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Bent Wing Flight Services

at Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport

  • Aviation fuel
  • Aircraft ground handling
  • Aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown)
  • Hangars
  • GPU / Power cart
  • Passenger terminal and lounge
  • Catering
  • Pilot supplies
  • Rental cars on site
  • Courtesy transportation
  • ...
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: during regular FBO business hours, plus after hours call-out service (with prior arrangement and/or a callout fee); call FBO for details
Fuel prices as last reported on 17-Sep-2020
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.39
100LL Avgas Self service    $4.49
Jet A Full service    $4.69
Prices include all taxes. Prices not guaranteed.
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Contact information
Address:680 Airport Road
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
United States of America
Telephone: 904-849-4321
Fax:toll-free 1-877-410-5107
Web site:
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Comments from AirNav users
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From Jack Householder on 17-Jul-2020

  Parked at Bent Wing Aviation today and the line service tech advised us that we needed a mask to go into the FBO but if we didn't have one they could supply one for all of us in the FBO. Tracine Anderson the general manager was VERY disrespectful and rude when she met us at the front door telling us we could not come in, I told her what the line service tech said about supplying us with a mask and she said "What are you doing here". Then finally let us come inside after she very rudely told me it would be a $20 ramp fee. Very Disappointed with this rude and disrespectful General manager. Never experienced that before.

Response from Brian Echard, Owner, Bent Wing Flight Services
Mr. Householder, I am sorry you were not prepared and got upset about the mask ordinance on Amelia Island. My GM asked you to wait outside while she retrieved four FREE cloth masks for you and your three passengers to enter our facility. Bent Wing is taking the necessary safety precautions and following local laws for the wellbeing of our CUSTOMERS and employees during this worldwide pandemic. We must sanitize the facility and restrooms after every CUSTOMER use. If you had purchased a few gallons for your Cessna 172, the $20 facility fee would have been gladly waived. If you visit us again, please Mask Up...or Fly Off!

From Shawn Wortham on 13-Jul-2020

  The management at this airport was fantastic. They really go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of. I arrived two hours after closing and Bobby, the airfield manager, waited for us to arrive and put us in a nice hangar for only $30 a night. Very pleased.
From Alex Dragoo on 13-Jul-2020

  We experienced a 10/10 customer service thanks to Bobby. He went above and beyond our expectations.
From Doug Kessler on 25-Apr-2020

  One of the best FBOs we go to! Service is always THE BEST and you cannot find friendlier folks! Highly recommend!!!
From Mariano P. on 23-Feb-2020

  My wife and I flew in for 4 days. Found the new (Corsair) building awesome. It was squeaky clean with a very nice area to grab a snack and/or drink; and a small gift shop too. Hertz in onsite (right next to the front desk). All of the staff was super friendly.

Response from Tracine Anderson, General Manager, Bent Wing Flight Services
Mr. Mariano, It is always a pleasure to hear from our customers regarding their experience at Bent Wing Flight Services. Thank you for taking the time to let us know how much you enjoyed your visit to Fernandina Beach/ Amelia Island, we hope to see you again soon.

From Carl Hall on 17-Feb-2020

  Nice group of people and a great and improving facility. I have been coming in and out of FHB for several years. Bent Wing made a real difference when they took over 2 years ago. They have continued to improve the service and are investing in the facilities at the airport.

Response from Tracine Anderson, General Manager, Bent Wing Flight Services
Thank you, Carl, we always look forward to seeing you and Margo. It is so nice to hear how much of an improvement you have seen since the ownership change in 2018. We are all quite proud of the team we have built around this beautiful FBO. The owners are committed to improving the facilities and services offered at Bent Wing Flight Services.

From Edward Engelhard on 09-Feb-2020

  Great hospitality, good service, beautiful facility for pilots and passengers. Came in and out in a C172 but was treated with courtesy and respect. Will return if in the area again!

Response from Tracine Anderson, General Manager, Bent Wing Flight Services
Mr. Engelhard, Thank you for taking the time to provide us feedback on our service. We hope to see you again in the near future.

From Mark Dymond on 25-Jan-2020

  Stopped in for a 4-day weekend. Very nice and unique FBO, with helpful staff. Beautiful in fact. We had no problems or issues. Its clear of the JAX class B airspace.

