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City of Hereford (FBO)

at Hereford Municipal Airport

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From Kerry Johnson on 21-Jan-2019

  Stopped to fuel my Aerostar Jan 20, no one there. Nice little FOB with restrooms. After using the restroom someone showed up to sit behind the desk. I needed two quarts of Phillips 15-50, all they had was Aeroshell @ $11.50 per quart. Fueling was easy, FBO facilities nice, no problem, but the oil situation not so good.
From Tom Gray on 24-Sep-2018

  Great little airport. A comfortable FBO, with access to an airport car for the short trip to town. A number of restaurants and hotels. This is one of the airports you can plan to RON at. Friendly staff.
From Gary Risley on 31-May-2017

  Stopped for fuel and lunch on Memorial Day. They have just laid a new concrete parking ramp and have the area in front of the self-service fuel torn up as they prepare to pour concrete there. It will be a nice area when done. No problem getting fuel, and at this time the full service price is the same as the self-service. Good price on the fuel. I have been coming off and on to this airport over the years. It is a nice terminal facility. The vending machine however was totally empty, which would prevent the typical airport "lunch" for those in a hurry. There is an honor system for soft drinks and water - everything is in the fridge including the can for the 50 cents per drink deposit. There is a courtesy car available, which is appreciated, and it is a 5-minute run into town. There are several good restaurants and diners in the area. The airport now has GPS approaches for instrument condition days.
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