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Griffin Aviation Services

at Barnstable Municipal Airport-Boardman/Polando Field

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From Alana Groff on 11-Sep-2016

  Stan and staff are so helpful, kind and patient! I forget the name of the nice man who ran me around because Hertz totally screwed up my car rental. I have the "GOLD" because they work with FBO's. However this time they took my car to the wrong FBO and my kind Griffin gentleman drove me around till I got a car. They were also very patient while my husband wiped down the plane and "put it to bed"! When we were going to leave, they helped untie the plane because we were trying to beat the cloud cover. Can't say enough good about this staff!
From Brendon Paquin on 06-Sep-2016

  Had a great experience here for an overnight. Quoted $16 for a Friday overnight, billed $16 Saturday. Prompt service and friendly team who helped with my bags and stayed after closing time as I waited for my ride. Will visit again.
From Don Denny on 14-Aug-2016

  I want to thank Jim Griffin and Griffin Aviation for their excellent work repairing my BE35 after I landed in Nantucket with a ruptured oil cooler, impressively leaking. There is no mechanic or real FBO on Nantucket. Your GA repair service has to come in from off island, hopefully bringing the parts and tools that they need. After getting a new cooler, Griffin got me fixed promptly and cleanly. Thanks for a great job.
From Harriet Bregman on 17-Mar-2016

  We needed to be tied down overnight and had great service from Griffin. They towed the airplane to the tie down, tied it down and then refueled the airplane per my directions. They charge $16 per night, but have the cheapest fuel on the airport. We had equally great service when we left. The can also provide pre-heat for our Cessna 182RG, if needed.
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