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At Contour, it is our mission to create a unique experience for every aircraft owner, partner, and passenger. We are more than a luxury charter company. We are multi-faceted aviation service experts that provide solutions for all your aviation needs. From aircraft acquisitions and fixed based operations to personalized aircraft maintenance, your satisfaction is our purpose.
John C Tune Airport

110 Tune Airport Dr
Nashville, TN 37209-1026
United States of America

Fax 615-350-5018

Matt Ostermann
Director - FBO Commercial Operations.

Nashville FBO:
110 Tune Airport Drive
Nashville, TN 37209

Contour Aviation
808 Blue Angel Way
Smyrna, TN 37167

(615) 350-5000 KJWN
(516) 902-1566 Manager Mobile
(615) 350-5018 Fax
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Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • 24 Hour Operation
  • CAA Preferred FBO
  • All Fuel Programs Accepted
  • Hangar Space Available
  • 10 Minutes to Downtown Nashville
  • Maintenance on Site
  • Limo, taxi and rental car services on site
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Shell
Fueling hours: 24 Hour fueling, Maintenance hours 6AM-4PM M-F
100LL Avgas Full service    $6.57   $6.07
100LL Avgas Self service    $5.57   ---
Jet A Full service    $5.87   $5.37
Discounts: Contact A Manager at 615-350-5000
Prices include all taxes.
We accept all forms of contract fuel and we are a CAA prefered FBO. Please call ahead to reserve hangar space, or for any special requests. We hope to see ya'll soon!  
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From Gordon Feingold on 24-Dec-2017

  For the most part, a good experience. Very nice folks. The rough spots were that even though I had ordered fuel for my noon departure when I arrived a few days back and called a couple hours before departure to remind them, when I got to the airport at 11:15 for my noon departure the aircraft had not been fueled. Also, the airplane (jet) was put on line facing away from the (fairly substantial) wind, so they had to turn it around. On the positive side, they hustled like crazy to rectify these errors and I was able to launch on schedule.
From Mikil Knight on 20-Dec-2017

  Came in mid-day, mid-week on Angel Flight mission; sick kid with exhausted mom still facing another leg to get home for Christmas. Wanted to get the passengers close to FBO. Announced ourselves well before ramp arrival with ID, intentions/request, but were not aided at all by line service as they just stared when I taxied into front row parking with the jets by the FBO. It appears that only jets are to get front row as I was told TWICE that line service was going to move my parked PA32, but I denied permission, advised brakes were set and we would be leaving shortly. No hard feelings here. Just know you are second rate if your not spinning a turbine.
From John Kramer on 25-Oct-2017

  The name of the FBO might have changed, but the service remains EXCELLENT! Been flying into Tune for years. Never disappointed. Recommend JWN over BNA any day.
From Sue Folkringa on 22-Jul-2017

  What a wonderful GA airport! The airport, building and facilities are all top notch. The staff was very accommodating, friendly and helpful. If you are in the Nashville area, this is the airport to use! This will not be our first or last visit!
From Sargent Caldwell on 20-Jun-2017

  Called ahead, arrived Friday afternoon, car was on the ramp. Staff was competent and friendly. Departed Sunday, plane was fueled as requested. Got our clearance on the ground on the listed frequency. Good FBO!
From Steve Urban on 10-May-2017

  We landed and were greeted by some very helpful staff. My rental car wasn't at the airport hertz didn't drop it off and they said that is typical. They helped by getting me in a rental car right on the spot and they offered to help me load the car. Tie down is $20 per night but if you buy fuel 1st night free and following nights $10. Called when I as ready to leave an they had my plane right on the front line. Kudos to all the staff.
From Larry Johnson on 30-Sep-2016