Response from Tracine Anderson, General Manager, Bent Wing Flight Services
Mr. Dymond, I greatly appreciate hearing comments from our valued customers and will be sure to pass this on to our team. We look forward to your next visit.

From Brian Turrisi on 22-Dec-2019

  Being a CFI, I value the fact that FBOs often contribute to the spirit of aviation safety by being accommodating to training flights. My student wanted to take a short break during training so we stopped for 5 minutes at this FBO. No services provided but we were charged $15 for stopping. FHB is now off my list of training airports.

Response from Brian Echard, Owner, Bent Wing Flight Services
Mr. Turrisi, this is your 3rd visit this year, so it should be no surprise that we have a $15 facility fee if NO FUEL is purchased. For your 1st visit we gave you & your wife our Mercedes convertible crew car at NO COST for the day because you didn’t have a Hertz reservation. On your 2nd visit you used our conference & flight planning room for several hours and you left without paying the facility fee. On your 3rd visit Dec 18, you again used our conference & flight planning room for student training. You did not buy FUEL & balked at paying the $15 fee. Mr. Turrisi, if you’re looking to subsidize your business by using my facility & office supplies at no charge, I suggest you find a FBO that is subsidized by local city government. We strongly encourage flight training at FHB & most CFIs teach students the concept of “courtesy fuel” & the value of FBO services. In the spirit of promoting aviation, I would like to offer your most recent student a $15 FUEL credit for her next stop at FHB.

From F. Scott Sanders on 11-Oct-2019

  Hard to top the service and hospitality. Beautiful facility, attentive CSRs. Rental car was ready and the Hertz staff was the best I've ever had from Hertz. Very neat little town to visit as well.
From David Beaman on 07-Oct-2019

  We flew into Fernandina Beach (FHB) for the AYA (Grumman) Convention. The entire staff were excellent! With 56 Grumman aircraft on the ramp and 160 people coming and going, each of us felt welcome. We were greeted with a cool bottle of water and offered a hot dog. Our rental car was ready. We were treated great the entire week! And very helpful getting to and from our plane with luggage. Awesome people! Highly recommend!
From Victor Rivas on 06-Jun-2019

  I was just visiting Amelia Island this past week and wanted to report my amazing experience. First off I would like to thank Bobby the airport Manager. He was such a pleasure to deal with and super accommodating with helping me secure short term hangar space. I would also like to thank Tracine and the rest of the crew from Bent Wing, truly a first class operation. One more thank you that was well deserved goes out to the other airport manager Nate for helping me depart super early. From the moment I arrived to the moment I left everyone at KFHB went above and beyond to leave me with an outstanding impression!!! I will definitely be back soon, thank you to all!

Response from Tracine Anderson, General Manager, Bent Wing Flight Services
Mr. Rivas What a pleasure it was to meet you during the MMOPA event. You were one of the first to arrive and I remember meeting you in the FBO on that first hectic day. Thank you for taking the time to let us know that your stay was a positive experience. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

From Stu Bloom on 06-Jun-2019

  We landed our Jetprop at KFHB two weeks ago for the MMOPA convention and stayed one week. Since we had concerns about leaving our aircraft outside to either bake in the Florida sun, or get pummeled by a passing thunderstorm, we contacted Bobby, the airport manager several weeks in advance. Even though space was limited, he was able to provide a hangar for us the entire period, and was very gracious and ensured that all our requests were met. Other pilots with whom we spoke would have also liked to be hangared had space been available. The Bent Wing FBO provided good service but I think their rates for parking and fuel are higher than necessary. Their charge for Jet A was $1.50 per gallon higher than at KCRG, 15 miles to the south. That said, our overall experience was positive and we departed with no complaints.

Response from Tracine Anderson, General Manager, Bent Wing Flight Services
Mr. Bloom We are glad to hear your overall experience was positive. Thank you for your feedback.

From Deb Dreyfuss on 05-Jun-2019

  I was there for the MMOPA convention at the end of May 2019 - they parked 94 M class airplanes on the closed runway, separated by piston and turbine, shuttled us to the terminal, had us all fueled before departure day and shuttled us all back. Very organized, hardly any waiting! The staff members were cheerful, friendly, and helpful. Great experience!

Response from Tracine Anderson, General Manager, Bent Wing Flight Services
Ms. Dreyfuss We are so pleased you enjoyed your recent visit with us during MMOPA. Thank you for your comments, we hope to see you again soon.

