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Congratulations to Holly Hopkins, our Customer Service Manager, for being voted one of the TOP SIX CSRs in the U.S. for TEN YEARS STRAIGHT !!! TEXAS JET . EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE . PEOPLE YOU TRUST.

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Fort Worth Meacham International Airport


ASRI 129.85

200 Texas Way
Fort Worth, TX 76106
United States of America

toll-free 1-800-776-4547
Fax 817-624-8438

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Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • No Ramp Fees for General Aviation
  • Five Star Hotel Quality Service
  • GO Rental Cars on Site
  • Gourmet Catering
  • Crew Cars for Day or Overnight use
  • IS-BAH Stage II
  • Plush Passenger Lounge
  • Crew Lounges: Cinema, Oasis & Quiet Room
  • Two Executive Conference Rooms
  • LIFT - Fitness Center
  • Covered Car Parking
  • Lav Service, Potable Water, Ground Air Conditioning, Air Start
  • Transient Hangar and Ramp
  • Flight Planning Room with WSI & Meteorlogix, Radio to Clearance Delivery
  • Hotel Discounts
  • Customs (Prior notice required)
  • Car Service Reservations
  • Complimentary Fresh Ground Coffee, Ice, Newspapers, Aircraft Vacuuming, APU, Cabin Cooling
  • REFUEL - Complimentary Snacks and Drinks

Aviation fuel services
Brand: Phillips 66
Fueling hours: 24/7/365
100LL Avgas Full service    $6.64   $6.39
Jet A Full service    $5.99   $5.74
Discounts: AirNav coupon ($.25/gallon) still being accepted
Prices include all taxes.
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Comments from AirNav users
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From Danielle Dunphy on 28-Aug-2018

  Excellent service from Texas Jet! Professional, courteous.... From line service to customer service! When we weren't able to get all of our catering they went out of their way to run to the store for us and purchase everything we needed so we could continue to get the aircraft ready for our passengers. Great job, Texas Jet!
From Paul Jelinek on 15-Jun-2018

  This group is top notch! I flew in in a Conquest 441 for an overnight. They loaned me a courtesy car for the night. I chose them due to the fact that they were CAA club members, but would use them regardless from here on out. Nice amenities and a follow up call after I arrived home! One of the best FBO experiences that I have had in ages.
From Don Dillman on 10-Apr-2018

  Another great experience. Met on arrival, rental car was ready, friendly team. We had diverted on arrival due to passing TRW. Got a call from the staff to check on us. Same great ramp and counter support on the departure. Thanks.
From Bill Doscher on 26-Jan-2018

  TJ has been a stopping point for me for nearly 3 decades. It is and has always been about customer service. The people are the best in the industry, bar none. They will do everything in their power to exceed your expectations. I recently visited FTW and introduced TJ for the first time to a co-captain. All he could say was, "Wow! These people really know how to treat their customers." It was great seeing all of you again and I hope it isn't so long that I return for another visit. You always have my vote!
From John Ewald on 15-Jan-2018

  Flew in to Texas Jet on a very windy day in my Citabria. The line crew ran to assist me as I taxied in. Great service for a lowly taildragger pilot. Thank you Texas Jet.
From Miles Muller on 25-Nov-2017

  What a great FBO. Everyone is very friendly and professional. Have been buying fuel from them for years and although their prices are not the lowest, they more than make up for it with the services and professionalism they offer.
From John Williams on 17-Nov-2017

  Hands down, the absolute BEST FBO I've EVER been to. I am a professional pilot with over 8, 000 hours in GA and business aviation, and this is by far the best FBO! The staff treats you like family, no extra fees, great food for the crews, the lounge is awesome! Can't say enough good things about this FBO!
From Nicholas Razzeto on 28-Oct-2017

  Sarah and another man were there to marshall our King Air even when I forgot to give prior notice. I mentioned needing a crew car and she had it pulled around before I even had the cabin door shut. Simply great people. Then you get inside to a modern building with the best dining / coffee area I've ever seen complete with snacks, bagels to toast, juice, tea, Gatorade, lemonade and fresh coffee + espresso machine. I'll gladly use them again and pay a small increase in fuel price. Thanks again. 6 stars.
From Sammy Dance on 16-Jun-2017

  Absolutely the best FBO I've ever been to and I have been flying around the country and Mexico for 55 years. I don't have to ask for a crew car, they almost insist that I take one and overnight is OK. Everyone treats me like I am a long lost friend and does everything to make me comfortable, and a great supply of drinks, candy and of course CASHEWS.. Anytime I'm near the Dallas-Ft. Worth area I will go into Texas Jet. Owner Reed Pigman, and his employees are the best...
From Gordon Feingold on 05-Mar-2017

