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York Municipal Airport

at York Municipal Airport

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From Bryan Flood on 02-Sep-2017

  Went here for the eclipse. This place was great, they had a BBQ lunch and friendly additive. Got me fueled quick and all was well. Highly recommend.
From Pete Howell on 21-Aug-2017

  Stopped in for the eclipse. Wow! They were so organized and friendly! Great BBQ lunch was served. We are always amazed and delighted by the wonderful people we meet at small town airports in Nebraska!
From Anthony L. Vest on 08-Aug-2015

  Arrived July 4th at about 4PM. Gale was waiting, gave us car keys and advised on motel. He arrived early Sunday morning, had us fueled and ready to go. Top notch service and good full service fuel price.
From Jim Loach on 19-Jul-2015

  Oshkosh bound pilots will enjoy this stop. Two loaner cars and clean and comfortable small terminal. Fuel Price today for 100 LL is $3.95. (As posted on AirNav) There are two mechanics on the Field, a Father/Son combination. Vending machines are in the terminal, and if you arrive after hours there's a call back # for fuel; for supplies &/or food there are plenty of options in nearby York. EAA breakfast the 1st. Saturday of every month year around.
From Mat Ellison on 22-May-2015

  Great facilities and you cant beat the fuel price. Only downside is you have to call someone in for after hours fueling. Fuel price on May 21st was 3.95 for 100LL
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