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From Jim Epting on 12-Sep-2016

  Charly's is OUTSTANDING! Small but very clean, well run, and GREAT food. Crab cake sandwich was one of the very best I ever ate anywhere, and their reputation for killer Coconut Pie was spot on!! Audra, Chris and Dan did a super job taking care of us six wandering flyboys, and then Greg Wright bought lunch for us all. Doesn’t get any better.
From David Malin on 05-Sep-2015

  Review: This restaurant has fresh salad and homemade hot and cold sandwiches. They do not skimp on the meat and the bread appears to be homemade. I had the Billy Mitchell sandwich, which consisted of roast beef turkey and ham on the freshly baked Bavarian roll with provolone cheese. It was large and delicious. I also had a side of homemade potato salad. The cost was nine dollars. The Williamsburg Jamestown airport is in a little bit of rough shape with grass growing on the runway but the pavement is smooth enough to land your bonanza. FBO is attended by Bill and Charlie who are very friendly and helpful they assisted me in getting a rental car although you don't need one to go to this restaurant as it is on the field in the FBO. This is my new favorite 100 Dollar Hamburger Pl. I would encourage you to go if you live in North Carolina or Virginia. Grab a friend and go fly. Restaurant hours of operation are 11 AM to 3 PM daily and their telephone number is 757-258-0034
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