  Diverted there due to not being able to get into Smyrna with very low ceilings. Easy working with Nashville approach on the change of airport and a nice ILS to bring us into John C Tune. Once we arrived, the linemen and personnel behind the counter were all friendly and they had us a crew car to take our passengers across town back to Smyrna to pick up their plane that was being repaired there. From what I was told, the FBO has been remodeled and it had all sorts of space for pilots and passengers to relax. First time landing there but everything was first class. Really appreciate all the hospitality and making our mission for the flight possible. Will look to use them again when heading into the Nashville area.
From Don Vaughan on 15-Sep-2016

  Great FBO. Helped with rental cars, loading bags, fuel and everything else I asked for. Would not go into BNA and fight the traffic. Saved a lot on fuel prices also. They have crew rates on hotels were none available at BNA.
From Paul C. Hollowell on 31-May-2016

  Excellent service. Courteous, considerate and professional. After first class reception we had departed the airport and the line technician called me to say he had noticed some oil on the nose gear wheel pant. With that notice I was able to allow extra time before our departure the next day to check it out to determine that it was not a problem. This is an example of the kind of caring service you get at Corporate Flight Management. Highly recommend business and stop for fuel or RON.
From Joel Weaner on 21-May-2016

  Transient aircraft broke down Thursday evening. Dewayne the part guy was the only one left in the shop. He didn't have the Mag I needed so Aircraft Spruced shipped one overnight from the West Coast Facility. By 11am Friday morning I was fixed and back in the air. Great Pit Stop and thumbs up for Robert Harrison You run a great facility!
From Isaac Silver on 29-Dec-2015

  I second Mr. Johnson's comment below. Not once, but twice during our holiday visit to Nashville, severe weather moved through the area with heavy rains, hail and a threat of tornados. I showed up to check the security of the tiedowns and the ramp had been cleared. All exposed aircraft had been placed in hangars at no cost to the owners. Can't say I've ever seen that before. They take good care of your plane.
From Josh Johnson on 24-Dec-2015

  Great experience with CFM. A line of severe storms approached and they put the plane in a hangar for us at no charge. Nice remodeled lounge. Great people - Great operation!
From Steve McAlily on 23-Nov-2015

  I just had my Turbo 182's pitot/static check done by CFM and inquired about replacing my old KT76A with an ADS-B compliant system. After discussion, the right move seemed to be a KT74. From start to finish, Robert Harrison and his team exceeded my expectations. A fair price, quickly scheduled, completed (along with something else I needed) in less time than estimated, kept me advised of progress along the way, neat installation, and followed up later with a call to be sure I was satisfied. I highly recommend them!
From John Kramer on 16-Nov-2015

  I have been flying into Tune for about 25 years.. The service has NEVER wavered from being EXCELLENT. I have NEVER been charged an aircraft parking fee. They'll bring your rental car up to your aircraft for loading. They are a 24-hour facility. No having to get a keypad code to get onto the field after 9 or 10pm. always someone there. SO MUCH more friendly than others over at BNA. Connie and company treats me like I'm flying heavy iron instead of my C-182.
From Mark Wesson on 16-Nov-2015

  Very close to being poor service. Seems like I am getting spoiled by excellent FBO service so when you get fair it seems poor or terrible. I have only been to two different FBO's that did not have a lineman meet the plane. As we fly a tailwheel we like to pull directly to the tiedowns and get the plane put away ourselves. No one around so we pulled where we hoped the transient tiedowns were and proceeded to tiedown. We carried the luggage up the ramp with no one in site. Even stood at the counter for a few minutes so the lady could finish what she was typing. We had arranged for a Hertz Gold rental car ahead of time but they had no contract printed. The service was better when we departed but just not what you come to expect these days. Service was a little better when we left.
From Jonathan Lee on 18-Oct-2015

  Flew in over the weekend with 4 passengers. Line service was extremely prompt and brought the rental car plane side. Outstanding service. Waived charges with a fuel purchase. I will definitely be back.
From Rick Musticchi on 12-Sep-2015

  In the last year I have flown into this airport 4x. The customer service here is some of the best I have ever experienced. The ground crew is friendly and very efficient. Prices are reasonable and again the service is excellent. If you're coming into Nashville I'm planning on renting a car this is the place to come.
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