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On the Fly Self-Fueling Station

at Ellington Airport

  • Aviation fuel
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Shell
Fueling hours: 24 hours a day
100LL Avgas Self service    $4.499
Discounts: Inquire at 281-847-4211 for company and volume discounts(if available).
Prices include all taxes.
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Contact information
Address:11851 Kirk St.
Houston, TX 77034
United States of America
Telephone: 713-847-4234
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From W.C. Smith on 16-May-2018

  If you have problems with the CC reader: Remove your card slowly. Most readers you encounter are best if swiped fast (~.5s). For this one, remove over 1s.
From Jay Apt on 15-Jun-2017

  Having used this a year ago, I wasn't prepared for what happened today (6/15/2017). The self-serve would not accept either of my credit cards reliably. I was able to get it to give me $100 of fuel, once (not a second time). A fellow who had just used it offered to use his card (I gave him cash), and it took him several times to get it to work. There is only an emergency number for spills on the pump, but the kind fellow who helped me out knew the airport manager's cell number and phoned him: he was not prepared to help troubleshoot. I ended up finishing my top-off with Signature's expensive fuel. I'll skip EFD in the future - plenty of inexpensive gas fields around with reliable self-serve pumps.

Response from Shawn Chittum, Ellington Airport Operations Supervisor, On the Fly Self-Fueling
After speaking with Mr. Apt we identified an issue with the card reader. The card reader has been replaced and hopefully resolved all issues with not reading cards or intermittent reading of cards. Please feel free to share problems or issues by call 281-433-1612.

From Alan Cheak on 25-May-2017

  Excellent equipment. Facility is a little hidden behind the T hangers but once I found it, it was a snap. Love the big gallon readout and cost in red signage. Good job Houston.
From Tobias Muhlhofer on 18-Jul-2016

  Wonderful self-serve station! New and well-functioning equipment, with a long hose and a high credit-card authorization limit (both of which I appreciate for my C414). Fuel is very reasonably priced too. In-and-out is very quick and efficient, and especially airport controllers are super nice!
From Al Sinopoli on 16-Jun-2016

  Stopped in on June 15th. Fuel pump operational. Pump was a little sluggish flow-wise, but filled the tanks eventually. Location is a bit close to an access gate - fortunately no in/outs at that time. Great deal for a quick-turn without any services.
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