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City of Hereford (FBO)

at Hereford Municipal Airport

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From Gary Risley on 31-May-2017

  Stopped for fuel and lunch on Memorial Day. They have just laid a new concrete parking ramp and have the area in front of the self-service fuel torn up as they prepare to pour concrete there. It will be a nice area when done. No problem getting fuel, and at this time the full service price is the same as the self-service. Good price on the fuel. I have been coming off and on to this airport over the years. It is a nice terminal facility. The vending machine however was totally empty, which would prevent the typical airport "lunch" for those in a hurry. There is an honor system for soft drinks and water - everything is in the fridge including the can for the 50 cents per drink deposit. There is a courtesy car available, which is appreciated, and it is a 5-minute run into town. There are several good restaurants and diners in the area. The airport now has GPS approaches for instrument condition days.
From Don Hayes on 31-Dec-2015

  Stopped at KHRX twice in the past few weeks - going and coming on a long cross country trip. Good service, courtesy car, good price on 100LL. We overnighted in Hereford both times. I planned to fly further on the return trip, but decided to take advantage of what I knew would be a good stop when the weather began to rapidly deteriorate (snow showers) as we passed the area. Best Western was nice; newly remodeled rooms. We ate at Taqueria Jalisco and Joe's Pizza and Pasta; both were good. It was cold and there was no hangar parking, so we had to wait for frost to melt from the wings before leaving. They were very accommodating, although they could have been more prepared :). There is a mechanic on the field and I had to have him "jump start" my 182 because of the cold. He was very kind and did not even charge me. Thanks!
From Don Hayes on 03-Jul-2015

  Highly recommended. Great fuel price; same for SS or FS. Joe made it clear that they would even come out in the middle of the night to fuel you for no charge if you call. Loaned me the old police car while he fueled the plane and recommended a restaurant. It was good food and a quick turn. I fueled, had a great lunch, and took off in less than 60 minutes. I will definitely be back. Thanks, Joe!
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