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Island Jet Center

We believe that the little guy can win in the business of FBOs. While major airport FBOs have the leverage to sit back and take it easy, knowing they have the volume to lean back, here at Island Jet Center we know we don't have the luxury of taking it easy. That's why every aircraft that lands on our tarmac will be greeted with red carpet service, cold drinks, and snacks. Our mission is to reach our full potential as a reliever airport, providing the necessary components to relieve the congestion at KHOU.

Not Just a "Destination Airport"
  • If you're flying cargo, we're 5 minutes from one of the busiest ports in the United States
  • If you're flying medical, we're 5 minutes from world-renowned hospital facilities
  • If you're connecting from Florida to Southern California, we're a perfect midway fuel stop.
Scholes International Airport at Galveston
UNICOM 123.05

2115 Terminal Drive #3
Galveston, TX 77552
United States of America

Fax 409-572-2556

2115 Terminal Drive #3

 Face masks required   NATA Safety 1st 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Free Refreshment Bar
  • Planeside Greeting with Red Carpet, Snacks, and Drinks
  • Free Tie Downs and Overnight Parking
  • GPU
  • Our Very Own Rental Vehicles
  • Executive Conference Room
  • Free Courtesy Transportation
  • Free Crew Car (with fuel purchase)
  • Free Pilot's Lounge
  • Nitrogen Service
  • Free Computerized Weather
  • Free WiFi and Internet Access
  • Callout services after hours
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Titan
Fueling hours: 08:00 - 18:00, seven days a week

Callouts available after hours at $130 per hour.
Fuel prices as last reported on 02-Dec-2021
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.55
Jet A Full service    $5.19
Discounts: We offer discounted intoplane rates through contract fuel.
Prices include all taxes. Prices not guaranteed.
Our fuel is sumped and inspected daily, weekly, and monthly for quality control purposes. If you would like an audit of our quality control records, we're more than happy to provide that.  
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From John D. Trolinger on 11-Aug-2021

  I stopped here overnight to visit Galveston. The marshal ran a ways to guide me to a good tie down spot. A welcome wagon pulled up with the red carpet and cold water. Inside the staff was knowledgeable about the area and set me up at a hotel and then gave me a ride. The next day I used the crew car and I must say that all around this is a top notch operation.
From Bryan Bogle on 08-Aug-2021

  Great service at GLS! Was marshaled in as I exited the runway. Upon stopping the engine, they helped tie down the plane. They even came out and offered a cold beverage or snack! Fuel is a bit pricey but it's going up everywhere. Great service overall with no ramp fees!
From Mark Congco on 02-Jun-2020

  No frills experience. Nobody to marshal in despite calling in range 15 minutes out and a prior notification of arrival. Not a big deal. Got chocked shortly after I shut down and was walking to the terminal Crew cars are in good shape and clean. Fuel prices reasonable for full service. Looking forward to returning.
From Bill Bennett on 13-May-2020

  We flew the Trinidad in on Monday of this week. I called ahead of time to make sure all services we needed would be available, as the Covid-19 slow down has affected many businesses. They were 100% open, able to set up a car reservation for us as well. Marshaled in to park, car waiting next to airplane, fuel started right away and done correctly. This is much superior to the old FBO that was here a few years ago. They did an excellent job. The FBO counter is not where the old FBO office was, turn right when entering the terminal doors from the airplane tiedown area.
From David Walter on 25-Sep-2019

  Arrived just before tropical storm Imelda formed. Met me on the ramp, good service. I needed to rent a car, but none were available in Galveston. They loaned me a courtesy car for 4 days (no charge) while the storm raged. When the weather relented enough for my departure, the new fuel truck had a problem. They devised a way to get me fueled. I don't believe another FBO would have gone to the extent they did for their customer. 100% improvement over the previous FBO. Highly recommended.
From Steve Suddarth on 05-Sep-2019

  This is the nicest FBO we have visited in quite a long time! Thomas, Danica and all of the line crew really went out of their way to take care of us, driving us to Moody Gardens hotel, handling luggage, accepting packages while we were gone on a cruise, and helping us with clearing a blockage in our pitot tube. Always friendly, no additional charges, and freely offered snacks made the experience even better. We will definitely come back!
From Paul Proske on 13-May-2019

