harbor Aviation

Sky Harbor is a full service FBO dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to all aircraft types and the passengers. We are proud to be the CAA preferred FBO at KCRG! As a Veteran owned and operated FBO we appreciate the opportunity to serve all MILITARY AIRCRAFT!
-VOLUME DISCOUNTS! Call ahead for our best price! As Jacksonville's oldest and largest FBO, Sky Harbor services and amenities are among the industry's best, and we are proud to have the designation of the only approved CAA PREFERRED FBO on KCRG! Today with facilities that include over 150,000 square feet of hangar and office space, it is the FBO of choice for hundreds of pilots each year, including the many whose private and corporate aircraft call Sky Harbor home. As a first time visitor, expect to experience a truly professional team, committed to making your visit as convenient as possible. From Pilot Services to Line Services to our newly remodeled pilot and guest areas, we're sure you'll find Sky Harbor to be a new favorite.
Jacksonville Executive Airport at Craig
ASRI 129.25

855-5 St. Johns Bluff Road N
Jacksonville, FL 32225
United States of America

toll-free 1-877-641-8555
Fax 904-641-9918


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 Contract Fuel   Crew cars   Avis   Enterprise Rent-A-Car   Hertz   Wireless Internet Access (WiFi)   Wheelchair Accessible 

Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Volume Discounts!
  • Cars Delivered On Ramp to Aircraft
  • MILITARY AIRCRAFT FUEL/ with hangar space included
  • Top Level Customer Service begins on the ramp.
  • Short and Long Term Hangar Space
  • Short and Long Term Parking & Tie Down
  • Crew lounge
  • Phone, Fax, High speed internet access, WIFI
  • Experienced Executive Helicopter Handling
  • 24 hour Avgas Self-Service pump (taxi Alpha 4 or Alpha 5)
  • NATA Safety First
  • After Hours Service Available.
Aviation fuel services
Brand: EPIC
Fueling hours: 0600-2200 daily (24/7 on request)
Call out number (904) 442-1932
The CAA preferred FBO @ KCRG!
100LL Avgas Full service    $6.93   $6.10
100LL Avgas Self service    $6.72   ---
Jet A Full service    $6.30   $5.35
Prices include all taxes.
Earn instant cash. Call for details.  
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From Robert McMeekin on 28-Sep-2017

  Another visit with outstanding support from the Sky Harbor staff. Called ahead and Kayla arranged hangar and rental car. Raining when we arrived, but Jeff and Matt moved the plane and rental car into a hangar right away to keep us dry and helped us unload. Early morning departure a few days later Fred had the plane fueled and ready to go. Rebecca, Alexa and Kayla seem to have the answer to everything, "no problem." We'll be back.
From Robert McMeekin on 06-Mar-2017

  Can always count on the staff at Sky Harbor taking good care of us. Alexa and Rebecca took care of all our local arrangements. Kevin and his line crew got our luggage loaded and the aircraft fueled and ready when we needed it. Thank you again! We'll be back.
From Michael Baker on 02-Mar-2017

  The team at Sky Harbor goes the extra mile to make things right and serve the customer. We had an issue where the FBO did not have fuel mats readily available to service our Citation S550. They corrected their issue with a smile and in the process won our business for the future. Thank you to Rebecca and the team.
From A Fraser on 05-Sep-2016

  Arrived on the tail of Hurricane Hermine in a helicopter. They were excellent in every respect. Line crew got soaked so I didn't have to helping with tie down and rental car. 100% positive rating.
From Alan Mathis on 12-Aug-2016

  I flew into Sky Harbor with an aircraft problem (7/22/16, Cirrus SR22) and the staff could not have been more accommodating. The Line Service Techs immediately offered to pull my plane into the hangar for me to troubleshoot and to escape the broiling summer asphalt. There they kept the tools coming as though attending a surgeon. The Customer Service Reps kept the complimentary water flowing while I worked and offered my wife and young son things to do to ease the passage of time. They all took care of my family and me in such a manner as to bring credit and honor to their company. That is the way to do business, and to keep me coming back when flying into KCRG. Thank you for a job excellently done.
From Rick Scott on 12-Jul-2016

  Unbelievable service! They had our passenger's car cooled off with ice cold waters for each rider, the fuel truck was at the aircraft just as the passengers left, they offered ice cold water to the crew and offered to help clean the cabin! The girl at the front desk was just as friendly and helpful as the guys were outside. They have the FBO business figured out! You will not find better service anywhere.
From Dusty Hanks on 27-Jun-2016

  Called ahead twenty minutes prior to landing, asking for a taxi for passengers and a very quick turn due to approaching weather. They taxied us right up to the door, had the fuel truck on standby, and were waiting with umbrellas to help us unload our passengers. Service was above and beyond exceptional. You definitely gained a future customer each time we return to CRG.
From Randolph B Mahoney on 10-Dec-2015

  Sky Harbor is the BEST! Had some business in JAX, and I could not have been more pleased with the reception I had here. These people really care about their customers, and go out of their way to make you happy. I noticed a very well-maintained Baron, and found out that Casey had detailed it... He did the same amazing job on my Baron! I could not be more pleased with this legendary FBO. I will definitely be back!
From Rob Dugger on 06-Jul-2015

  FLY IN HERE!! Super friendly staff! Free snacks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cookies! I fly a Cirrus in here frequently and the line guys are always helpful. Go see Stephanie or Rebecca up front and they'll take care of you. They can make the small GA guys or the business class feel like they're flying a G6!
From Don Carruth on 05-Jul-2015

  Flew in over July the 3rd holiday. The staff was very attentive & helpful with our baggage & rent car. They have now revised their fuel prices & they are very competitive. Great FBO.
From Bob Mames on 15-Mar-2015

  Totally Impressed! We have never been to KCRG before, and the FBO really outdid themselves with AAAAA+++ service. Will, Casey, and Kevin from the line and Stephanie in the office were unbelievable in their hospitality, efficiency, and care of our aircraft and passengers. We came in with a single engine prop and were ushered in right near the main entrance. The rental car was brought planeside. Fueling and hangar service were outstanding. WE will be sure to return to SKY HARBOR and give it our highest endorsement to other pilots and their passengers.
From Coleman A. Mulkern on 28-Jan-2015

  My daughter and I stopped in on a cross country helicopter trek from Maine to Ft. Lauderdale. I had compared AirNav reviews for both FBO's on the field and chose Sky Harbor based on them, I'm so glad I did. I dealt with Casey on the line and Christina at the counter, I can't think of any way they could have made this a better experience. They gave us a great parking spot safe from jetblast. They reserved hotel rooms, recommended dinner places and even let us borrow a crew car for overnight. They treated us as well as their most important VIP's and I will always make Sky Harbor my Jacksonville stop, I recommend you do as well.
From Martin Mauersberg on 30-Dec-2014

  On our flight to KCRG in a C172 all our radios failed. Upon landing we taxied straight to the Sky Harbor ramp and were greeted by a lineman who immediately called an avionics specialist to check out the radio issue. We were offered coffee and a crew car to get something to eat. 20 mins later we got a call from the avionics specialist with a detailed briefing on the status of our radios. He had checked everything and everything was working fine. An hour later we were back in the air. EXCELLENT customer service!!!! We'll certainly be back again.
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