From George Currie on 18-May-2019

  Waived ramp fee with only a modest amount of gas for our small single. Tracine and Nick were friendly & professional. Offered us a clean crew car for us to get breakfast. Beautiful FBO facility and amenities Just need a restaurant or food truck on premises. Nice day trip and scenic flight up from nearby JAX.

Response from Tracine Anderson, Customer Service Manager, Bent Wing Flight Services
Mr. Currie. Thank you for your recent visit and taking the time to comment. A Food Truck! We want one too! Hope to see again soon.

From Brian Turrisi on 01-May-2019

  Great service at Bent Wing. My Hertz reservation was misplaced and Bent Wing gave me their courtesy car for the day without question. Very friendly and would definitely return!

Response from Tracine Anderson, Customer Service Manager, Bent Wing Flight Services
Mr. Turrisi, Thank you for your kind comments regarding your recent visit to our facility. I am so glad we had the Mercedes Convertible Crew Car available for you to enjoy for the day. We look forward to your next visit.

From Kevin William on 01-May-2019

  We flew in on 4/19, after hours. With no services being provided we parked on the end of the ramp. The next morning we were greeted with an $80 fee. All that was provided was rude customer service, and a ramp agent that finally made it out to insist on untying last rope. Absolutely terrible attitudes from the staff definitely will not be using this airfield again.

Response from Tracine Anderson, Customer Service Manager, Bent Wing Flight Services
Mr. William, Thank you for taking the time to comment on your recent visit. Even though a pilot flies in after hours and doesn't require any FBO services, the FBO still has to pay the City Airport fees for aircraft parking and utilizing the ramp... We are sorry you did not have a good experience and hope you stop by again. I have looked at invoices and ramp sheet for departure on 4/20 and cannot find anything that would match up with your name. Please contact me with your aircraft number so that I can further research and verify the correct charges were applied. Best Regards

From Glenn Carlson on 12-Apr-2019

  Stopped in today for the first time and was so impressed with the facility and the friendliness of the staff. Will definitely be back again.
From Mark Cameron on 05-Apr-2019

  Flew into FHB today to drop off two passengers. The passengers were met by two cars being delivered for their use. The line personnel opened the gate and let the drivers onto the ramp to drive to the aircraft. These drivers have been to this airport many times in the past, but were unaware of the new escort policy, which took effect March 1st. After the passengers departed, a line person with no customer service skills rudely informed us that ramp access was a privilege and that in the future if the drivers didn't follow the escort (Which doesn't have a "follow me" sign on it) then they would no longer have access to the ramp. I have no problem with the information that he was relaying, my issue is that his attitude was that of Barney Fife about to pull out his bullet! Perhaps this individual would be better suited for a career with the TSA rather than a line service position, which requires some degree of customer service skills. Fees too high to accept poor attitudes as well!

Response from Tracine Anderson, Customer Service Manager, Bent Wing Flight Services
Mr. Cameron, thank you bringing this to our attention. We value the safety or our personnel and customers aircraft under our care. For this reason, starting March 1, we had to institute a new policy to have ALL vehicles on the ramp escorted. Although we do not have "Follow Me" on our golf cart, we do have a large prominent sign on the gate stating that you must be "Under Escort" on our ramp. Thank you for understanding our safety concerns and thank you for your business.

From Rick Binkley on 10-Mar-2019

  My son and I flew in on 3/9/19 in a Bonanza for the day to check out some of the Concours d'Elegance events. We required no extra services except for a place to park the aircraft, it wasn't even tied down. I was saddened to find out there was a $50 event fee for the day because of all the activities on the island. There was also a $15 facility fee that can be waived with a 15 gal fuel purchase. There were no extra services provided for the $50 fee. Especially nothing that a $15 facility could not cover. There was a convenient shuttle being run between the airport and the Concours events that required a separate fee per person. All of the personnel at Bent Wing Flight Services were fantastic to meet and work with. Everyone was polite, helpful, and kind. The new building is beautiful and the furnishings/decorations inside are like visiting a museum. It is an amazing building and visit. It is just sad to see the management take a similar stance as the larger FBO chains in Aviation are doing.