  I usually choose an FBO by their level of service over cheaper fuel prices. However, with Island Jet you get both! I called to make sure they were open on Mother's Day and then flew in my Cherokee with my cousin. There was an attendant to marshal us to shutdown, and they chocked and tied us down. We got on the golf cart and went to the FBO while engaging in friendly conversation with the driver. Once we got into the terminal they immediately offered refreshments. I told the woman at the front desk that we needed fuel and a nearby coffee shop. Without me even asking she took the initiative to call the coffee shop to make sure they were open and then gave us keys to their courtesy car. After we got back she told us that we get a $0.10/gal discount on fuel because we called before we flew in. After being carted back to our plane, which they had already untied, we were thanked enthusiastically for using their services. Bravo! Keep it up and you've got a regular customer for life!
From David Wiley on 13-May-2019

  Arrived in an Experimental. First interaction with Jet Center in Galveston. Prompt ramp service. Very courteous. Offered to take us to our hotel prior to knowing where we were staying. Highly recommend.
From Kevin Gabriel on 09-May-2019

  Nice to have a new FBO at KGLS. Happy to fuel up knowing that I am not getting gouged on fuel. Oscar was very helpful. Lineman was methodical and careful fueling my airplane.
From Chris Dickerson on 28-Apr-2019

  ***** Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. See David or Danica and they will provide you with excellent service. .10 off 100LL for full service. Looking forward to returning to Island Jet Center at Galveston.
From Robert Staples on 22-Apr-2019

  Flew my A36 in to KGLS on 04-20-19 for a quick dinner with my girls and was pleasantly surprised to see a new FBO on the field. Though I did not require any fuel on this trip, Oscar Villarreal offered the crew van for a quick jaunt into town. The service was terrific... Marshaling us in and out of the ramp, tie down, and golf courtesy ride to the terminal made us feel like we were in our King Air 350. Fuel prices are definitely lower than my previous visits... Amazing what competition on a field will do. Next time we visit... Island Jet Center will be our go to FBO!
From Gustavo Flores on 21-Apr-2019

  I was so pleasantly surprised to find a new FBO at GLS. I cannot say enough about the service. It was genuinely good honest service. They were pleased that we came and welcome pilots. Never had a better FBO experience.
From Sean Wagner, N464U on 16-Apr-2019

  I couldn't recommend Island Jet Center enough, they are truly a great FBO. I'd say they were the best on the field but that wouldn't be doing them any justice. Landed around 1pm on a Saturday, Oscar was waiting to taxi us in and had a 6-seat golf cart ready for the passengers. He dropped them off at the terminal, pulled a courtesy car upfront for me, and then came back to help secure the plane. Walked inside the terminal, they had cold waters/sodas, donuts etc.. Fuel was almost a dollar cheaper than the FBO on the other side of terminal. If you want to see how an FBO should be ran & how you and passengers should be treated, check out Island Jet Center, I promise you won't be disappointed. -Sean
From Stanley D Humphrey on 12-Apr-2019

  New FBO that was sorely needed here at GLS. Fuel prices finally reasonable! Well trained line techs and experienced office. Very friendly with services and perks you would expect at a big city airport. Adheres to NATA safety practices. Shell dealer- come on down!
From Mason Manale on 07-Apr-2019

  I recently just flew into KGLS and was blown away by Island Jet Center. The customer service provided by Island Jet Center is excellent and unmatched. I was greeted by Oscar, a man of many responsibilities. He marshaled my aircraft, tied the airplane down, drove me to the FBO on a golf cart, and pulled the courtesy car up to the front door for me. My visit to Island Jet Center was amazing, and I definitely recommend them to anyone looking to visit Galveston.
From Bill Keller on 03-Apr-2019

  New FBO on field. A big improvement! Fuel price is good and they are working hard to take care of pilots. Really great service.... Iíll be back
From Jay Bowers on 02-Apr-2019

  Excellent new FBO at GLS. I arrived shortly after normal hours and was greeted on the ramp because they saw I was arriving on FlightAware and stuck around to help me. They parked me, took my fuel order, and their 100LL FS price was quite a bit better than the self serve on the field. Oscar drove us to our hotel adjacent to the field after that. They are top notch for anyone stopping at GLS. I'll definitely go back to Island Jet.
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