  I visit a lot of FBO's when on the road, and Texas Jet is the very best one of all. I don't state this lightly. The line and CSR service is simply exemplary. A crew car for a RON brought out to the airplane in an instant. Sincere smiles, and enough refreshments and snacks to put you over MGW. Great fuel pricing. Worth going out of your way to experience what real service is all about.
From Joe Gamertsfelder on 06-Dec-2016

  Texas Jet knows how to take care of customers. The people make the difference. The front desk and line personnel are professionals and it's obvious they all care about doing a good job. Go Rentals also provides superior service. If we need a rent car, these guys are always my first choice. I know I don't have to worry about the car arrangements being right when these guys are on the job.
From Jeff Hankinson on 21-Sep-2016

  What can I say about Texas Jet, they are simply an example of what an FBO should be and it all starts with their service. I sometimes get discouraged with the poor service delivered at facilities around the country and start to question if that should be accepted and considered the norm. Then, I visit Fort Worth and are invigorated by the gold standard of what an FBO should be. Thanks TJ for helping me believe again!
From Tom Goodson on 08-Aug-2016

  I use Texas Jet frequently. They have the best service of any FBO I have used. They are friendly, courteous, and eager to please. They provide me a crew car most of the time I am there. They treat me great and I only have a single engine plane. I understand why they always rate high on surveys. As stated previously they give out polo shirts, specialty packaged food and other amenities. Thank you Texas Jet for all you do.
From Bob Whitmer on 01-Jul-2016

  Texas Jet goes far beyond the chain FBOs in terms of service, amenities, facility, and staff. On a recent trip to Fort Worth I chose KFTW over other area airports simply because of Texas Jet. The complimentary polo shirt was a nice touch, as well.
From Jay Ledvina on 28-Jun-2016

  It is clear why these folks remain Top 10 year after year. Great service!!! We were greeted by line staff, offered water, there were plenty of snacks available inside. They had hangar space for us during some nasty weather and even gave me a call to let me know of a second day of severe wx so I could authorize putting it back in. Hertz totally dropped the ball on our rental car (don't use them at FTW!) but the GO Rental guy matched their rate and had us going in no time. When visiting Dallas/Fort Worth, this is the airport and Texas Jet is the FBO to use. I can't say enough good things about how well they handled us - and we are just a single engine! Awesome job, guys!!!!
From Tim Wolf on 26-Jun-2016

  I've been using Texas Jet for years. They have always given the absolute best service without any hassles. No pressure to buy anything, no junk fees, really nice people that do a really great job.
From Eric Opiela on 18-Jun-2016

  Texas Jet is, in a word, *awesome*. It was 98 degrees outside, and as I got back with my passengers from a luncheon we spoke at, I looked over at my plane as I walked from the car to the front door and I noticed an air conditioner hooked up to the door running a full tilt. I didn't ask for it, they thought of it, and took the initiative to do it so my passengers and I would be comfortable on an extremely hot and humid day. They offered a cart start as well so my engine would be cool as well when starting. The marshaller also patiently waited in the hot sun as I entered a lengthy clearance in. I cannot say enough how much Texas Jet goes above and beyond in service--while providing the best fuel price at Meacham. Best...FBO...Ever!
From Don Dillman on 07-May-2016

  We arrived in our Bonanza to a Friday afternoon ramp packed with heavy metal. As is always the case, there was a lineman to guide us in, come to window to see what we needed. Our rental car showed up while we were still unloading bags and the lineman helped us with them with a smile. We had the airplane put to bed, covered and we were driving away 5-10 minutes after cutting the mixture. Another nice job at TJ's. Thank you.
From Juan G. Rodriguez on 09-Apr-2016

  Great Service from arrival to departure. Prompt, courteous, precise. I will definitely return
From Matt Long on 08-Feb-2016

  What an absolutely amazing breath of fresh air! We were ferrying 2 172's to southern Texas from Chicago, and were treated like royalty. Called ahead about 30 minutes out in the air for our midnight arrival. Lineman Rand had a crew car warmed up and running on the ramp for us to go get some chow, and when we returned, gave us a tour of the facility so we could get a few hour shut eye before starting our last leg at 530 am. He was efficient and knowledgeable. Fuel is a bit more expensive, but for this level of service (and no ramp fees) it's not a problem. For the kind of service we got, you would have though we arrived in Gulfstreams. 24-hour tower is nice too. I will make it a point to use Texas Jet whenever I'm in the area from now on. Thanks!
From Craig Cavins on 19-Dec-2015

  Flew into Texas Jet today and received exceptional service, even in my little C-172. My passengers were quite impressed.
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