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Cowboy Aviation

at Laramie Regional Airport

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From LeWayne Garrison on 16-Apr-2018

  Very nice FBO. Very helpful and lent me a courtesy car. Highly recommend. Only wish was a beverage vending machine
From Ron Hauck on 22-Sep-2017

  I spent a couple of weeks flying fires out of Cowboy Aviation and they are a great FBO. Cowboy has a very attentive line staff that is detail and safety orientated. The clean new FBO, great line staff and fair pricing make Cowboy Aviation a perfect stop for a quick turn.
From Gordon Feingold on 24-Apr-2017

  Convenient fuel stop and good fuel pricing. Nice FBO and friendly, efficient folks here. Not a city slicker fancy FBO; a meat and potatoes get-it-done FBO!
From LeWayne Garrison on 13-Mar-2017

  Flew in for a soccer game at the University of Wyoming. Lent me a courtesy car. Fuel was reasonable and service was good
From James Stoppel on 18-Feb-2017

  Very clean, very nice, fast service.
From Barry Harper on 03-Sep-2016

  We stopped at KLAR for fuel and restroom break. Fast fuel service and the new building was very nice. Was here 5 years ago and really like the new place. Service was fast and friendly. There is construction on the ramp so heads up on arrival.
From Patrick Kane on 04-Jun-2016

  Cowboy at KLAR has always been a great fuel stop. Super quick turn, friendly folks and an easy airport to get into and out of. But since they've rolled out their new FBO building, it's an _excellent_ fuel stop. Highly recommended!
From R Henson on 28-Apr-2016

  Fast line service, fuel truck waiting at shut down. They placed my aircraft in a cold hangar with plug-ins for the engines (c-310). Really nice facilities.
From Nancy Verghese on 06-Aug-2015

  Dropped in for a planned overnight stop on 7/15/2015 on our way to OSH. Line crew guided us in and made sure our rental car was ready while we secured the plane. We returned the next morning for a quick fill up and early morning departure. New FBO building is a HUGE improvement ... Very clean and professional. Well done!
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