Response from Brian Echard, Owner, Bent Wing Flight Services
Mr. Binkley, Thank you for visiting us during the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance. We appreciate your kind words about our staff and facility and are happy to hear that you were treated well. I understand your concern regarding the special event fee. However, this special event mandates exceptionally high operating costs for the FBO to accommodate the heavy volume of aircraft, pilots, passengers and ground transportation needs. Also during this special event we share parking fees with the City of Fernandina Beach Airport. The shuttle service to get to the event is not affiliated with the FBO and is operated by the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance. Please come and visit us again. Normally, there are no event fees unless there is a special event impacting the Airport.

From Carlyle Harper on 17-Feb-2019

  There is a ramp fee ($15) AND a tie down ($18) fee here. The ramp fee is once per visit and the tie down is per night. My two-night stay was $54. Only the ramp fee is waived with 15-gallon fuel purchase. The fuel is a dollar per gallon higher than anywhere else. I didn't buy any fuel. Single engine Comanche. Didn't expect it to be this high.

Response from Brian Echard, Owner, Bent Wing Flight Services
Thank you for visiting KFHB. We have a Facility Fee of $15.00 (Not a ramp fee). The facility fee is for those pilots who do not wish to purchase fuel, but choose to use our ramp, facility, amenities, crew car, etc. It is our policy to waive the facility fee if a small amount of fuel is purchased. Your first night of parking would have also been waived with a small fuel purchase. Please give us a call before your next visit and we will waive your facility fee as a good will gesture.

From Robert McGuire on 17-Feb-2019

  We stopped in to have lunch with a friend and was charged a $15 ramp fee when I needed none of their services and was there less than two hours. I'm disappointed that this airport and FBO has changed to start charging for nothing.

Response from Brian Echard, Owner, Bent Wing Flight Services
Mr. McGuire, Thank you for visiting our facility. The Facility Fee is for utilizing the FBO facilities ( ramp, crew car, pilot amenities, etc). A small purchase of fuel waives this Facility Fee. As a courtesy, we will give you an additional $15.00 discount on your next visit if you purchase a minimum of 15 gallons.

From Frank Fisher on 13-Feb-2019

  We stopped in here for a 5-day visit to Amelia Island. Professional line crew had rental cars waiting planeside. Nikki and Tina provided exceptional customer service and served as de-facto ambassadors to the various attractions on the island. The whimsical design of the FBO pays homage to the pilots and aircraft that trained and flew out of the field during WWII. Pilot amenities are first rate. The personal and professional service exceeded our expectations and we look forward to a return visit.
From Gus Hertz on 07-Oct-2018

  I stopped in for a couple of hours to have lunch with a friend. This was my first visit since Bent Wing has taken over the FBO. My ramp fee was waived with a fuel purchase from the self-service pumps; the line people and front desk person were all courteous and professional. The self-service fuel is a great addition and helps maintain the price of a hundred dollar hamburger. The new FBO building should be opened soon.
From Michael Mock on 16-Sep-2018

  Bent Wing called to acknowledge their refueling mistake and refunded the Ramp Fee as a gesture of apology. Good for them.
From Michael Mock on 04-Sep-2018

  I flew in for lunch at Sliders. The new FBO charged a $40 ramp fee! I noted that I've flown in many times and never paid a ramp fee. The very young receptionist tried to tell me the old FBO did charge me. Then she said she would have waived the fee if I had bought 40 gallons of gas, but she said I only bought 6 gallons. I said that they refueled the wrong tanks if it only took 6. She started to argue that they had filled the correct tanks. Why would she argue so much about things she can't possibly know? I gave three stars only because she was gracious in lending us the crew car, and because I like Sliders. But not the $40 much.
From Rick Parsons on 30-Aug-2018

  Advertised single fee is $15/night, but a light turboprop single is $65/night and not advertised! Not good
From Don Boccaccio on 12-Jul-2018

  Stopped in on my way north from WPB. These people are great. Not only did they take my bags and put them in their cart, one of the line guys drove us to the hotel in his car. This will always be my first stop on my way north. The new FBO building is beautiful and should be completed in October.
From Beau Martin on 18-Jun-2018

  Great service, very friendly. No charge for keeping a 172 overnight with the purchase of very reasonably priced fuel. Will certainly be back!
From Carl Hall on 14-May-2018

  Great group of people. Can see a real difference in service from the old crew. It looks like the new building will be great too.
From Howard Joe on 01-May-2018

  Great service from very nice people. We can't wait for the new building to open. The team is providing a high level of service in their temporary trailer.
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